In this article, we are providing you with complete information about how to check the model number of your Lenovo Laptop. So Stay with us in this article and read full blog for complete details.

Steps to know your laptop model number are as follow:

 Press the Start button on your laptop.

 Now search for System Information in the search box.

 Click on the system information option.

 Now you will see a window showing your laptop information.

 You can see a model number in the System Model of your Lenovo laptop.

 The system model number will be in the 7th position from the top.

 You can also check many other information from system information.

You may also use shortcuts for System Information.

 Press the Win + R button simultaneously.

 Type Msinfo32 in the Run command.

 Now you will see the System Information window on your laptop.

 Check the model number of your laptop.

So, at last, we hope that this blog helped you in understanding the complete process of how to check the model number of the Lenovo laptop. If you have any queries regarding this blog drop it in the comment section and do follow our page for daily updates.