What Are The Uses Of MS Word

What Are The Uses Of MS Word
  • Sep 2nd, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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Do you also want to know what are the uses of MS word or How can you use MS Word on your PC or laptop? So, we are here with this blog you help you In this blog we will give you detailed information about how to MS Word on your PC or laptop.

But before this do you know what is MS word? So, MS word is a type of word processor which is developed by Microsoft.MS word is one of the most useful applications on laptops or PC which is capable to set up the settings of documents in many ways like formatting, editing, picture insertion, creating graphical presentations, etc. Now you must be curious to know how to use MS Word on the laptop.

So, This is how you can use Microsoft Word on your laptop or PC in the following ways-:

Use MS Word to create a document or file

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Double right-click on Microsoft word to open the application from the main page of your laptop or PC.

3.  There you will see the list of temples under the new document option under MS word.

4. You will get fours kinds of templates alternatives -:

-Blank document

-Creative Resume/Cover Letter

-Student Report with Cover Photo

-Fax Cover Sheet

5. Choose or select the template of your interest.

6. Create the document file after choosing the template format.

Note-: You can also use some specific online templates to modify the app for creating a document.

This is how you can easily make or create a document file with the use of MS Word.

Use MS word in the formatting of your text-:

To use MS word as a formatting writing tool follow these simple steps-:

1. Open a blank document sheet or page to write.

2. Write some text.

3. Select All text dragging by the cursor arrow then click right to open the menu list of formatting tools.

4. You will option of formatting the text such as "change font".

5. You will find options such as bold the text, italic, and underline the text.

6. You can use B, I, And U for formatting the text or sentence which is selected in the document.

7. You can also give suitable space between words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.

This is how you can easily give space or modify your writing of the text and give unique look to the document file.

Use MS word for different approaches

You can also use MS word for different approaches like -:

In reviewing the document's statistics from the info option.

Save as and save option like for save any file in specific kind of format.

Print, share, and export the document to print, share as email, export as pdf, or more.

You can also edit the text, style it, change the color and size of it, change paragraph format, and clipboard the text.

This is how you can use MS word for different approaches like editing, saving, exporting, etc.

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You Can Also Use MS Word For The Following Tasks-:

In changing cases of the text

Creating a custom tab

Use line grammar, spell check, language, translation, and word count options.

Convert a table into a list.

Add and paste the text etc.

You can also use these shortcut keys for done different tasks on MS word-:

Use Ctrl + A shortcut key to Select all contents of the page

Use Ctrl + B: Bold highlighted selection

Use Ctrl + C: Copy selected text

Use Ctrl + X: Cut selected text

Use Ctrl + N: Open a new/blank document

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + Y: Redo the last action performed

Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action

Ctrl + G: Find and replace options

F1: Open help

F7: Spell check selected text and/or document

F12: Save as

Ctrl + S: Save

This is how you can use the shortcut key in Ms word for different functions as above mentioned

conclusion -

This blog concludes with detailed information about the uses of ms words. There are many features of a word that why it is more popular.MS word provides a wide variety and range of options through which you can easily make or create a high-profile professionally finished formatted and unique file. As it gives a lot of options to its users they do not need to download or install any third-party app for their files and documents. MS Word is a basic application for laptops that every user should learn. MS word becomes necessary for users of a laptop or PC. In our day-to-day life, we need this application for submitting assignments, formatted documents, presentations, etc.

If you have any questions and queries regarding this blog write all of them in the comment section.



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