How To Download And Update Dell Drivers In Windows 10 11 Pc Laptop

How To Download And Update Dell Drivers In Windows 10 11 Pc Laptop
  • Sep 2nd, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Windows
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The laptop has become a necessity in today's world. As a result, they require frequent upgrades in order to ensure that a laptop runs smoothly and efficiently, making your task easier and faster.

To discover the comprehensive details about how to download and update Dell drivers online, you must read the entire text carefully. You'll also find detailed instructions for downloading and updating the Dell Driver online.

What exactly is a driver?

When it comes to computers, Dell is one of the most well-known brands. A driver is a small but important piece of software that is built for a particular operating system, such as Windows 11, Windows 10, or others. The driver is used by the operating system to interface with hardware devices including printers, video cards, sound cards, Wi-Fi or network adapters, and so on.

The devices you connect to the computer may not function properly if you don't have drivers. Dell creates drivers so that the Dell computer's operating system may communicate with Dell devices and applications.

One of the most common driver problems is when your device is not recognized, refuses to start, or crashes without warning.  

How do I get drivers and update them online?

Many people face problems downloading and updating drivers online. So if you are using a Dell laptop and want to download and update drivers online, this blog is for you. 

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Method-1. How to use the Support Assist app to download and install drivers?

On Dell PCs that come with the Microsoft Windows operating system, the SupportAssist program comes preloaded.

NOTE- SupportAssist is only compatible with Windows machines. Download and install the SupportAssist app if it isn't already installed.

NOTE-To downloads and installs SupportAssist, your Windows login account must have administrator capabilities.

Step-1. First of all, click on start and type Support Assist in the search box.

Step-2. In the search results, select the SupportAssist app.

Step-3. Click Start immediately in the SupportAssist box.

Step-4. SupportAssist will scan your computer automatically, check for driver updates then download and install the most recent drivers (if available).

Step-5. SupportAssist will also run other automated activities like scanning hardware, tuning performance, optimizing the network, and so on.

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Method-2.How to use an automatic scan on the website to download and install drivers?

Step-1. Go to Dell Drivers & Download for more information.

Step-2. Determine which Dell product you have:

  • To auto-detect your Dell computer, click Download & Install SupportAssist. To install Dell SupportAssist, follow the on-screen directions. 
  • Overview and Common Questions for additional information.
  • Alternatively, enter the Dell computer's Service Tag, Express Service Code, or Serial number and click Search.
  • Alternatively, you may manually choose your Dell PC from the catalog by clicking Browse all items.

Step-3.To allow Dell to automatically discover driver updates for you, click Check for Updates.

Step-4. Install SupportAssist by following the on-screen instructions (if required).

Step-5. SupportAssist examines your Dell machine for the most recent upgrades.

Step-6.Click Download and install after the scan is finished.

Step-7.To finish the installation, follow the on-screen directions.

Step-8. Restart the machine after the driver installation is complete.

Method-3. If the automatic scan fails, how do you manually download and install a driver?

1) To get device drivers from the Dell Drivers & Download Center, you'll need to know your laptop's service tag, EMC product id, or model no. The laptop model may be located in the MODEL area on the back of your laptop.  

2) First of all, go to the Dell Drivers & Download Center.

3) Then enter the Dell EMC Product id or Service Tag “xxxxxq2” of your Dell Laptop.

4) After filling the service tag, Dell EMC Product id, or Dell Model no. of your laptop. A screen will appear where you will see an option of “Search”

5) Click on the option of "Search".

6) Now, you will find many options for drivers and choose the option of the driver according to your device’s requirement.

7) Finally, you are successful in updating Dell drivers online.

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Conclusion :

I hope that this article has helped you find a way to download and update Dell drivers online. Visit the NSS Laptop Service Center if you have any questions or need Laptop Repair service at home to upgrade your system. They are the best in the business, offering exceptional service and following through on their commitments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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As long as you download the driver from a reputable source, it is regarded as safe.

NSS Laptop Service Center is the finest place to go for Dell Laptop Repairs.

Dell constantly provides updated drivers to guarantee that your Dell computer has the most up-to-date security updates, fixes, and capabilities. Updating the drivers is a precautionary procedure that protects the computer and ensures that the hardware components are functioning properly.

Support Assist is a program that, with your permission, runs on a Windows-based computer or tablet and interacts with the website to improve and customise your support experience.

Device Manager is a Microsoft Windows control panel applet. It lets users see and manage the status of the computer's attached hardware.

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