How To Boot Hp Laptop Access Boot Menu

How To Boot Hp Laptop Access Boot Menu
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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In this article, we will be providing users best solution for laptop or computer data-related problems.

The boot menu is a menu that you can access before entering the operating system. Every time you start your laptop or computer, you may or may not access the boot menu. You can load other operating systems (or applications) manually by accessing the boot menu and making changes.

Best Way to Access the HP Boot Menu

What are the keys to press to get to the HP boot menu? What is the HP BIOS key? How to change the boot order? Can you boot from USB on HP? How to boot HP from other devices? All these questions will be answered one after the other in the material.

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Hp Boot Menu Key

This is necessary to access the Hp boot menu when users need to install a new operating system or recover data from a corrupted internal hard disk. It allows users to choose which device to use CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or network.

Important Tips

BIOS and UEFA are the two mainstream firmware types used to perform hardware initialization during the computer booting process.

Many users are asking the same question – what is the Hp BIOS key? They want to access the HP laptop/desktop boot menu but don’t know how.  

Which key to press to get boot options?

I have a new Pavilion coming out this week and what I like to do before I boot the machine into Windows for the first time is put my cloning software into the DVD drive and turn on the laptop and hold down a certain key pressed to bring up boot options, you boot from hard drive/DVD drive/USB/external HDD, etc, then take an image of all partitions including hidden and recovery options so fall back to me if something goes wrong Fallen. Now anyone knows what key I need to press to get to the boot option before booting into the OS?

There is no definite answer to this question; it varies depending on the model. Please find the HP desktop BIOS key and Hp notebook Bios key (also known as HP laptop BIOS key) online from your manufacturer’s official websites.

In short

The common HP boot menu keys are Esc and F9. The key to accessing the HP laptop boot menu on most models is Esc (the Hp pavilion boot menu is no exception).

Universal HP Bios keys are Esc, F10, and F1. The most commonly used Hp laptop Bios key is Esc or F10.

What are the Hp boot options?

The boot menu of Hp desktops and Hp laptops is slightly different; I will show them to you respectively.

HP Desktop startup menu

System Information (F1): Shows you basic information about your computer including manufacture, product name, SKU number, serial number, Bios date, processor type, processor speed, memory size, and more.

System Diagnostics (F2): This includes a series of tests to check for hardware Diagnostics tool helps you test core PC components, even when you can’t use the operating system.

Boot Device Option (F9): This menu provides UEFI boot sources (such as Window Boot Manager and network cards) and legacy boot sources (such as hard drives, USB flash drives, and CD/DVD drives) for you to choose from.

BIOS Setup (F10): You can enter UEFI & BIOS by selecting this option. There are 5 tabs in BIOS setup to help you change the PC setup.

System Recovery (F11): You can reset your PC to its factory settings using system recovery. It can help you to solve some difficult problems like inaccessible boot devices.

Network Boot (F12): Obviously, this option allows you to boot directly from an available network.

If you wish to continue with the HP Desktop startup, please press enter.

Hp laptop startup menu what are the start menu options on the Hp laptop screen?

System Information (F1)

System Diagnostics (F2)

Boot Device options (F9)

BIOS setup (F10)

System Recovery (F11)

Network boot only (F12)

Secure Boot is an embedded feature in HP PCs and laptops; Hp manufacturers enable it by default in Windows 10. This is useful for increasing HP protection:

Avoid virus infection

Prevent malware attacks

Trusted hardware or bootable disc

Of course, you can disable secure boot manually when you need to boot from trusted but unfamiliar hardware or an unrecognized recovery.

Factory Reset HP Laptop

Factory reset is different from system recovery or system reinstallation; they are different things.

Like new settings: Reset your computer to factory settings. All data and configuration will be erased.

System Recovery: Some restore points will be created to bring your OS back to normal.

System Restore: reinstall your operating system; files will be lost too, so backup first.

How to reset an HP laptop from startup?

Unplug all unnecessary external devices such as printers, USB flash drives, faxes, and external disks. Restart your Hp computer by pressing the power button.

Press F11 or Esc + F11 when you see the HP logo. (You’d better press this repeatedly because the logo screen would disappear in a flash).

Select troubleshoot in an options window. Select recovery manager in the next troubleshooting window. Click the Refresh setting in the recovery manager window. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the factory reset process.

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Conclusion :

In this article, we have discussed what is the boot menu. How to reach to Boot menu or BIOS? How to Boot an HP laptop? We have tried to give step-by-step information for booting your HP laptop.

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Unplug all unnecessary external devices such as printers, USB flash drives, faxes, and external disks. Restart your Hp computer by pressing the power button.

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