How To Share PPT From Laptop To Mobile Phone

How To Share PPT From Laptop To Mobile Phone
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Don't you know about "How To Share PPT From Laptop To Mobile Phone"? If not, then this blog is the right place for you. You can take help from this blog to learn how to do it. Sharing files from one device to another is one of the easy and basic activities in our daily lives, especially from laptops to mobile devices.

PPT files are also from them, which is the basic need to demonstrate our prepared data about something. Any file we urgently need to transfer from laptops to Mobile can be done in several ways in a few minutes.

These are the following ways through which you can easily share your PowerPoint presentation from your laptop to your mobile phone -:

1. With USB Cables

A USB cable is the best and easiest method to share PowerPoint files from your laptop to your Mobile device. For using a USB cable to share PPT to a smartphone, follow these simple vital steps:-

1. Open on your PC or laptop.

2. Connect your laptop with a USB wire.

3. Refresh the main page of your laptop or PC.

4. You will see the "Charging a device via USB" notification on your Android device.

5. Click to open the notification, and the file transfer option will be visible on your mobile device and laptop.

6. Select the PPT file you want to share on your laptop.

7. Start the process of sharing.

8. Mobile will receive the PPT file in some time.

Note -: USB-A and USB-C cables are suitable alternatives for better file transferring.

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So, This is how you can share any file or document using a USB cable from a laptop to a mobile phone.

2• With Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the best options for sharing PPT files and documents from your laptop to your mobile device.

Follow these steps to transfer-:

1. Turn on your laptop as well as your mobile phone.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth option on both devices and connect them.

3. select the PPT file from your Laptop folder you want to share after connecting both gadgets.

4. The option of " transfer file via Bluetooth" will be visible on your laptop.

5. Click this option to transfer the PPT file to your mobile phone.

Note-: You can't share large-sized PPT via Bluetooth. So, make sure that your file is within the correct compressed size.

3. With the use of Email

Gmail, Email, and messages are the fastest and easiest way to transfer files and documents from a laptop to a mobile device. d. ice. It allows you to share a PPT fiPDFor off of up to 25 Monto on your mobile device.

To share PPT with Email-:

•Log in with your Email I'd on your laptop

•Select the PPT file which you would like to share.

•Attach it with a mail and send it to your mobile device.

•Your mobile phone will receive the email message with that attached PPT file.

This is how you can easily share your file via Email.

4•With Wifi connection

Wifi is one of the common ways to share PPT files and any other type of file from one device to another at a high speed.

To share files via Wifi, follow these  steps -:

1. Open on your laptop or PC.

2. Turn on the Wifi on both devices.

3. Open www. google chrome. In site.

4. Search for file drop app

5. Install this file drop app on your laptop as well as on your Android smartphone.

6. Open the app and enter the QR code to connect both devices.

 7. Choose the PPT file you want to share.

8. Your PPT file will be transferred to your Mobile soon.

Note -: This method will be more power-consuming.

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5. Google Drive / Cloud  -

You can also use Google Drive to share or transfer a PPT file. The limit for sharing the file is more significant, with a space of 15 GB on the Google Cloud account.

To use Google Drive or the cloud, follow these steps-:

1. Create a Google Drive link on your laptop or PC.

2. Send that drive link to your mobile phone.

3. Upload the PPT file for transfer on your laptop.

4. Receive the PPT file from Google Drive on your mobile device.

You can use a Google Drive account to share or transfer files from one device to another.

Conclusion -

This blog is about how you can share a PPT file from your laptop to your mobile phone in the easiest way.

Write your questions in the comment box. If you have any doubts about this blog and topic, write them down in the comment section.

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