It is an understatement that technology has made our work easier. It is an integral part of our conventional life without us even realizing it. With the turmoil surrounding our workload in today’s world, a laptop’s the best choice to be of some help to us. We all know, laptops aren’t limited to just luxury anymore. They are a necessity for everyone. Undoubtedly, Apple has one of the finest laptops out there. Buying a laptop comes with a lot of responsibility and confusion about the Apple Laptop Warranty, features, and so on. If you are confronted with a problem on the laptop or MacBook during the warranty period, Apple will perform MacBook warranty check  or Apple warranty check repair on your laptop or replace it. But what if you cross paths with a problem when the warranty period ends, what will you do then? Here is a quick guide on How To Check The Warranty Of Apple Laptop. I’m sure a similar thought or two may have crossed your mind more often than not. I am curious too. People come face to face with a lot of problems when trying to check the Apple Laptop warranty period. For example, a lot of us tend to forget the purchase date of the laptop, thus encountering problems when trying to claim the Apple Laptop warranty. If you encounter a problem, then check the Apple Laptop warranty date and get your laptop fixed. If you are looking for ways to check your laptop’s warranty date, then let me inform you that there are a variety of ways to check an Apple laptop’s warranty.

Usual Duration Of Warranty Period

For claiming the Apple laptop warranty, you should be well aware of what does your apple laptop warranty covers.

What does the warranty cover?

You can’t expect the standard warranty to include damages like abuse, accident, and misuse, which has quite a number of types. To be more specific, it does not cover the following: 1) When used with non-Apple products. 2) External causes like fire, earthquake, misuse, flood, and so on. 3) Damage caused by consumable parts (like batteries and so on) unless the fault found is due to the workmanship or materials. 4) Damage caused by a service provided by a non-representative of Apple or Apple Authorized Service Provider. 5) Not operating the product following what is permitted by Apple. 6) When a product or a part of the device has been modified to function differently without the written permission of Apple. Let’s get on with what we are interested in knowing- how to check your  Apple Laptop warranty period. Further, it is described a few steps for locating serial number and for checking the warranty period.

Locate the serial number

For performing the Apple warranty check, serial number plays an important role. You need to find the serial number of your Mac before looking up for any possible ways to find the warranty status of the same. To do this, you need to follow the following steps: 

how to check warranty of apple laptop

1) At the top left corner of the screen, you’ll find the Apple Menu. Click that. 2) You need to hold down the Option key. 3)Select System Information present from the menu. 4) Look for the Serial Number (system) field in the Hardware Overview Screen. Other than this you can have alternative way: 1) You need to open your preferred web browser and search for the Apple ID website: 2) You’ll have to sign in with the help of your Apple ID and password. 3) Find the Devices section. 4) Click the device you want to find the serial number of, i.e. your Mac. 5) A pop up will appear with the details that you require.

If you want to get your Mac serviced or repaired

 1) Click on Apple Menu. 2) Select About this Mac. 3) Click on service. 4) Click on ‘ Check My Service and Support Coverage Status’ to find if your Mac’s still covered in the warranty status. 5) A web page will open with your Mac’s serial number already entered. You can manually enter the serial number if you want by visiting the Check Coverage website. 6)Click on ‘Show my Service and repair options’ to find the options available in your region. 7) Click on ‘ Tell me more about AppleCare products’. It’ll take you to the   AppleCare Products page. Read also: How To Check HP Laptop Warranty

How To Check Apple Laptop Warranty

Now, once you have successfully located the serial number of your device, you can check the Apple warranty status by following these quick steps : 

How To Check The Warranty Of An Apple Laptop

1) Open a web browser and then open Apple’s warranty status page. 2) Click Continue after filling up your serial number in the appropriate field. 3) The fields, like, Service Coverage, Telephone Technical Support, and Repairs, etc. should be used if you need to check apple's warranty status. If it hasn’t expired, you’ll get to know the estimated expiration date of the apple laptop warranty. If you are within the original and standard warranty period, then you’ll also have the option to extend the warranty.

How to associate the device with an account

This process can be made more accessible for future uses, once you associate your device with your account. You don’t need to bother yourself by entering your devices’ serial number every single time you want to open a new support ticket or if you need anything else once you’ve done this. It will be linked to your respective Apple ID. 

How To Check The Warranty Of An Apple Laptop

1) You have to open Apple’s My Support Profile page. 2) You’ll have to sign in using your Apple ID. 3) Click the +Register & Add Products button. 4) Enter your device’s serial number. Click on Continue just like you did while looking up the warranty status. 5) Once you sign in to this area of the account, your device’s information will now be available to you. Read also: How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty

How to get your Mac Serviced

This part describes how to get your Mac serviced from an Authorized Apple Service Provider. You should know your Apple ID and password before the appointment. You can check the status of your repair online depending on where you get the servicing done. Start a service request. If covered under warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+, the issue would be handled free of cost. The price depends on the repair type you are looking for if the problem isn’t covered. You can ask your service representative for a cost estimate.

How To Check Apple Laptop Warranty By AppleCare plus

How To Check The Warranty Of An Apple Laptop

  As mentioned, Mac comes with hardware repair coverage of one year along with complimentary technical support of 90 days. AppleCare+ will take care of your Mac for 3 years. AppleCare+ gives you one-stop service and support from authorized technicians and experts of the company for the laptop and the associated accessories and Apple-supplied RAM. It also covers AirPort hardware, provided it has been purchased up to two years before you bought your Mac or during the duration of your AppleCare+ plan. Also, it covers the Apple USB drive and Apple display purchased at the same time as your Macbook (it should be mentioned in the same receipt). You can buy AppleCare+ by: 1) You can purchase AppleCare+ along with your new Mac. 2) The other thing you can do is buy it within 60 days of your Mac purchase by calling 000800 1009009. It is available for:

  • MacBook Mac mini
  • MacBook Air iMac
  • 13’’ MacBook Pro Mac Pro
  • 15” MacBook Pro iMac Pro
  • 16” MacBook Pro

Extension of Apple Laptop warranty

After knowing How To Check Apple Laptop Warranty, you must know about the extension of warranty. AppleCare+ for a Mac extends up to 3 years from the date of your AppleCare+ purchase. Also, it gives the user up to two incidents of damage protection (accidental) every 12 months. Any damage to screen or external enclosure damage will be charged a service fee of ₹8,900 and ₹25,900. After getting an idea of the warranty details of an Apple Laptop, you can now purchase AppleCare+ through the Support Profile page if you want. Read also: How To Check Dell Laptop Warranty Easily?

Additional Support provided by Apple

1) Apple Support phone number can be found here. Contact Apple Support 2) Get the Apple Support app

Here is the List of Apple Authorised Service Center in India


I sincerely hope that the above information helped you to know How To Check Apple Laptop Warranty and answered your questions or removed any queries regarding Apple warranty check in India.  

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