How To Find The Best HP Laptop Motherboard Price In India

How To Find The Best HP Laptop Motherboard Price In India

With the growing demand for laptops with improved and updated features, which have become an essential part of our lives, it makes no sense without a motherboard, and it's useless, so the demand for motherboards is also growing. In the future, you will need to replace your old motherboard with a new one, so read the blog to find out HP Laptop Motherboard Price in India. 

Today, all the clerical work is done with them, from creating Word articles to creating PowerPoint presentations. Students and working elders need a personal laptop to take essential notes in lessons, projects, and PowerPoint presentations to get good remarks from teachers. We need to be more creative and engaging with visual effects, moving headline text, information students put into the project, and PowerPoint presentations so that readers don't lose interest and read to the end. There is. Laptops cannot handle this task alone. Motherboards should help with that, too. Look carefully at each word to find out the HP laptop Motherboard Price

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I also have experience in content writing, creative writing, IELTS training, PTE training, TEFL training, business corporate training, soft skill training, technical writing, medical writing, resume writing, and academic writing. Candidates need a laptop with updated and improved features to function professionally. Working at home is also becoming increasingly popular today, and people only work from the comfort of their homes with the help of laptops. This means you must treat your Laptop as carefully as a newborn and use upgraded and updated features. The same procedure applies to laptops. It also requires attention, feature updates, and upgrades to ensure everyone can work efficiently. Still, without a motherboard, laptop parts connect computer components in one place and communicate. It's a backbone that allows you to do it, so it's useless. 


In addition, this article provides readers with detailed information on the price of the motherboard of an HP laptop. Don't skip the pieces in between; otherwise, you may miss the necessary details on the HP laptop motherboard price list, HP laptop motherboard price with i3 processor, HP laptop motherboard price with i5 processor, HP Pavilion laptop motherboard price, and HP Pavilion g4 laptop motherboard price in India.

What is the definition of a motherboard?

Many purchase a laptop or desktop computer without paying attention to the motherboard. However, whether you want to improve your PC or construct one from the ground up, understanding the ins and outs of this crucial component is a must.

What part of your computer do you think a motherboard plays? What is the price of the motherboard of the HP laptop?

One of the most crucial components of your computer is the motherboard. Almost every other component connects to this circuit board, from RAM sticks to your wireless internet adapter.

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Your motherboard must be of good quality because it is meant to combine all of the components. This does not always imply pricey, as they are frequently on sale. The motherboard plays a critical function, and if you're experiencing lag, delay, or computational difficulties, it's possible that a deteriorating motherboard is to blame. So whenever you buy a laptop, pay attention to the motherboard HP laptop price; after some years, it will start troubling you, and you will need to replace it, so it is better to pay heed to the HP Laptop's motherboard price.

What is the function of a motherboard?

The official motherboard definition is that it's a computer's leading printed circuit board, which means it's the main piece of circuitry into which all other components plug to form a unified whole.

It serves as the computer's backbone, connecting all its components and allowing them to interact. Without it, none of the system's components would be able to interact with one another, including the CPU, GPU and hard drive. For a system to function correctly, the motherboard must be fully functioning. If your motherboard does not work correctly, you're in for a lot of trouble.

Parts found on most motherboards

While you don't need to see the motherboard frequently, knowing the ins and outs of this critical piece of hardware is a good idea. The motherboard will resemble a flat piece of cardboard or plastic with several metal patterns and wires attached to and around it.

Power and data ports, capacitors, heat sinks, and fans are all components of a motherboard. Screw holes may also be seen, which are used to install additional parts or anchor them into a gadget. Look for expansion slots that may be there so that you may bring on more components later.

Motherboard components are the parts that plug into it, either via cables or directly. These are some of them:

  • Optical drives, such as DVD and CD-ROM
  • Video cards and GPUs
  • Sound cards
  • Hard drives (SSD or HDD)
  • Processors (CPU)
  • Memory sticks (RAM)

In other words, if a computer uses it, it's probably linked to the motherboard to coordinate duties with other computer components. Nothing works properly without the motherboard, so you need to replace it after some years to stay updated. Read this blog to learn about the latest motherboard prices for HP laptops.

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What is the best way to know whether my motherboard is dead?

Motherboards, like all other electronic devices, ultimately perish or become useless. The following are some of the indications of a failing motherboard:

  • Failures or a prolonged time for peripherals to start
  • Unexpectedly, the Laptop shuts off.
  • The computer will not power on.
  • Your computer is emitting a burning or chemical odor.

What to Look for When Buying a Motherboard?

Aside from that, invest in a respected brand and model, such as the HP 15-AY and HP Omen 17. G38d Dag38dmbcc0 Whatever motherboard you select, make sure it fits the following requirements:

  • Your components are compatible with the slot type.
  • For your continued computing demands, the number of expansion slots is sufficient.
  • The motherboard's size is compatible with your desktop computer.

Of course, the cost is a consideration. There are premium and budget motherboard versions within each category. To know more about HP laptop motherboard prices, read the article discreetly. You may pick inside each area to discover how much you'll need to spend based on what you'll use your computer for and how many hours a day you'll use it.

Slots Calculation

On a current motherboard, how many slots are required? Knowing this ahead of time can assist you in purchasing the correct product. Motherboards are divided into three categories of sizes and plug/slot allocations. They range from ATX (the most common) to Mini-ITX (the smallest) (the fewest).

At the very least, you'll require spaces for:

  • USB ports include the older USB 2 as well as the newer USB 3/USB 3.1 and USB Type-C HDMI and DisplayPort Video
  • Audio
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Graphics card
  • Hard drive (solid-state or HDD)
  • SATA drives port
  • WiFi card
  • Ethernet ports
  • Bluetooth adapter port

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Motherboard's Price

Motherboard prices vary widely, depending on the amount and type of slots and how you want to utilize them. Getting one for around $100 is easy, and the brand often determines the price for identical functionality. Further, you will find the cost of the HP laptop motherboard.

Although you may spend hundreds of dollars on a motherboard, the average user will not require the highest-end equipment built for enterprise-level computing or a professional gaming PC.

Going with a known brand is brilliant if you're building your first computer and need their assistance. Going with a lesser-known brand will save you money if you are confident in your troubleshooting abilities.

If you're on a budget, utilize the port calculations we discussed to determine what you'll need from a motherboard. You'll discover various items that meet your needs, varying prices depending on extra features.

While it may be tempting to get the cheapest model, avoid doing so because it may be insufficient for your needs in a few months or even a year. If you anticipate needing to add more RAM, for example, don't try to save money by purchasing a motherboard that doesn't allow for extension. You'll have to pay to change the complete motherboard, which is far more expensive than buying the more flexible option immediately.

A month ago, two friends of mine came to me with their devices, and as they worked smoothly, they bot. They HP devices. I checked their devices and advised them to replace their motherboards. One is a content writer, and another is an English trainer who takes classes online, so you can all imagine how vital their devices are to them. So they asked me, "What is the HP i3 laptop motherboard price?" another asked, "What is the price of a laptop motherboard with an i7 processor?" So, I made the price list of all HP motherboards. Here is the HP laptop motherboard price list. Search the HP laptop motherboard according to your device's processor.

List of HP motherboard prices 

Product Name

Product Number

Product Price

HP15-da La-g07gp L35242-601Mx130 4gb Core I5-8265u



15 AY i3 HP 

HP omen 17. G38d Dag38dmbcc0 

15 AY

 Hp omen 17



HPE ProLiant DL380 G10 server 875073-001




Hp 240 G3 14-R LA-A995p 

Hp 240 G3 14-R LA-A995p Motherboard i5

Price- Rs. 7,000


Hp 630 

Hp 630/430CQ43


Hp Pavilion G-4 1000 R12 636370-001 

Hp Pavilion G-4 1000 R12


HP Z210 MT Workstation Motherboard  615943-001 614491-002

HP Z210 MT Workstation



HP 630/430 CQ43

HP 630/430 CQ43


HP 600 G1 Sff

HP 600 G1 Sff


HP Mini 210 Laptop Intel Motherboard 630966-001

Hp 6200

Mini 210




Mini-ITX-D525 Industrial Motherboard

ITX-M58_D56L VER:1.1


HP Compaq CQ510 610

CQ510 610


G42 G62 I3-350M DAAX1JMB8C0

hpG4 G62 I3-350M


HP 6530/6730B

HP 6530/6730B


Hp 15-ay

Hp 15-ay


Hp 576202-001 Z800 system Board 591182-001, 461437-001, 460838-003



Hp 2135 Formatter board Hp 2135 Logic Card Hp 2135 Mainboard

Hp 2135


HP 15-AY series 15-AY018NA



Hp DV7 DV7-4000 series



OEM HP 6200 PRO-SFF Desktop LGA 1155 Motherboard 614036-011



Intel i5 HP ProBook 640 G1 



HP 840 G5 Motherboard 6050a29455601-Mb-A01



HP Compaq nx5000



HP G6 2000 



HPE Proliant DL380 G10 Server 875073-001

HP 14-D 14-A002TX 240 G2 Series 747263-501


HP 14-D 14-A002TX 240



HP LA-E801P Laptop Motherboard

15AB LA-E801P HP


HP  15AB X12A Motherboard

 15AB X12A HP


HP D1360 G7 Laptop Motherboard



HP 242 G1 Motherboard



HP 640 G2 Motherboard



Note- Rates are subject to change based on the choices of the relevant firm, and prices may fluctuate based on availability and market fluctuations.


All of your problems have now been resolved. After reading this online post, you will know how to find the price of a motherhood HP laptop. I have mentioned all the costs of motherboards of Hp such as the HP mini laptop motherboard HPD price, the HP 431 laptop motherboard price, the HP 430 laptop motherboard price, the HP laptop 630 motherboard price, the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop HP Pavilion price, the HP Corei5 laptop mother Corei5ce, and hp g62 laptop motherboard price. Call the NSS Laptop Service Center if you're having trouble selecting which center location you need to visit to get a motherboard for your HP Laptop Series.

Here is the List of HP Authorised Service Centers in India-

Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair | Computer Repair | Printer Repair

Hp g4 laptop motherboard costs between Rs. 5,000 to 7,500. Don’t think too much whenever it comes to the productivity of your system. If it needs replacement of the motherboard then go ahead and give a long life span to your device.

Your data can be recovered using either a "chip-off" recovery procedure or by fixing your device. The first needs a micro-soldering fix, while the second entails removing the NAND memory IC and recovering the data straight from the chip using specialist equipment and software.

The following are the most typical causes of motherboard failure: battery aging. The CMOS battery, which stores configuration data, only lasts around five to six years before it has to be changed.

Overheating is the most prevalent cause of motherboard failure, although it is not the only one. Electrical spikes and power surges, as well as partly connected or wrongly connected cables, inadequately seated components, and electrical spikes and power surges, are other motherboard-killing causes. However, you can easily defend yourself against all of them just by being careful with your device.

The computer may begin to boot but suddenly stops. Increased Windows issues, sometimes known as "blue screens of death," are signs that your motherboard is malfunctioning. The computer may freeze for no apparent reason, or linked gadgets that previously worked may stop working. It may begin to boot but then stops.

The lifespan of a motherboard should be between 10 and 20 years. Not all computers can endure more than 20 years, but I've seen ones that have lasted for 40 years or longer. It all depends on how you use your computer and the humidity level in the area where your motherboard is installed.

The cost of the Hp 246 government laptop motherboard is Rs. 2,849. If your laptop has started malfunctioning and you are unable to work, it is a good idea to replace the motherboard of your device. After replacing the motherboard all the parts of your device will be more productive.

One of the most crucial components of your computer is the motherboard. Almost every other component, from RAM sticks to your wireless internet adapter, connects to this circuit board.

The price of the Hp pavilion g6 laptop motherboard is Rs. 4,500. The price of the motherboard depends on the model of the device and RAM so it’s good to go to your nearest center and t5ake advice regarding the motherboard of your device. Whenever you want to replace the motherboard of your device

Your data is unaffected by changing the motherboard. The hard disc will hold everything. So, if you replace the motherboard and it's not the same as the present one, you'll have to reinstall Windows (you can choose the upgrade option when booting on Windows DVD so that the files will not be deleted).
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