How to uninstall apps in your laptop

How to uninstall apps in your laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
  • Computer
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1.  Windows settings:

The simplest method to use is the Windows operating system itself, follow the basic steps:-

  • Open the Start menu.

  • The second step is, that we will be able to uninstall the program by finding them or searching for them, then right-click on the program and then click uninstall.

  • The alternative is to proceed to settings. Click Apps in the Windows settings section.

  • Select the app you want to uninstall from the list, (1), or find an app by using search (2), Then click the uninstall button (3), if it is grey then it's impossible to uninstall it.

  • Click the Uninstall pop-up button to confirm.


2. Uninstall Program Using Control Panel:

The second method of uninstalling apps on Windows is via the control panel.

  • Press windows+R then type Control Panel in the search box and select it from the results.

  • Select programs, then select programs and features.

  • Then right-click a program you want to remove, and click on the uninstall option. Then follow the instructions on the screen.


3. CMD:

The third way to uninstall a program on Windows is the command prompt(cmd). In short, CMD is the commander, which can be used for fixing different system issues, including program uninstallation. At the same time, it requires a profound knowledge of Windows OS.                                                                                    

  • Enter CMD (or Command Prompt) in the search bar (1) and select the appropriate item from the list (2), Then right-click on the CMD icon and choose the Run as Administrator option.

  • On the CMD display type wmic and press Enter. You will get to wmic:root\cli> line.

  • On the active string, type “product get the name” and then press Enter. Wait a few seconds and you will see a list of all installed programs with the Windows installer.

  • Type the text on active string: a product where name=” your program” call uninstall, then press Enter.

  • Type Y to confirm and press Enter to start the uninstallation.


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4. PowerShell:

Now, let’s proceed to how to uninstall pre-installed apps using the PowerShell utility. Here are some apps for example (photos, OneNote, Xbox, Music, etc.) that cannot be able to uninstalled through simple methods. 

Although, a solution is the PowerShell utility. To free up memory space on the PC.

  • Type PowerShell in the search bar and choose it from the result(1), Right-click the icon and select Run as Administrator (2), or find it in the right-side menu.

  • Use the Get-AppxPackage| Select Name, PackageFullName command, and Enter.

  • Copy the PackageFullName value of the program, and run the command: Get-AppxPackage” PackageFullName” | Remove-AppxPackage (replace the PackageFullName with the copied information).

If you want to uninstall the app for all users, then add -all user parameters, like so:

Get-AppxPackage -all users PackageFullName | Remove-AppxPackage 


We hope this will be helpful in case you wish to uninstall apps on Windows devices. These methods will help you and make you more aware of how things work.

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