How to stop a laptop from overheating

How to stop a laptop from overheating
  • Jan 23rd, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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Are you counted among those curious to know how to control overheating? You are indeed reading the correct column if your response is "yes."

How to stop a laptop from overheating? Many people face the issue of laptop overheating and are unaware of how to solve the problem on their own. So, whenever their laptop starts malfunctioning and goes wrong due to overheating, they contact an IT professional, which is not required as the problem of overheating laptops can be solved by following simple points. People always want to know why their laptops keep overheating and how to reduce the overheating of the computer.

A laptop is treated as a magical box these days as it solves every possible problem but also needs care to run smoothly and provide productive results. If you buy any machine, in the beginning, it functions smoothly, but after a passage of time, it needs care, so to give that care, you follow some tips. The same goes for laptops. You need to follow some guidance with a laptop to provide the care. Let's read the article in detail and gather information about how to stop your laptop from getting hot, excellent down your laptop, Whether laptop cooling pads work, and whether a laptop can explode from overheating. You will get all the answers to your questions regarding how to stop the laptop from getting hot. Just be patient and read the post carefully.

Today, I will share two case studies of overheating laptops with you all in this column. 

My friend Garima is a marketing person and one of you who had bad habits of working long hours without giving her laptop a break and leaving the computer outside. Do you know what the outcome was? The result was that her computer became overheated because of two significant reasons: the first reason was that she left the laptop outside, and the second reason was that she didn't give her computer a break and worked for long hours. When she shared this problem with me, I told her that working for long hours shortens the life of the laptops, so after working for three to four hours, always provide a break to your device and don't leave the laptop outside as the sun reaches the computer quickly and damages the battery and hard disk of your computer. So she quit these habits and saw the magic. After that, her computer overheated but not that much and started running smoothly.

My second friend, Manila, always worked on her laptop, putting it to bed. As a result, her computer started malfunctioning and went wrong due to overheating. Do you know why it happened? This occurred due to the thick cotton used in mattresses for beds, which limits the space available for the laptop fans to push air through the keyboard plates. As a result, heat cannot escape from the laptop, which causes it to produce more heat. One day, she woke up and started working on her computer by putting it on a flat surface. Her device was running so smoothly that she was amazed and wondered how her computer was running so smoothly today. Then she searched for the answer and learned that putting the laptop on a flat surface doesn't cause heat and lets the computer run smoothly. 

So, to know more tips about how to stop the laptop from overheating outside. You must all read this piece of writing attentively and carefully.

Central Pointers

Why do your laptops keep overheating


  • Why does your laptop heat up so fast?

● Can overheating cause a laptop to shut down?

● What are the ways to stop laptop overheating?


● How to stop/ control your laptop from overheating and turning off?


● What is to be done to stop the laptop from overheating?


  • How do you stop a laptop from overheating and shutting down?


  • How do you prevent laptops from overheating and shutting down?


● What will be the takeaways for the readers?

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Why Do Your Laptops Keep Overheating?


Why Does Your Laptop Heat Up So Fast?

When the first computers were created, they included many components, including a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and CPU (central processing unit). However, after a while, laptops entered the market, and people stopped using computers and instead began purchasing laptops because they were easier to set up and transport than computers. All computer-related tasks may be completed on a laptop. Just visualize in your head how the components are assembled.

Simply put, laptops generate a lot of heat. Heat is created when using computers for work. Its fan makes an effort to lessen the impact of the heat. Still, it is occasionally ineffective due to the hot air around the laptops, making it difficult to reduce the additional heat from them. Another issue is that because computers generate heat and become uncomfortable in the summer, many individuals work in hot environments without the means to purchase air conditioners. Avoid leaving your computers in the car since the heat may cause the fragile parts to melt.

Can Overheating Cause a Laptop to Shut Down?

Like my friends Garima and Manila, every individual faces the problem of a laptop overheating while working. Now, in this paragraph, everyone reads about whether overheating the canopy, whether a computer is heating, and whether it can cause a computer to shut down. An answer to this is that there are several reasons that laptops overheat so much. 

If your laptop becomes overheated, it doesn't necessarily indicate a problem or that it will explode from heating. It won't function correctly, and these things will occur.

  • Your laptop begins to generate heat while you work on it, and it occasionally shuts down abruptly. You run the risk of losing track of your work's progress.

● Your laptop starts operating slowly when you start using it to do work.

● The fan is always on and creating a lot of noise.

● The screen of your laptop displays lines.

● The computer crashes or experiences a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

● Unexpected or confusing error messages occur on the screen.

● The battery of your laptop might expand while you operate on it. Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in laptop batteries, can be damaged by heat. Positively charged cathode ions and negatively charged anode ions interact chemically to power batteries. This process is accelerated as the ions move more quickly as the computer starts to heat up. The increased heat and chemical reaction shorten the battery's lifespan and charging time. Long-term exposure to extreme heat might potentially render the battery useless.

● Your laptop does not perform correctly when you are working on it.

● Your laptop hangs in the middle of your work when you use it.

● The hard drives in laptops grow as you use them for work.

● A CPU that is too hot runs slower and less effectively.

● Computer motherboards serve as the frame of the device. The motherboard is connected to every computer component, including the processor, memory, and fans. Throughout the computer, electricity is transmitted through several copper parts and cables. The efficiency and output of the electrical current decrease when the computer overheats.

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What Are the Ways to Stop Laptop Overheating


How do you stop/control your laptop from overheating and turning off?


What to do to Stop Laptop Overheating?


How to Stop a Laptop From Overheating and Shutting Down


How do you prevent laptops from overheating and shutting down?

All of these factors of laptop overheating may be managed by simply adhering to some excellent advice to prevent damage to your computers and ensure optimal operation. For those who are curious about What to do to stop laptop overheating? Here is a list of suggestions: 

How do you prevent your laptop from overheating in the sun?


How do you prevent a laptop from overheating in the sun?


How do you stop a computer from overheating outside?

Try to work in a room where the sunshine can't contact your computer and is more relaxed than in other areas of your house because hot summers mean heat everywhere, and the blistering heat of sunlight is also there. Your laptop's battery and hard drive will be harmed if sunlight touches it. It is essential to keep your computer away from direct sunlight since it can act as a poison and destroy it, even if the fans within computers can only blow out the air inside them and cannot remove exterior heat.

Why is there a Need to buy cooling pads for laptops?

Many people have a question: do laptops' cooling pads work? So, the answer is that cooling pads work and cool down the laptop's heat.

If you use a laptop regularly, purchase a cooling pad to reduce the system's heat. It's advised to get cooling pads for laptops to decrease the impacts of heat since they help computers stay calm and give them a break. Because of this, company owners that use powerful productivity or video editing software frequently purchase cooling pads for their PCs.

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Why Should You Avoid Leaving Computers in Cars?

When we drive, cars produce heat, and plenty of times, sunlight also reaches the laptops with the assistance of car windows, so try not to carry laptops, or just in case you wish to hold your computer, turn them off and put them in cover so that sunlight can't touch it so that further damage may be avoided. The warmth of the car can melt the fragile parts of the laptops, so don't carry your computer in vehicles.

Why There is to Avoid Placing Computers on Beds, Couches, or Sofas?

Many people do not know that they must not put their laptops on beds, couches, or sofas while working. They make this colossal mistake daily while working, which causes damage to their computer. The mattresses of the couches, sofas, and beds have fat cotton, which does not provide much space to blow the air by the fan located inside the keyboard plate of the laptops as this fat cotton blocks the world for the air because of which heat doesn't get the answer. The laptop starts producing more heat, so don't put your computer in places where fat cotton is present.

Why Should You Install the Heat Processor's Programmes?

There are good functions in the Macbook that other laptops haven't got. The one that invented the Macbook built a feature failsafe to safeguard them from heating problems. It implies that the device automatically shuts down whenever it reaches unsafe temperatures, so it's much easier to inform when it produces more heat. Everyone cannot afford a Macbook laptop as they're costly, but don't fret. Many applications are available that will check the temperature of the laptops and make the users aware. If you want to sleep or do other work but don't need to pack up your computer so you'll not lose your job, you'll set a pop-up message that will save your computer from reaching an unsafe temperature. Hence, it's advisable to put in the applications that will hinder the laptop's warmth before it's too late.

Why Should You Clean Fans of the Laptop?

Everyone is not professional, but if you are, you'll be able to clear the fans of your laptops. It'll make it easier for you to remove the dust and dirt. After cleaning, the lover of the computer will run fast and funky down the warmth. This may make it easier to figure out your computer correctly, so cleaning your fan computer promptly is advisable to prevent dust from building up on your laptop.

Why Should You Give Your Laptop a Break?

Regular work on your laptop without breaks can impair functionality. Like humans, machines need rest to function correctly. If you allow the computer to rest, put the computer in sleep mode or shut it down. In this way, they are cooled, and work efficiency is improved. Therefore, it is advisable to rest your laptop. 

Why Should You Avoid Exerting Strain on the CPU?

Take responsibility not to overwhelm your laptop's CPU. CPU stands for the central processing unit. It's the brains of laptops that store applications, data, files, presentations, and more. Even the human brain has limited information storage. Saving unnecessary information

and applying pressure slows the thinking and working process, making the human brain feel inactive and producing poor results. The same applies to the CPU. When you put pressure on storing useless applications, data, files, and presentations,  you run into problems, shut down unexpectedly, and slow down. Therefore, to work efficiently, we recommend not storing unnecessary information on your laptop. 

Why Should You Never Place a Laptop on Your Lap?

Many do not know laptops should not be placed on their laps while working. It is recommended that you do not use your computer on your lap daily as you make this big mistake while working and block the air intake, and your computer will start generating heat. 

Why Should You Use the Computers Only For Authorized Purposes?

Did you know that laptops can do more than humans, as all work is now done on notebooks? The coronavirus was blocked worldwide, forcing everyone to work on laptops, so everyone started working at home. People began working from home, and students began taking classes at home. This was only possible with laptop support. Also, working from home has become increasingly popular, and people are working from the comfort of their homes with the help of laptops. This means that if you use a computer with no purpose, you are using it more and more. It certainly affects the speed of the device. When you watch a movie or play a game, do those activities on your smartphone. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use your laptop unnecessarily to extend the service life of your device. 

Why Should You Use Computers in Places With Air Conditioning?

Not all families can buy air conditioning, but if you have air conditioning in your home, it is advisable to use a laptop in this room. Don't worry if your house doesn't have air conditioning. You can also find a cool place in your home and confidently work on your laptop.

Why Should You Purchase Heat-Resistant Laptop Coverings?

We recommend not buying regular laptop sleeves, as you must purchase heat-resistant ones to protect your laptop from the heat. If you want to extend your life computer, don't be stingy and spend money on heat-resistant laptop sleeves. 

Why Should You Set Your Computers Down on a Level Surface?

Many people are unaware that their laptop needs to be placed on a flat surface while working. You make this big mistake daily while you work and shorten your lifecomputer. We recommend you use your computer on a flat surface to prevent heat from entering the computer and keep it out of the air. 

Why Should You Delete the Background Programme?

If you are running the application on a laptop,  stop it to protect it from overheating. Therefore, it is recommended to remove background applications when you are not using them. 

Why Should You Fully Charge Your Laptop?

Fully charge your laptop. Do not remove the charger if your computer is not fully charged. We recommend not disconnecting the charger from your computer as it will affect battery life and may overheat your system. 

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Device?

People often charge their laptops for a long time, 3-4 hours, leading to overheating. Setting the computer for 1 hour instead of 3-4 hours is recommended as it will be fully charged in 1 hour. 

Why Should You Utilize an Old Toothbrush to Clean the Computers?

Clean your laptop parts regularly with an old toothbrush to provide air to cool the heat generated inside your laptop. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your computer with an old toothbrush.

How do you improve additional performance to lower temperature?

Some ways to cool your laptop can be achieved by just tweaking some of your laptop's performance settings. One possibility is to slow down processor performance. Our laptops rarely use full processing power. Your processor may slow down when surfing, chatting, or listening to music. To do this, go to  Power Options in the Windows Control Panel. Click  Power Saving Mode or go to the advanced settings under one of your existing power plans. Go to the Processor Power Management settings and set the best value for your processor needs. Even a 20-30% power reduction can significantly reduce heating. 

Depending on the hardware you are running on your laptop, you may be able to use similar settings in your graphics solution. Some graphics cards can be turned off entirely when not in use. These were just some of the ways to cool your laptop.

Why Should You Check the Temperature of Your Laptop?

Many monitoring programs can measure the temperature of the devices, such as Real Temp, GPU-Z, Speccy, HWMonitor, and Core Temp. All of them are free and can be used to monitor your laptop's temperature. Ensure your laptop's CPU temperature is maxed, around  65C, and your GPU is below 80C. This can be considered a safe temperature for these components. 

Why Should You Look for Signs of Wear and Tear?

A laptop is a complex machine with fragile parts and components. If it generates too much heat,  some features may be damaged by abrasion. Check for damage to your laptop's charging cable, charging adapter, or ports. You may have to replace the damaged part if such is the case. 

Why Should You Utilize A Genuine/Certified Charger?

Be sure to use the original charger that came with the laptop. There are probably plenty of compatible third-party chargers on the market, potentially much more affordable than the original. But you're better off using a genuine or certified laptop charger. 

Why Should You Update A BIOS Setting?

One of the main functions of your laptop's BIOS is to monitor its temperature and adjust operating conditions accordingly. Try updating your laptop's BIOS to ensure your computer doesn't overheat. Updated BIOS can help improve fan management, reduce CPU power load, and eliminate other processes that negatively affect laptop performance and temperature. 

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Why Should You Change the CPU Thermal Paste?

All hands are equipped with processors and use the thermal paste to transfer the heat generated by the CPU to the cooling solution (heatsink and cooling fan). Sometimes, if a laptop manufacturer uses poor-quality thermal paste, it can wear out within a few years. Using the laptop in hot and humid conditions may fade faster. 

In such a case, you may need to hire a professional to help you open the laptop and replace the heatsink with better quality. You can find outstanding CPU thermal paste from brands like the Arctic, Cooler Master, Noctua, and Thermal Grizzly. Read reviews before buying thermal paste and choose one with good ratings. Then, enlist the help of a certified laptop warranty engineer to replace the existing thermal paste with a new, higher-quality one. This will fix many laptop overheating problems. 

Why Should You Raise the Laptop?

Place a  book or small object (such as an iPod dock) under the computer battery while sitting at your desk. This slight tilt allows more air to circulate underneath the laptop, making it significantly more relaxed. Make sure the book does not block the bottom fan hole.

What Will Be the Takeaways For the Readers?

After reading this article, the takeaways for the readers will be. They will learn about the factors that damage and heat the laptops.

● Why should they not keep their laptop in sunlight?

● Why should they clean fans?

● How can they clean the laptop?

● Why should they not work on the bed with their laptops?

● Why should they work in a cool place?

● Why should they pay attention to their device while charging?


  • Why should they raise the laptop?

  • Why should they change the CPU thermal paste?

  • Why should they update the BIOS?

  • Why should they utilize a genuine/certified charger?

  • Why should they look for signs of wear and tear?

  • Why should they check the temperature of their laptop?

  • How can we improve additional performance to lower temperature?

  • Why should they fully charge their laptop?

  • Why should they delete the background program?

  • Why should they purchase heat-resistant laptop coverings?

  • Why should they use the computers only for authorized purposes?

  • Why should they never place a laptop on their lap?

  • Why should they avoid exerting strain on the CPU?

  • Why should they give their laptop a break?

  • Why should they install the heat processor's programs?

  • Why should they avoid leaving computers in cars?

  • Why is there a need to buy cooling pads for laptops?


I suggest everyone wanting to keep their computers cool follows these recommendations. If you follow these guidelines carefully when using your laptop, you may achieve fantastic outcomes without needing to be an expert.

After reviewing the procedures on the page, I'm hoping you can all cope with the heat issue with your computers and learn how to stop a laptop from overheating. Why are you waiting? Begin applying these suggestions to care for your computer this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Overheating kills a laptop slowly and shortens the life of the battery.

Gaming laptops have heavy workloads, which causes the hardware to produce heat. The laptop's performance may suffer as a result of this overheating. The ideal laptop configuration maintains sufficient cooling for all of its parts without degrading overall performance.

Refrain from carpeted or cushioned surfaces, lift your laptop up at a convenient angle, maintain a tidy workplace and laptop, and recognize the average settings and performance of your laptop.

To keep your laptop cool while gaming you need to put it on a flat surface, use the device in cool places, don’t let the sunlight touch your laptop, etc.

Use a handheld vacuum or the dusting attachment on a regular vacuum to clean the vents. Utilize compressed air to blow the dust out of the vents (available at most computer and electronics stores). To prevent blowing dust inside the computer casing further, be sure to slant the airflow away from the computer.

Any laptop should never overheat if used correctly and with airflow provided by a stand or other device. It might quickly get too hot if you overwork it and use it on a soft surface (such as a blanket or cushion).

Not at all, no. The cooling system is just working harder, as seen by the louder fan. Dust and pieces of cotton should be removed from the fan.

Is it okay if my laptop gets hot while gaming?
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