How to change language in windows 10 and 11

How to change language in windows 10 and 11
  • Jul 27th, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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Do you know how to change the language of a laptop? If not, then you can take help from this blog to change the language of your laptop.

How to change language in Windows 10 and 11?

To change the laptop language to your desired form follow these simple steps -:

Step 1-: Open your laptop and click on the start button.

Step 2 -: Go to the settings option from the start icon.

Step 3 -: Search for the option " Time and language " in the settings list.

Step 4 -:  Open the " Time and language" tab.

Step 5 -: Select and open the option of "language & region" under "Time and languages".

Step 6 -: Choose a language you want from the available menu list of the "window display language" and click on the Next option.

Step 7 -:  You can also add a language on your laptop that you want by clicking on the " Add a language" option under the preferred language option.

Step 8 -: After selecting this option of Add a language you will be able to download a new language in the available language list.

Step 9-: Select the language from the list.

Step 10 -: Now go back to the window pane.

Step 11-: Shut down your laptop or PC.

Step 12 -: Again open your laptop and run your laptop in the language that you set.

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This is how you can easily change the language on the windows laptop.

Note -: Changing your computer's or laptop's language does not mean that the language for all the apps, programs, and menus language is changed. Whenever you download or install an app or software, you'll still have to be asked to select your preferred language as part of the installation process of that app.

If you want to change language in windows 7 then you have to install the language pack for windows 7 and update the window. Thereafter, you can easily switch languages on your Windows 7.

To change language in window 7 follow these basic steps -:

Step 1 -: Turn on your Windows 7 laptop and click on the start icon from the window page.

Step 2 -: In the start search box type "Change display language" and then click on it.

Step 3 -: After opening the " Change display language " option check out the available language list.

Step 4 -: Choose or select the language in which you want to run your laptop or computer.

Step 5 -: Click OK on the selected language.

Step 6 -: Now you will see the langue that you set on the display screen of the laptop.


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This blog concludes with the procedure through which you can switch or change the language of your laptop or computer system.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, You can install and uninstall the online language pack for windows 7.

Yes, you can change your laptop language to English by selecting the English Language option under the "Time and language" section.

Go to the "add language" option under the " change display language" option and click on the English language to select.

Select your desired language set-up under the "Change display language" option from the control panel to change the different language.

Press Alt+Shift on the keyboard of the laptop to directly open the open of change display language.

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