how to extract zip files

How To Extract Zip File In Laptop and Computer

A Zip file is an archive group used through the Internet in which data is collected and stored. These are called archived files. It shrinks the sizes of the data and stores them, which you can download in the Zip format.

Zip which stands for “Move at High Speed”, was created by Robert Mahoney, zip is a file format that is very popular in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. They were designed to store more than one file in a smaller form. So that more than one file can be shared with anyone at the size of the file storage so that it occupies less space in the computer.

Open a Zip file on the Laptop and Computer:

To open the zip file, it is necessary to have the software for opening the zip file on your laptop & computer, for this you can use “WinRAR” software. By using this you can easily open the Zip file on your laptop and if you want you can make it too. You can easily download this software on your laptop through the internet.

To open a Zip file, first, you must have a folder that is in .zip format. After that, you can follow the given steps given below.

1)   After installing the software, open it by clicking on its icon.

2)   Click on that folder and drag it to the desktop if you want to, so that you can easily open it.

3)   Choose the Zip file that you want to extract.

4)   If you want to open only one file in the folder, then you have to click on Extract and if you want all the files in the folder to be opened, then you have to right-click and select the option of “Extract All” and give the location to save the extracted files.

open zip files

5)   In this way the software easily opens your Zip file which you can now use for your work.

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Open Zip file in Mac OS:

Mac is very advanced than a normal computer and all kinds of software are already installed on it, so in this case, you can easily open a Zip file on Mac and to do so you have to follow some simple steps.

1)   For this, on your Mac search for the file that you want to open.

2)   Go to it and right-click on it. You will see some options, now you have to click on the option of open.

3)   You can also Double - click on. the Zip file and continue.

4)   In this way the file stored in your Zip folder gets opened.

Open a Zip file Online:

For this, you have to choose an online website that allows you to open a Zip file.

1) Open that website from your web browser.

2) Now you will see an option “Choose File or Upload your file. By clicking on it browse the file that you want to open.

3) After this you get the option of “Convert file” below, you have to click on it. It will show you the size, name, and size of your converted file.

4) Then it takes you to the next page where you are told that your file has been successfully converted to .zip format. Also, you get the option of a Direct Download Link to download your compressed file below. You can download your compressed file and get it by clicking on it.

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