How To Print From Mobile To Hp Printer

How To Print From Mobile To Hp Printer
  • Jan 12th, 2024
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Printing from a Google Android Phone

Do you have a Google Android smartphone? Do you know about mobile phone print? Did you know you can print photographs and documents from your smartphone anywhere? All you need is an HP printer that is compatible. You can stay connected to your printer even if you're halfway around the world with HP mobile printing for Android. Let's go through how to print from mobile to HP printer.

What exactly is a mobile phone print?

The original home printers required you to connect your device to the printer through a wire. Thankfully, the days of troglodytes printing are long gone. You may now print wirelessly over the internet. There is, however, a distinction between wireless printing and mobile printing.

You use a wireless connection, such as wifi, when you print wirelessly.

Mobile printing refers to printing from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile printing is a little more complicated. How can your phone interact with your printer while not in the same room or connected to the same wifi network?

Most HP printers support mobile printing from your Android device. You can also do it from your iPhone, but that's a different story. Depending on the sort of printer you have and where you want to print from, there are two primary approaches for mobile phone print.

1. wifi technique- 

Here, you will learn how to print from an Android phone to an HP printer via wifi. Most HP printers can print from your Android mobile device if connected to the same wifi network. Using the shared network, your device may transmit printing tasks to your printer. Print from:

  • Samsung Galaxy smartphones over wifi.

  • Nexus devices from Google

How do you print wirelessly from a mobile device to an HP printer?

1. Join the same wifi network as your Android smartphone and printer.

2. On your Android smartphone, install the HP Print Service Plugin.

On your Android smartphone, go to this page and press the link to install the plugin. This will take you to the Google Play Store page for the HP Print Service Plugin. If you haven't already, install the HP Print Service Plugin by tapping the Install button.

3. To print, use the drop-down choices.

When you start the program on your smartphone, you'll see drop-down choices that allow you to Print, Share, or Export. To print, tap the printer icon. Printing applications for Android that are popular include:

Drive / Excel / Chrome / Adobe applications / Gmail / PowerPoint\sPolaris Office / Yahoo.

How to Use wifi Direct to print from Android mobile to HP printer

What if your printer and Android device cannot connect to wifi? Not a problem! Using wifi Direct, you may still print from your Android device. Wifi Direct is included in the majority of HP printers manufactured after 2014.

You may use wifi Direct to connect your device to your printer through a printer-based wireless connection. Below is the information about how you can print from Android to an HP printer :

1. Install the HP Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

2. Determine the wifi Direct printer's name. Every HP printer that supports wifi Direct has a distinct name and password. You will require these to connect your device.

For control panel-display printers:

  • Tap the wifi Direct icon or enter the wifi Direct settings menu to obtain the name and password.

  • To print a network summary page, including the name and password, go to the Reports menu and pick Network Summary or Network Configuration.

For printers that have buttons, apply the procedure that corresponds to your printer configuration:

  • To print the report, click the Information button.

  • Press and hold the wifi Direct button to print the report for 3 seconds.

  • To print the message, press the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously.

  • To print the information page, press the Resume/Cancel or Resume button for 2-3 seconds.

  • Press and keep the Resume/Cancel or Resume control to print the information page for 10 seconds.

3. To print, you can use the apps.

  • Tap the menu icon after opening the item you wish to print.

  • Then select Print.

4. Choose your printer.

  • To access the printer list, hit the Down Arrow on the print preview screen.

  • Choose your wifi Direct printer and input the password to connect your device.

  • Go to your printer to confirm your choice.

For control panel-display printers: Tap OK

Only for printers with buttons: Press the wifi Direct or Information button, depending on whether the button blinks. Wait for the connection to be established before printing.

5. Allow 5 to 10 seconds for the connection to finish.

  • Your smartphone will display the print preview screen when the connection is complete.

  • To print, select Print.

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How to Use HP ePrint from Your Phone

You may utilize Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct when close to your printer. But what if you're not there? Perhaps you're out of town or the nation, and you need to print a job document or an important document for your family. That's when HP ePrint comes in handy.

HP ePrint is a mobile printing function found on many HP printers. Compatible printers have a unique email address and will print any photographs or documents you email them from your Android device. Your Android smartphone must be connected to the internet, but it does not have to be on the same network as your printer.

You must first have a compatible HP printer to print from your Android mobile using HP ePrint.

Then take the following steps:

1. Locate the email address for your printer: First, locate your printer's email address and enable its web services.

For printers with touch-screen displays, Touch or push the HP ePrint button or symbol on the printer.

  • To enable Web Services, tap Setup and then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Tap Print or Print info - the printer email address will be shown on the control panel, and an info page containing the printer email address will print.

In the case of printers with text-based displays:

  • You can guide or direct to Web Services Setup, Ne, work Setup, or Wireless Settings on the printer.

  • Then, follow the on-screen steps to enable Web Services.

Note- If your printer lacks a touch screen or text-based display, you must print from your Android phone using the HP Smart app.

2. Print a paper or a photograph.

  • Open the photo or document you wish to print on your Android device.

  • Select the Action or Share icon.

  • To open a new email message, select the Email option.

  • In the To area, enter the email address of your printer.

  • Fill up the email subject line with a subject and hit Send.

  • Print out an email.

3. To print an email, go to:

  • Open the email that you wish to print.

  • Press the Forward button.

  • Fill the To area with your printer's email address and hit Send.

4. Print a website

  • Printing a webpage: Navigate to the webpage you wish to print.

  • Tap and hold the screen to select everything, then choose Copy. It should be noted that this includes all adverts and gadgets on the site page. 

  • If you want the text, be selective about what you highlight and copy.

  • Create a new blank document.

  • Hold the screen down, then hit Paste.

  • Save the file to your device. Attach the document to an email message, address it to your printer, and click Send.

How to Modify HP ePrint Settings

You may have observed that HP ePrint does not enable you to change your printing preferences. The default HP ePrint settings are as follows:

  • Normal print quality

  • Full-color printing

  • Email paper size: Letter or A4 (whichever you have loaded in your printer)

  • Image attachment paper size: 101.6 x 152.4 mm (4 x 6 inches)

  • The number of printouts is one.

  • Paper orientation: The same as the original document.

  • Printing on one side

However, some qualified HP printers will provide extra printing possibilities when you link your printer to HP Connected. HP Connected is an application that allows you to customize the print settings for web-connected printers. After you've added your printer, go to My Printers and modify the print settings.

Printing from your phone with the HP Smart software

HP Smart is an app you can install on your Android phone or tablet to simplify mobile printing.

To take advantage of HP Smart:

  • Download HP Smart from the Google Play Store onto your Android smartphone.

  • Ascertain that your Android smartphone and printers are linked to the same wireless network.

  • Open HP Smart by tapping the Printer symbol or Plus sign on the home screen.

  • Tap Advanced Settings on the My Printer screen.

  • Use Web Services.

  • To enable mobile printing, tap Setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Tap the Print Info Page to acquire your printer's email address for HP ePrint if you have a wireless printer with no touch screen or text-based display.

With HP Smart, you can print photographs from social media, the cloud, or your camera roll. You may use your camera to scan and distribute files via email or the cloud and purchase fresh printer ink.

NOTE:  Android Marshmallow (6.0) and Lollipop (5.0): Tap Settings, then search for and open HP Print Service before tapping On to enable the plugin. If you're running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later, the plugin will activate immediately after installation.

Which HP wireless printers are the best?

Do you need to print high-quality color documents for your company? Or maybe you want to publish your favorite high-resolution photographs from your Android camera roll. Consider one of our wireless HP InkJet printers if color printing is essential. These printers have one or more mobile printing options, such as wifi Direct and HP ePrint, and can generate stunning color photographs.

How to print the document from mobile to HP printer

You might want to use a laser printer to print long text documents from your Android device. Laser printers are quicker than inkjet printers and are designed to handle substantial print jobs.

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It's straightforward to print from a mobile device to an HP printer. We have provided many methods that you may use to print from an Android phone to an HP printer. I hope you had an informative session!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. If the plugin does not recognize a printer, you may manually add it. A printer can also be edited or removed from the plugin. Using the IP address, add a printer: Select All Printers. Add a printer, then select HP Print Service or HP Inc. Tap On a Wi-Fi Network, then enter the printer's name and IP address before tapping OK. Add a printer through Wi-Fi Direct: Make sure Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on your printer. Tap All printers Add a printer on your mobile device, and then tap HP Print Service or HP Inc. Touch Directly to the Printer, then choose the name of your printer that contains the word DIRECT, and then tap OK. Remove or edit a printer by tapping the Menu button in the HP Print Service Plugin, then Add printer manage printers. Press and hold the printer you wish to delete or edit, then tap Modify or Forget printer to remove it.

Yes, if your printer supports PCL3 or PCL5 printer languages, your phone supports USB On-the-Go (OTG), and the HP Printer Service Plugin is installed. Connect a USB OTG cable to the printer while it is turned on, and then confirm the connection on your mobile device.

Yes. You can print remotely to your printer using the HP Print Service Plugin if you have a printer that supports Print Anywhere and have activated Print Anywhere using the HP Smart app. In the printer list, supported printers have a Remote and a Cloud symbol in their description.

If it isn't already turned on, turn it on. Connect one side of a USB cable to the printer's USB port and the second side of the USB connection to the OTG cable's USB port. Attach the OTG cable's micro-USB connection to the micro-USB port on your Mobile phone.

Select Settings on your Smartphone. Select More > More networks > More settings, or NFC and sharing, followed by Print or Printing. Select More, then Samsung Print Service Plugin. Select Add printer.

Troubleshoot the network connection or HP account, depending on how you're attempting to print. If you see a notice saying "This printer isn't accessible right now," or if you can't add your printer during setup, go to HP Printers - 'Printer isn't available' issue (Android). If you receive a Can't connect to printer notice while printing remotely with Print Anywhere, launch the HP Smart app, sign out, and then sign back in.

The HP Print Service Plugin accepts a variety of file types. File formats supported by the Print menu include: Photos (JPEG, PNG), PDF, Microsoft Office documents, Text documents (TXT), Webpages (HTML) File formats supported by the Share menu include: Photos (JPEG, PNG), PDF
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