How To Check Toshiba Laptop Warranty In 2022

How To Check Toshiba Laptop Warranty In 2022
  • Jan 11th, 2024
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It is common for laptop manufacturers to provide you with a warranty card, which details the specifics of your warranty and how long it will last. In addition, you may look up your warranty card on the manufacturer's website by providing your serial number. We have examined all major brands in this guide, so you can scroll through the table to check your warranty status.

Check the status of your computer and Laptop's warranty

There are several manufacturers of Windows computers, and each has another method for determining the warranty status. A list of all the major brands is provided to assist you in checking the quality of their warranties.


Find out if your warranty covers the repairs you need

This universal adapter can be used for computers, televisions, or tablets. You can enter your serial number and model number to look up the terms, status, and repair options of your standard limited warranty, Toshiba services warranty extension, or upgrade your security.

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Don't you have warranty coverage? Don't worry - We're here to help!

We would like to hear from you if you face any of the issues above. In that case, we recommend not visiting the Toshiba Service Center under warranty. The respective OEM does not cover most of our warranty cases, does not answer our questions, and takes longer to fix them. Walking into our Computer Repair Store is much better than waiting thirty days to be selected and paying half the official service center charges you.

The laptop warranty does not cover the following items:

Damage to a computer, physical injury, internal damage to a computer

Several dots on the laptop screen due to a broken screen

The keyboards do not work correctly, and some keys are missing

When opening a case with a broken hinge or damaged cover, the following steps are required:

If you try to open the Laptop yourself, your warranty will be voided. Don't break the OEM seal.

A warranty may be null and void if any internal components are tampered with, removed, or upgraded without the consent of the OEM.

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Data files, photos, videos, system software, and other third-party software are lost due to this event.

The user may install any software on their computer

There is also the possibility of theft, damage, and breakage of the laptops (an insurance policy covers such damages).

Water spilled on a laptop, coffee splattered on a computer, and laptop liquid was damaged.

Several items could be damaged: a charger, cable, charger pin, charging port, and DC jack.

Burning, short-circuiting, and electrical problems

Does the laptop warranty last for a long time?

As a rule, laptops usually come with a one-year warranty. Manufacturers, however, may decide to extend this period in some instances. To find out more about your warranty period, contact your retailer. You can also check the guide mentioned earlier if you have been using your product for a long time but are unaware of your warranty status.

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As a result of the above steps, you will check whether a hardware warranty covers the Laptop. A contract is an essential consideration because you can have your Laptop repaired for free in case of a hardware issue. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

FAQ Related to Toshiba laptop warranty check

How do I claim my Toshiba warranty?

How to Contact Toshiba for a Warranty Claim over the Phone

Please call 1-877-689-4899 if you have any questions.

Please let the Toshiba customer service rep know if you want to claim a warranty.

Please tell us what you think is wrong with the product.

You should give them the information about the purchase you made.

Any further instructions will need to be followed.

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How extended is Toshiba's warranty?

Toshiba TV products (in the future referred to as "TV Products") first sold to an end-user are assured to be free from defects in materials and artistry for the duration of the warranty period, which is generally twelve (12) months (Warranty Period), provided that any claim under this Limited Warranty must be applied for within that period, as stated above. 

How do I contact Toshiba support?

Please feel free to contact us.

Providing support to our customers is our priority. Call 1-855-GO TOSHIBA—dial 800-468-6744a.

Consider becoming a dealer...

If you are a Toshiba laptop user searching for an Authorised Laptop Service Center near your location, you are in the right place. Here We are sharing the list of Toshiba Authorised Service Centers in India:-

Toshiba Authorised Service Center in Delhi

Toshiba Authorised Service Center in Mumbai

Toshiba Authorised Service Center in Kolkata

Toshiba Authorised Service Center in Vadodara

Toshiba Authorised Service Center in Ahmedabad

Frequently Asked Questions

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In case the laptop is relatively new (purchased less than a year ago), you can fall back on the brand warranty to get the laptop repaired. Brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple provide standard limited warranties with their laptops that take care of any damage to the device, as a result of manufacturing defects.

Chat with us or call Best Buy at 1-888-237-8289 and we'll help you locate the information online.

Check Warranty. Enter, scan or copy/paste serial numbers in the box below to check current warranty info.

Every Laptop manufacturer gives you a warranty card, in which, the details about your warranty and for how long it will last will be written. You can also go to the manufacturer's website and with your serial number find out your warranty card.

A manufacturer's original warranty is typically three years, but business computers are usually replaced every five years. For that reason, businesses are usually allowed to renew their hardware warranty to cover all five years.

Laptops: 1-year warranty for repair of defective parts or entire systems. The company also offers two years of warranty coverage for replacement of defective parts that does not include system-wide issues. Tablets: 1-year limited warranty for repairs or replacement of parts.
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