How To Increase Eraser Size In Paint In Windows 10 On A Laptop

How To Increase Eraser Size In Paint In Windows 10 On A Laptop
  • Aug 27th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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This blog guide you about the increased size of the eraser and making it more affecting while using. You must have done paintwork on a laptop at some time and also faced the situation and find difficulties in using a small size eraser. A small eraser erases the painting, pencil or colour at a very slow speed which is so frustrating. right?  A small eraser seems to be useless when it turns out to erase something big. Before we continue our main topic do you know what is MS paint? So, MS paint is an application of graphic art on a laptop or PC. In this application, you can draw something, colour something can make beautiful scenery, art or picture with different types of brushes, colours, pens etc. You can also write on the paint page, and draw something specific shapes such as a star, oval, or circle etc., Microsoft Paint application is only available for Microsoft Windows laptops. It is not available for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, or other operating systems. While there are also some paint programs and apps that are designed for other operating systems such as Tux Paint. MS paint application includes, opens and saves files in the formats of Windows bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and single-page TIFF. MS Paint is a basic feature of the laptop that's why we need to learn all about its tools.

So, let us tell you How you can increase the size of an eraser through this blog.

So, there are two ways through which you can enlarge the eraser in MS Paint in Windows 10-:

Method 1- from the help of shortcut keys

You can easily make the size of an eraser bigger through a shortcut keys-:

Step 1: Turn on your laptop or PC.

Step 2: search for "Onscreen keyboard" under the search bar.

Step 3: you will find two options under the Onscreen keyboard.

Step 4: Generic keyboard and numeric keyboard.

Step 5: Activate the numeric keyboard on your laptop.

Step 6: then exit from there.

Step 7: Open the MS paint application.

Step 8: draw something on the page.

Step 9: Select eraser under paint toolbar.

Step 10: select the numeric keyboard to pop out from the left side of the screen.

Step 11: Press Ctrl++ for increasing the size of an eraser on the numeric keyboard.

Step 12: You will see that the size of an eraser becomes large.

Step 13: Erase everything you draw effortlessly and smoothly.

This is how you can easily large the size of the eraser in MS paint.

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Method 2 - Direct select size from the paint toolbar tab

To increase the size of an eraser directly from the option follow these easy steps -:

Step 1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

Step 2. Open the MS paint application on your laptop.

Step 3. Start painting with your favourite pens, pencil, sketch, and colour.

Step 4. If you want to erase something select an eraser from the top toolbar tab.

Step 5. Now click on the size option.

Step 6. Consider the suitable size of your rubber from the list of sizes.

Step 7. Size options will be viewed on paint application in the form of three bold horizontal lines.

Step 8. More thickness of the line highlights the size of the eraser.

Step 9. After selecting the size of the rubber or eraser, erase what you want.

Note -: This method doesn't give a desired size to the eraser as you want but it will increase the size of an eraser from before.

So, these are the two methods through which you can easily maintain the size of an eraser in MS Paint on a Windows 10 laptop.


This blog concludes with the methods to enlarge the size of the eraser in the MS paint Window 10 laptop or PC. You can use shortcut keys, as well as direct, choose the size from the toolbar tabs under the home tab to do this. Small-sized eraser doesn't work well something especially when we needed to eraser half a portion of the page. A big size eraser helped us to erase what we want at a fast speed that's why we need to enlarge the size of an eraser. The more flexibility in changing the size of the paintbrush, eraser, or pencil better and more beautiful our painting will be. So, adjust the size of the eraser at your convenience and enjoy MS Paint by painting on your laptop or PC.

If you have any questions or queries related to this blog write them down in the comments box. Follow our blogs for more updates.

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