Dell is one of the most demanded laptops with good demand in the market. Dell releases the latest versions during frequent intervals to assure the best experience of using a laptop for its users. But, just like any other brands, Dell laptops also carry some common problems and are reported by the users in various online platforms and forums. Some problems are easy to solve by the users, and others need professional repair and replacement services to fix it. Here are some of the common problems with Dell laptops.

Dell Laptop Not Turning On:

"My Dell laptop not turning on. Help!” This is the common question asked by Dell users on social forums. There are two cases of laptop not turning on. The power indicator stays on for a few seconds and then lap shuts off. Another case is that the system does not even boot up whatsoever. The cause for this issue includes battery is not charged, bad power adapter, bad or malfunctioning battery, and bad display. If the problems are because of battery or adopter, it can be replaced. If it is related to bad display, then it is good to get the service by reputed Authorized dell service centres in Mumbai.

Improper Working Of Screen:

The symptom for this problem includes flickers, completely black display, and difficulty to read. Some of the important causes of this problem include backlight is off, broken backlight, bad display, and more. Flickering can be because of the loose connection of the cable connecting motherboard and display. Issues with graphic chipset can also affect the working of the screen. Now there are Dell repairing experts to provide doorstep service to fix these problems within a short time.

Unresponsive Trackpad 

This is one of the common Dell laptop problems that makes the users feel irritated. 'Why does the trackpad not responding to my touch properly' is a common question asked by most of the users who experience touch problems with their laptops. If it is disabled accidentally, go to 'Device Manager' and enable it. Accumulation of dirt or contaminants is another cause of an unresponsive trackpad. Cleaning the pad with ammonia-based cleaner can solve this issue. If the problem has not been solved, get professional service to make the trackpad responsive.


Just like several other brands, overheating is also one of the common problems of Dell laptops. Overheating is one of the laptop problems that makes the users feel frustrated. This occurs because of blocking of ventilation, blocking of the air vent, or failure of fan or heat sink.

CD Disk Tray Malfunctioning 

Sometimes the push on the external drive button does not eject the drive from the Dell laptop. This is another common problem faced by users. This may be because of the interference of software with the usual laptop operations. This can also happen because BIOS is not configured and due to driving firmware.

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