As technology explains, a motherboard of a computer acts as a support system to it, which helps to combine all the components of the computer and enables them to communicate with each other or to connect with each other. This connection is summed at one point, in other words, the motherboard knots the components of the computer in one place.

Without the help of a motherboard, the computer components such as CPU and Hard drive would not be able to interact and function at the same time.

Alternatively, we can say that the computer functions with the support of the motherboard.

 Its configuration is having a circuit that is printed having connectors for circuit boards to connect with it via some slots.

Now is the time to know about:

What is the AAFP socket on the motherboard?

Firstly, we have to discuss the real meaning and full form of the AAFP socket which is the ‘’Analog audio front panel’’. It falls under the hardware category of computers and emerges in different sizes and shapes.

Along with its size, there is a factor that covers the topic of a variety of sockets and connectors and one of them is the AAFP socket.

One of the major and vital examples of an AAFP motherboard is a case of PC that comes with a headphone having a jack that ends in a cable having a connector with 10-pin.

AAFP socket on motherboard helps to get the highest level of the audio quality of the system. The connector must be connected to an HD component related to the audio system.

The year in which the socket is introduced does not matter much but the number of pins takes the accountability for its better performance. In addition, if the socket is compatible with the CPU does not mean every socket of the same generation is suitable for every CPU.