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Is your HP laptop popping up error messages, loading programs slowly, or suddenly shutting down without warning? While there could be numerous reasons, some are more serious than others. The most common red flags that give an indication repairing lead to HP laptop repair include The battery draining fast, the Laptop shutting down suddenly, a Blue screen of death in the HP laptop, Programs running slowly, overheating Laptop, Laptop’s fan making drastic noise, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity issues, Keyboard or keys becomes unresponsive, Display/screen is cracked or broken, Laptop attacked by virus or malware.

This issue needs immediate response, and it also makes you worried about searching for a good HP repair center in Kanpur or HP World Kanpur that you can trust and who can serve you cost-efficient repair service in Kanpur if your Laptop is not covered under a warranty or void warranty. At our HP repair center in Kanpur, we provide solutions for all your HP issues and specialized laptop service from trained NSS HP store Kanpur technicians. 

Besides all other issues mentioned above for your HP laptop, problems with the battery are the most common ones, and there are a few things we want you to be aware of if you are an HP laptop user; if your HP laptop won’t hold a charge, won’t charge fully, or won’t charge at all, you need a battery replacement. You can replace your battery from our HP Laptop service center in Kanpur; we only use genuine spare parts for replacement and repair at our HP store in Kanpur. It also provides a 30-day spare parts warranty. The battery lifespan for a laptop is around two to four years, although how you use and charge it will determine its lifespan. If it’s nearing the end of its life, your operating system may warn you with a red “X” over your battery icon in your tools tray. If not, you can use a third-party program to see what capacity your battery is left with.

HP Laptop Battery Repair – 

This repair is among the simplest for most laptops and only costs as much as a battery replacement.

HP Adapter Cable Repair – 

The battery won’t charge because your charging cord is not working. This is an easy replacement at the HP repair center in Kanpur.

HP Laptop charging port Repair –

If the indicator light of your HP laptop doesn’t turn on when you connect your charger to your Laptop, or it does but only when you hold the charger at a particular angle, you could also have a broken laptop charging port. Charging port repairs require an expert to open your Laptop and make the repairs internally. Still, it is usually a quick job for our HP repair center,r and we provide genuine parts at reasonable costs.


You can also visit our HP repair service center in Kanpur for a complete health checkup of your HP laptop; it does not necessarily mean you will always need a repair. We are always there to assist you. We have now made it easier for you by introducing the pick-and-drop-off option for your HP laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can extend your HP laptop warranty up to 2 years to pay Rs.3500 and cover all parts.

YES, HP provides home service, if your laptop or device is out-of-warranty, call us and get home service today or tomorrow at your convenient time in Kanpur.

Any software-related problems solve in between Rs. 1250 to Rs.3500. If any hardware parts or motherboard repairing charges start from Rs.2500 to Rs.6500 depending on issues.
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