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If your Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop will not turn on then the solution to your laptop’s problems may vary between simple and difficult solutions.

If the AC adapter is not plugged into the computer a faulty battery will cause the computer to not boot. Your battery might be starting to fail if you notice that your battery does not hold its charge as long as per its usage.

See if your computer turns on by plugging into an electrical outlet. If it is not turning on then a replacement battery would solve the issue so that you can use your laptop while running off the battery.

As long as the AC adapter is plugged into the laptop you need to power on the computer continuously without a battery.

Does anything light up when you plug in the power adapter? Then try with another power adapter first.

A Toshiba laptop can normally start without the battery.

When the charger is plugged in and your laptop is turning on then it means that the charger is most doing its part and the battery is probably dead. Just for confirmation jump on to the "second suspect" below and test the voltage out. If the voltage outmatches the rated output of the charging block which is printed on the charging block for example VDC Out 19V or 20V then you need to confirm or try a new or known good battery.

If your laptop is not turning on when the charger is plugged in then try the below to rule out power supply issues:

In the first suspect, your extension is going from a wall plug to a charger. Either you try with a new one or test it for continuity across using a multimeter in continuity mode. A beep should sound from across where it is supposed to plug into the wall and from where it is supposed to plug into the charging block.  There must also be a beeping sound coming across the parallel pins which have both pins that are plugged into the charging block.

Then in the second suspect where your charger itself is not working or is damaged to the cable which leads from the charger block to the laptop. Then you need to test the tip of the charge of the cable by comparing it to the rated voltage output as noted on the block which is usually 19~20V by using a multimeter in VDC mode.

In the third suspect check whether the plug/connector inside the computer is damaged. It happens a lot many times. You then need to take the laptop apart and examine the plug by measuring it for continuity that comes along the red cable and along the black cable.

Finally by following all the rules make sure if your laptop is either starting or not starting but not displaying any image as the board could have been damaged and that may be the reason why power is not passing to the battery or it is simply dead. There may be numerous reasons which could cause at the board level.


We hope that with the help of this blog our laptop users will be able to resolve the Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem.