How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty

How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty
  • Sep 4th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty? (Best Guide 2022)

Nowadays we all have laptops and we all need them more than ever. In these times where everything from schools to colleges, tuitions to coaching and meetings to reunions are getting digital, imagine how would you feel if during an online class or a presentation or playing game, your laptop slows down, heats up or stops working at all!! Well, life doesn’t stop for broken tech. So, take the guessing, waiting and stress out of dealing with tech breakdowns because here we are, your “personal tech experts”. Lenovo laptops have always been the best choice for people whether they need a gaming device, a device with a super saver battery or a device with great graphics. Along with such awesome specifications, Lenovo laptops also provide devices with reliable lenovo manufacturer warranty. Before purchasing a new device there are always a few questions in mind about the laptop and the service provided by the company including what features the laptop has, what is the lenovo laptops warranty, and how to claim warranty for lenovo laptop in case of lenovo warranty void. Also what does lenovo warranty cover; does lenovo warranty cover screen damage or does lenovo warranty cover water damage, users also search like does lenovo warranty cover physical damage, does lenovo warranty cover cracked screen or does opening laptop void warranty lenovo. If you also think that warranty on lenovo laptops is limited, I'm here to tell you all about lenovo laptops warranty and how to check if lenovo laptop is under warranty and lenovo extended warranty coupon code. Check out How to check Lenovo laptop warranty service below.  

What Is Warranty And Why Is It Needed?

Well, you’ve found a shiny, new laptop of your dreams and you are ready to hand over the money. But, have you read every word of the warranty for your laptop? We know most people do not give a look towards the warranty of any device. So, we cut all your hard work and make it easy for you to understand the warranty. The majority of Lenovo warranties covers the hardware problems that did not happen because of the owner, such as:

  • Defective keyboards

  • Monitor problems

  • Screen issues

  • Modem issues or any other internal component issues.

  • The laptop warranty generally covers the parts as well as labor for repairs.

Advantages Of Warranty

We can be precautious all the time, but sometimes it’s just impossible to avoid accidents or various activities leading to damage. And that is where warranty plays its role. In the simplest definition, if your device is under warranty period, then some specific type of damages can be repaired for free by the company itself.

What Else Does The Warranty Help You With?

A laptop warranty will also spell out what actions on your part will void the warranty. Something as simple as opening the case and breaking a seal can be enough to void a warranty (even if you just wanted to take a peek inside).

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

It is difficult to understand sometimes if the problem we are facing with our device comes under warranty or not. For that, we have prepared a list of most issues that come under warranty of a Lenovo laptop: -

  • Manufacturing defects are covered under warranty

  • Defective parts can be repaired and replaced

  • Upgrading the RAM will not void the warranty

  • Broken or damaged screen, black spots or lines on screen

  • Damage by water spill also comes under warranty

  • Damage by dropping of product due to any reasons

  • Fire or electronic damage

  • Battery issues

Why Lenovo Extended Warranty

How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty?

If your laptop is damaged, and you forgot the expiration date of your warranty package, there are several ways to how to check laptop warranty lenovo and they are as follows: -

How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty Using The Lenovo Customer Support Website: -

For this you should know your laptop’s serial number (lenovo serial number check india - below the panel). You can find it on the underside of the laptop where all other information like model no. specifications, graphic card etc. are given. 

If you cannot find it there, click on the windows logo on the screen and then click on the command prompt. A screen will open up, type “wmic bios get the serial number” and you’ll get it. Now, directly search “Lenovo warranty Checker” on google and click on the first available link or, directly type On the page opened, click on check warranty, a window will pop up and enter your serial number there. As soon as you enter the serial number, all the information regarding the warranty will be shown on your screen.  

How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty Using Lenovo Customer Care Helpline: -

Checking the warranty status of the laptop or any other device (computer, mobile phone, notebook, etc.) using the customer care helpline is very easy. 

Simply visit the Lenovo website and dial the customer helpline number given. If you don’t have internet or Wi-Fi, you can simply find the helpline number in the manual provided with your laptop. The person on call will ask you about the serial number and various other information regarding your laptop. As soon as the required information is given, your warranty status and update will be sent to you via text message or web link.

How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty Visiting Nearest Lenovo Store

This is time-consuming, but the easiest method on how to check lenovo warranty. Just check the nearest Lenovo store in your area using google maps, and visit the store with or without our laptop. If you do not wish to take your laptop with you, you’ll need to remember the serial no. and other details of the laptop. The person there will give you all the information about your lenovo laptop check warranty.

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Extended Warranty and Retail Service Plans

An extended warranty is a way to continue/extend the original term of the warranty and most often adds more to the purchase price of your new laptop. While some manufacturers do not offer an extended warranty, Lenovo provides the most suitable extended warranty packages. Retail service plans or RSPs are normally offered by the retail outlet where you will be purchasing your new laptop. The difference between a warranty and RSP is that RSP may also cover additional exposures and can be purchased for different periods of time (1,2 or 3 years). A retail service plan offers the best value in most circumstances.

Why Lenovo Extended Warranty

After reading the above How long is a Lenovo Laptop Warranty service, the next is to understand the benefits of extending the warranty. The Lenovo extended warranty provides various benefits such as: -

  • For longer protection with a quality experience with Lenovo laptops

  • To minimize unplanned operating and maintenance expenses

  • An extended warranty provides protection to your laptop for a longer time than a standard warranty and this way you won’t have to worry about the damages by the end of the year.

  • An exceptional machine deserves exceptional services and only Lenovo backs them up with certified techniques.

Lenovo Warranty Registration

If you haven’t yet registered for the warranty of your Lenovo laptop, then you can simply do it by following some easy steps: -

  1. Open your browser and enter or directly search Lenovo warranty registration and open the first link.

  2. Enter your login details, if you don’t have an account, then create one.

  3. When logged in, the website will ask you to enter several details like your product’s serial number, your address, etc.

  4. After entering all the details, the website will ask you for the warranty package you want, click on the one you find suitable, and pay.

  5. Do not forget to take the receipt, as it will help during any damages.

Damages Not Covered In Warranty

After reading about How To Check Lenovo Laptop Warranty, here is a list of what does warranty doesn't cover. It’s true that some people are not very particular about the warranty of their devices and neglect being careful sometimes, thinking that repairs will be done free of cost. But always remember, a warranty covers a list of damages only and some easy accidents are not included in it. Here is a list of damages not covered under Lenovo warranty Cover scheme: -

  • During self-repair, if some damage occurs, it won’t be covered under warranty.

  • Acts of damage, theft, and breakage by users are not covered.

  • Loss of internal data is not included in the warranty scheme

  • Accidental damages are not covered

  • Other external causes do not involve Lenovo.

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What voids do Lenovo warranty? Removing the sticker at the backside of the system will void the warranty. But replacing the HDD will not void the system warranty, but the replaced parts will not come under warranty, and if there is any mishandling while replacing HDD then the system won't cover under warranty.


In the above article of how does lenovo warranty work, all the basic information about the warranty of Lenovo laptop is given including various ways by which you can check the warranty, information about extended warranty, the meaning, and benefits of the warranty, and how to claim warranty lenovo laptop, various doubts regarding that. It will help you get through all the queries related to How to check the Lenovo laptop warranty. Not only regarding laptops but some of these also follow on lenovo monitor warranty check and lenovo keyboard warranty check. I hope you get the answer of "will lenovo replace my laptop if it is in warranty”. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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The standard warranty for any Lenovo device is of one year. However, you can extend the warranty by using the extended warranty package from Lenovo.

The warranty is transferrable only with the provision of the original sake sales receipt. Warranty service may be transferred beyond the original purchase.

No, memory damages and the hard drive failures are not included in the standard Lenovo warranty.

Some of the physical damages such as damaged keyboard or screen light issues can be solved but accidental damages are not included in standard Lenovo warranty package.

o claim warranty on Lenovo laptop, you need to follow the following steps: Step 1: Ask Lenovo Support - Warranty Status. Step 2:Go to Lenovo support home page at your product. Step 3:Click Contact Us on the left side. Step 4:Various communication options will be shown. Select Submit a Service Request.

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