Why Does My Laptop Shut Down Automatically

Why Does My Laptop Shut Down Automatically
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Sometimes, when you work on a laptop or PC, you may notice that it turns off randomly. This is disturbing as well as a worrying factor about you. Right? A sudden shutdown of the laptop affects its function. Think if you are doing critical work on the computer, like creating an essential folder with documents, making a presentation, data entry, tending a vital conference video call, or hosting that conference call, and suddenly your laptop shuts down. So, how would you feel? It feels like frustration, concern, and distress. Right? So, we are here with this blog to help you to overcome this frustration, anxiety, and pain. But before you learn how to deal with it, you must know the reasons behind this problem. Why is your laptop getting shut down randomly?

So, there might be many reasons that your laptop is getting shut down randomly -:

1. Overheating

Overheating is the first and foremost reason your laptop is getting shut down. Running functions, applications, apps, and software on the laptop for long hours produces extra heat, and your computer stops working and switches off randomly.

Especially when gaming and video processing, laptops become internally hot and shut off.

To overcome this problem, you need to follow these steps-:

-To overcome this overheating problem, stop using your laptop for long hours. Stop playing more power-consuming games and applications on laptops.

-You can also install some cooling system apps, booster apps, and anti-overheating apps on your laptop to resolve this problem.

- you can switch off or reboot your system to avoid overheating problems.

2. Dusted Fan

If your laptop fan got dirty by the particles of dust, your laptop faced random shutdown issues. A  fan is a source of better functioning of a computer without overheating. That's why it's necessary to look after your laptop fan.

To overcome this problem, you need to follow this step-:

Remove all the dust particles from the fan and cle for a better result and avoid the issue of the sudden shutdown of a laptop or PC.

3. Virus attacks

A virus attack is one of the most likely reasons for a random shutdown. Sometimes, a hidden virus arrives with some installed apps, software, and applications, which causes damage to the laptop's functioning system and leads to a random shutdown.

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To overcome this problem, you need to follow this step -

Install or download antivirus software and applications on your devices, such as Malwarebytes, an Antivirus kit, etc., to overcome the virus attack and handle the random switch-off.

4. Crashing of sites and windows

One of the reasons for the random shutdown of the laptop is the crash of the site and window page. When you have to open a site or window page, an error comes; you reload the site or courier, and nothing works, leading to a random shutdown.

To overcome this problem, you need to follow this step -

To avoid this problem, don't reload the site again and again. The area or window takes some time to reopen; either exit from the page or switch off the laptop for a while.

5. Non-updated system

One of the reasons for the random shutdown of the laptop or PC is the update of the laptop system. Your laptop system demands updates from time to time. If you are ignorant, your computer gets shut down randomly.

To overcome this problem, you need to follow this step-:

Update your system and application occasionally to avoid this random shutdown issue.

6. Some other reasons for the random shutdown of your laptop could be hardware failure, CPU overclocking, defective charging cycle, and lack of deep cleaning in the computer.

If you cannot handle the problem of suddenly switching off the laptop and care cannot resolve this problem by following the method mentioned above, then carry our computer to the laptop service center for deep cleaning. Without good maintenance, a computer can't perform better.


This blog concludes with the reasons for and methods used to overcome the problem of random shutdowns in a laptop or PC. There are several reasons behind the unexpected shutdown of laptops or PCs, such as overheating, dusted fans, hardware failure, viruses attacks, updates, CPU overclocking, service provided, etc. But you can deal with everything independently using the abovementioned method. This page is for more updates. Write down your queries related to this post in the comment section.

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