Best way to fully drain a laptop battery | How to Drain Laptop Battery Faster | How to Drain the Power in a Laptop | How to Fully Discharge a Laptop Battery.

How to fully drain a laptop battery:  The best way to do this hack is to allow your PC battery to get used up completely first. The next step is to disable all the power-related utilities or simply start using your laptop until its battery gets up to zero and shut down. In addition, as the battery goes down, just make sure you charge it up till it reaches 100%. If you follow these steps occasionally, the life of your Laptop battery shall improve.

However, here is a Warning, if your laptop has a Li-ion battery, just do not follow these steps as it may degrade the overall performance along with the battery health, as battery drainage is not required in such kinds of batteries.

Another way around the same concern is via its hardware technique in which you just have to remove the battery and discharge it with the help of a resistor.

As we have mentioned earlier Li-ion, the battery does not need such a process to go through for battery drainage but Nickel-batteries can give you a better performance after having these steps. Following are the ways to fully discharge a laptop battery:

· Turn on your laptop and have the assurance that it is unplugged from any kind of source for power supply.

· Your battery is affected majorly if you have a screen brightness to the fullest and ultimately it leads to poor battery life.

· Turn the Wi-Fi on and connect to the internet. If your laptop is having Bluetooth access then turn that on as well.

· You have to leave some of the applications running simultaneously in the background as if the numerous apps are running together then it surely destroys your laptop battery sooner.

· Now use a few draining devices to be plugged in through USB. Hold the optical mouse, Flash drive, and keyboard vacuum

· Put a DVD into the drive and get it to play and your laptop battery might be drained completely in less than an hour.

· Switch the laptop on until its screen turns off automatically.

This is also a way to Drain Laptop Battery Faster

We need to function the power drain for a battery when the laptop is not working well and performing acts that are not usual. For instance, your laptop is having all the lights blinking but not waking up.

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How to Drain the Power in a Laptop

Turn the laptop off. Unplugging all the wires and cables from it. Extract out the battery. The power buttons should be pressed and held for a few seconds and then release it to drain until it gets vacant. Now reconnect all the wires back to your laptop and turn it on.

To Drain the Power in a Laptop you need to shut your laptop down or unplug it if you are using the desktop. Take out the battery during the process press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds. You can use resistors to drain it faster and put it back and turn it on and keep running many of the applications all at once.


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Q. What type of problems can be fixed by using the power drain process?

Ans.  Some common problems that get fixed with the help of the power drain process:

1. None of the laptop lights start blinking but the system is booting up.

2. USB slots do not detect any device.

3. Having a blue screen message popping up.

4. Sound of the laptop is not working well.

Q. How do I drain my laptop battery quickly?

Ans. Keep running on all the applications in the background in your system until its power goes to 0% and get it charged again.

Q. What kills a laptop battery?

Ans. Despite the fact that the lesser the temperature prettier the performance of the laptop, In other words, the laptop battery needs cold temperatures, but the excess cold can destroy the battery perpetually.

Q. What hurts a laptop battery?

Ans. Things that might reach the battery to be damaged are:

·         Low battery charge

A battery level below 20% is not recommended for the use

·         High levels of temperatures

Heat is harmful to every bit of your system along with your battery. Try not to leave your laptop anywhere that creates heat, one example is inside your car. And keep your laptop on a flat surface, as we know it’s a laptop but still, if it is kept on a flat surface, prevents the blockage in its outlets.

Q. Can I leave my laptop plugged in 24 7?

Ans. As far as modern laptops are concerned, the battery cannot be overcharged but it depends on the internal electron structure of your battery. The latest batteries have the capacity to stay at the charging as when it reaches 100% it automatically stops the process. However, it is not recommended here to charge it overnight, during long hours or days as we mentioned it depends on the making of the battery. Therefore, you may keep a regular check while your laptop is charging so that the battery may remain healthier. In addition, your battery may stay on a safer mode as overcharging leads to an excess of heat generation that can ultimately affect the performance and can cause damage.

Q. How long do laptop batteries last?

Ans. 2-4 years. On a standard basis, a laptop battery ceases until it completes 1000 charge cycles or within 2-4 years of usual use. That is the time to replace your laptop battery.

Q. What is a power drain in computers?

Ans. Power drain means discharging your PC. In other words, emptying the battery up to 0% is the power drain in any of the systems, be it your desktop or laptop.

Q. How to drain power from the laptop motherboard?

Ans. Motherboards also need some sort of power application. Even if the motherboard is not having power from any outside origin, some of the electricity remains inside it due to the presence of capacitors and a CMOS battery. Hence, we can drain the power from the laptop by removing the battery (CMOS) in a short term.