How To Connect HP Deskjet Printer To WIFI

How To Connect HP Deskjet Printer To WIFI
  • Sep 1st, 2023
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How To Connect HP Deskjet Printer To Wifi

In recent times, it's no surprise that technology has helped to change our lives. The portable HP Deskjet printer is one such technology that has changed the way we deal with our everyday print jobs. Nowadays, there are no limits on the printing options available to us. Need a small size copy? There it is! Repetitive work consists of sending and receiving text messages? No problem! New technology has made your HP printer smarter than ever, enabling quick and easy printing. Moving forward, you can print anything from anywhere at any time. Additionally, documents can now be printed immediately from mobile devices. Are you attempting to connect your HP printer to WiFi? For a joyful, straightforward printing trip, start here. 

Method 1: HP Auto Wireless Connect:

You may automatically connect your printer to your wireless network with HP Auto Wireless Connect. You don't have to enter your wireless network settings, such as your network name or password, or connect any cables.

You must first install the printer's software before using this option.

Visit the HP Support page and input your printer model to get the software. To install the driver on your computer, download it by your Operating System and then follow the on-screen instructions. 

Start the software and turn on your printer. 

Select Wireless when asked whether you want to connect via Ethernet or wireless, and then click the button that reads "Send my wireless settings to the printer" (recommended).

Hold off till your printer connects. This could take a while. Simply click Finish when it's finished. Your HP printer is now prepared to print a document.


Method 2: Wireless Setup Wizard:

The Wireless Setup Wizard on your printer's control panel allows you to connect your HP printer to WiFi. Only the HP printer with a graphical display may use this technique.

  • Turn on the printer. 

  • Unplug your printer's Ethernet and USB wires.

  • Tap the wifi icon on your printer's control panel or navigate to the Network menu. 

  • After choosing Wireless Settings, choose Wireless Setup Wizard.

  • Click OK after locating your network and entering the WEP or WPA key.


Method 3: WPS Push Button Connect: 

You may quickly connect your printer to WiFi with only a few pushes on your printer and router if your router and HP printer both support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push-button mode.

Step 1: Press your printer's WPS button. 

If your printer doesn't have a physical push button, you can start the WPS push button mode by going to the control panel. Click Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the Wireless menu. To finish the setup, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. Choose WPS Button as your option. The WPS button on your router will then need to be pressed. 

Step 2: Within two minutes, click your router's WPS push button.


Method 4: Connect your HP Printer without a router:

You may complete your print job without an Internet connection. You may print documents straight from your cell phones, tablets, or computers with Wi-Fi DirectTM and HP Wireless Direct. All you have to do is join the printer's HP WiFi network on your device like you would any other wireless network.

Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct?: 

Step 1: From the printer's control panel, activate Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct. Touch the HP Wireless Direct icon on the printer control panel or select Wireless Direct from the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu to activate the connection.

Step 2: Follow the same steps you would for connecting to any other wireless network on your computer or mobile device to Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct.

Step 3: If you're utilizing Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct for security, you'll be asked for a WPA2 password.

Step 4: Click File> Print after opening a document or photo on your PC or mobile device.

You only need to select Print from an app's menu on a mobile device. Install the most recent version of the HP Printer Service Plugin program if the app does not allow printing. 

Bonus Tip: 

Update your HP printer driver as a first step if your HP printer experiences a connectivity issue or other frequent printing problems, such as not printing. Drivers maintain the right communication between your computer and printer by acting as a translator. As a result, problems may arise if the driver is obsolete or corrupt. 


If your HP printer stops responding to your computer, does not print or doesn't seem to be functioning as it should, you may need to update the driver for the device. The changes in PC hardware – or new hardware – sometimes causes issues with drivers and software. This can be an area of concern for businesses that have to share resources between multiple computers and printers. To make sure everything is working properly, it's important to keep up on the latest updates regarding all devices used by your company's computer network and workplace.

Option 1 – Manually update your printer driver:

To update your driver, you can go to HP Support for Software & Driver Download to get the latest and correct driver and install it manually.

Option 2 – Automatically update your printer driver:

Driver Easy - can update your video and monitor drivers automatically if you lack the time, patience, or technical know-how to do so manually. Your system will be instantly recognized by Driver Easy, which will then locate the proper drivers for your specific HP wireless printer.

Step 1: Download and setup Driver Easy is the first step.

Step 2: Launch Driver Easy and choose the Scan Now option. Driver Easy will then do a check of your computer to identify any malfunctioning drivers.

Step 3: To automatically download the correct version of the HP printer driver, click the Update button next to it. You can then manually install it (you can do this with the FREE version).

Alternatively, you can click Update All to have all of your system's outdated or missing drivers automatically downloaded and installed.

Step 4: After upgrading the drivers, you need to restart your computer to make the changes effective.

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There you have it, then! The most popular methods for connecting your HP Deskjet printer to a WiFi network and printing the files you need wirelessly and remotely have been described in detail, step by step. We hope that we have allayed your concerns on how to connect an HP printer to WiFi. The procedures change depending on the sort of device you use and the network or router you are using.

As a result, there isn't a single approach that works in every situation. Knowing your setup and selecting the best connecting procedures for your HP printer is crucial. You may always refer to your HP printer's user manual or the online HP Wireless assistance if you want more details or clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Install and download the HP Smart App. You can set up and connect an HP printer to WiFi, exchange files, and print from a computer or mobile device using the HP Smart app. Make sure your printer is set up for WiFi. Your HP printer will automatically enter WiFi setup mode the first time you switch it on. Sign in to WiFi.

Get the HP Smart app on the HP website. Ensure that the wireless network your printer is linked to is the same one your Android device is using. From, download and install HP Smart. To connect your printer, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Using the HP Smart app is the simplest method to connect a current HP printer to WiFi. To accomplish this, you'll need: The same wireless network that you wish to connect your printer to has at least one Windows 10 computer connected to it. Install and download the HP Smart App. Make sure your printer is set up for WiFi. Sign in to WiFi.

Position the printer close to the WiFi router. Select Wireless Setup Wizard from the Setup, Network, or Wireless settings menu after opening it. To finish the connection, first choose the name of your network and then input the password.

Before turning on the printer, be sure that the main tray is full with paper. Select Network setup or Settings, then select Restore Network Settings from the Wireless or Setup menu. Obtain the password and network name. For further details, see Connect an HP printer wirelessly: Find the PIN or password.

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