How To Disable Secure Boot Acer

How To Disable Secure Boot Acer
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Disclaimer- in this blog, you can understand why we need to turn off secure boot in Acer and how you can disable secure boot in Acer laptops. I'll tell you how to turn off the secure boot properly. If you have a question about turning off secure boot in an Acer laptop, read the full blog until the end without skipping any parts. 

If you have an Acer laptop or Acer desktop, these steps should be followed to disable Secure Boot on Acer laptops. If you want to install a Linux operating system on your Acer laptop, you must first turn off secure boot for some distributions. Otherwise, the Secure Boot feature will block the installation due to not recognizing the boot-time software. This applies to any other software that runs at boot time, like firmware drives and EFI applications. It is straightforward to turn off secure boot in Acer laptops. Let's see how;

How Do I Disable Secure Boot in Acer Laptop

To properly disable the Secure Boot in Acer laptops, follow these steps;

Step 1: Boot into UEFI Firmware Settings

Secure Boot settings are only available via the UEFI screen. So, the first thing to do is boot into the UEFI firmware screen. See how

  1. Press "Windows Key + I" to open the "Settings" app in Windows 10.

  2. Go to the "Update & Security → Recovery" page.

  3. Under the Advanced Startup section, click on the "Restart Now" button.

  4. After reboot, click on the "Troubleshoot" option.

  5. Select "Advanced Options ".

  6. Click on the "UEFI Firmware Settings" option.

  7. Now, click on the "Restart" button to reboot again.

  8. The system will reboot into the UEFI firmware screen when you click the restart button.

Imp: If you cannot boot into the UEFI screen with the above steps, repeatedly press F2 or DEL keys on the keyboard as soon as you turn on the laptop.

Step 2: Set UEFI Supervisor Password

You must set the supervisor's password before turning off the Secure Boot feature.

  1. On the UEFI screen, press the "Left Arrow" key (→) to go to the "Security" tab.

  2. Here, use the up & down arrow keys to select the "Set Supervisor Password" option and press "Enter ".

  3. Type a new password in both fields and press "Enter" to confirm it.

  4. Step 3: Disable Secure Boot from the Security Tab

Now that you have set up the supervisor password, this is the final step you should follow to turn off the secure boot on your Acer laptop.

  1. In the UEFI firmware screen, go to the "Boot" tab.

  2. Select the "Secure Boot" option and press "Enter ".

  3. Now, select "Disabled" and press Enter.

  4. To save changes, press the "F10" key on your keyboard.

  5. Select "Yes" and press "Enter ".

Your laptop will reboot immediately.

That is it. You've turned off the secure boot in the Acer laptop. Now, you can install any operating system or unsigned drives. After turning off the security feature, be careful what you try to run at the boot time.

To enable the secure boot feature, follow the same steps by selecting "Enabled" in the Secure Boot options.

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Most modern desktops and laptops nowadays come with Secure Boot enabled. The Secure Boot feature is a practical security feature that only allows OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) trusted boot-time software. When you switch on your laptop, Secure Boot will check every software that runs at boot time. This includes firmware drivers, operating systems, EFI applications, etc. If the software doesn't pass all the tests, it will be considered untrustworthy and blocked from running. As you can guess, this is an effective countermeasure for viruses and malware that run at boot time.

However, there might be situations where you are trying to run legitimate software, but Secure Boot is blocking it. For example, you cannot install some Linux distributions when the Secure Boot is enabled. In those cases, you must turn off the secure boot feature by following the steps above.

That's all. I hope that helps you. If you are stuck or need help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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