How To Download Telegram On Laptop

How To Download Telegram On Laptop
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Do you want to use Signal and Telegram on your computer in addition to your phone?

You can use this manual to assist you in setting up Windows 10.

Our selection of the greatest WhatsApp alternatives for your Windows PC includes Telegram and Signal, two of the best encrypted messaging services available. Even though there are enough differences between them that you might use both, they both eventually accomplish the same goal—getting your message over without anybody else noticing it. In any case, to assist you in getting started, we've put together this crash course on using Signal and Telegram on your PC.

Windows 10 is one of the many popular platforms that Telegram is supported on. Sadly, it doesn't support video calling, but it does support simultaneous messaging across all platforms, which is crucial when using it on, for instance, a PC and a phone. Without a laptop close by, you may get up from your desk and carry on a conversation. When texting simply isn't sufficient, voice calls are also supported.

With the exception of group voice conversations, you may create groups with hundreds of thousands of members, exchange files, send self-erasing messages, and take advantage of end-to-end encryption for every communication. Best feature? The use of Telegram is cost-free. 

In addition to the Telegram apps for Android and iOS, the Telegram app is another messaging service similar to Whatsapp with a few more features and capabilities. You can download Telegram for free on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Additionally, it is also accessible as Telegram Web Messenger, allowing you to utilize Telegram for Web Browser without having to install any additional clients or software.

As easy as it is to install Telegram on an Android or iOS smartphone, you can also do it on a Windows computer or any other computer running a different operating system. Visit the official Telegram website and download the PC version to get started.

Installing and downloading the Telegram app on a laptop or computer

Using this step-by-step tutorial, you can download and set up Telegram for PC without the use of an Android emulator or other third-party apps, just like we did with WhatsApp.

  • For your computer, select the Telegram Desktop version.

  • Now Install the Telegram app on your computer or Mac, in this case, Windows.

  • Install the Telegram program that you downloaded.

  • Run it after installation.

  • Press the Start Messaging button.

  • Choose your nation.

  • Enter the phone number that you registered for Telegram.

  • Enter the OTP code you were sent.

  • On your desktop PC, the Telegram program will successfully install.

  • Start your message.

Step By Step Tutorial Guide with a screenshot to install Telegram for PC app on Windows/macOS.

Step 1: Visit the Telegram website to download the desktop application for your operating system. Here, we are downloading the Windows version of Telegram.

You can also download the Telegram Windows Portable application, which you can save on a flash drive or other external storage, and then plug it into any desktop computer running Windows to start using the messaging service without having to install it.

Step 2: Install the Telegram app after installing it. The language selection window will be the first one you see.

There are six languages supported by the Telegram app: Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Step 3: Choose the installation folder name; Telegram Desktop is the default, but you can change it if you'd prefer.

Step 4: To install the Telegram desktop app, choose the Destination folder. By default, this is your C drive, but you can change it to any other. Select next.

Step 5: To create a Telegram app shortcut on your desktop, check the Additional shortcut option.

Click on NEXT.

Step 6: Open the Telegram program that has been installed and select the START MESSAGING button.

Step 7: Choose your nation, type in your phone number, then press the NEXT button.

Make sure you have already registered the Telegram app on a smartphone before registering it for the PC (Android or iOS)

Step 8: A code will be sent to your phone through SMS after providing your registered number to the Telegram desktop software. Then click NEXT after entering that code in the "YOUR code" area.

Step 9: A stunning desktop Telegram messenger screen will appear, allowing you to send messages directly to your contacts.

The steps for downloading the Telegram software on a PC and a Mac are identical, except you must download the appropriate Telegram configuration for your computer system. Even though everything seems very simple, if you run into any difficulties, please let us know in the comment section.


I won't say much as the blog has informed you all about how to download telegram on a laptop.

It is an easy process and you can use it for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You may now adjust the window of the official Telegram app for Windows, OS X, and Linux so that only one column is visible. Telegram is now simpler to use on smaller laptops or desktop screens. Visit to download Telegram Desktop.

Telegram will hassle you to download the desired file if your hard disc is full. Checking the file size can ensure that there is space on your hard drive. This also occurs when Telegram or other similar websites are blocked by your local internet service provider.

However, Telegram is secure and reliable right now. Telegram should be a secure option for you if you're concerned about data sharing. As always, Trusted Reviews advises any user concerned about their privacy to get a solid VPN to help safeguard their data.

The desktop version of the well-known chat program Telegram is now available in the Windows Store. The Telegram Desktop software available on the Windows Store is essentially the same as the desktop app you could download directly from Telegram, despite not being a universal app.

You can use this link to download and install the Telegram Desktop app on your Windows 10 computer, or you can search for the program in the Microsoft Store.

Why does Telegram not function on Android? We advise uninstalling the program, logging in again, checking permissions, and adjusting in-app settings if Telegram isn't functioning properly on Android, can't install, or can't connect. Find out more about specific problem-solving techniques below.

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