How To Fix Kernel Power 41 Error In Windows

How To Fix Kernel Power 41 Error In Windows
  • Sep 5th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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The machine has restarted without first completely shutting down, according to the error notice. The system might experience this error if it abruptly crashed, stopped responding, or lost power. Not to worry. Usually, it is simple to resolve this issue. The simple and expedient methods are listed below. Kernel Power 41 Critical Error may appear on your computer if it doesn't shut down properly or continues resuming.

What Is Kernel-Power Event ID 41 Error?

It's critical to appreciate what caused the kernel power 41 problems in Windows 10 to properly comprehend how to resolve it. Your computer typically goes through a few steps when you shut it down before turning it off permanently. Windows do a check to see if the computer shuts down securely the next time you turn it on. If it didn't, Windows shows the following error notice in the Event Viewer:

"The system restarted without first properly shutting down. The system might get this error if it unintentionally crashed, stopped responding, or lost power

How do I fix the Kernel-Power 41 Critical Error?

You can attempt these techniques to resolve this issue. If any approach fails, try another way.

Method 1: Update all your available drivers:

The Kernel-Power 41 issue is typically brought on by incompatible device drivers on your computer, particularly an outdated or damaged sound card driver. To fix this issue, you might try updating every driver that is currently on your computer.

You have two options for getting the correct video card and monitoring drivers: manually or automatically.

Manual driver update - You may update the drivers for your sound card or any other device manually by visiting the websites of the manufacturers of both your devices and looking for the most current, accurate driver. Make careful you only select Windows 10 compatibility-compatible drivers.

Automatic driver update - Driver Easy lets you update your device drivers automatically if you lack the time, patience, or technical expertise to do it manually. Driver Easy will automatically detect your system, locate the appropriate drivers for your devices and your specific version of Windows, download them, and accurately install them:

  • Get and set up Driver Easy.

  • Launch Driver Easy and select Scan Now. After that, Your machine will be scanned by Driver Easy to identify any malfunctioning drivers.

  • Any driver that has been marked will immediately download and install the most recent version if you click the Update button next to it.

  • Alternatively, you may select Update All to have all of your system's outdated or missing drivers automatically downloaded and installed. 
  • Your computer should restart and be in good working order.

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Method 2: Change your power settings:

Sometimes the Kernel-Power 41 issue might also be caused by your computer's power settings. To modify your power settings, follow these steps 

  • From the Start menu, type "power settings" into the search box. Click Power & sleep settings after that 

  • When the computer is asleep, click Change. Change advanced power settings after that 

  • Click on Hard Disk twice, then choose to Turn Off Hard Disk After and Never. After that, double-click Sleep > Sleep and set Never. Input OK

  • Your computer should operate properly after being restarted

Method 3: Disable Fast Startup:

The issue may also appear if the Fast Startup function is enabled. Disable it to see whether it still functions in your situation.

To accomplish this:

  • Right-click the battery symbol on the taskbar and select "Power Options" to access the taskbar.
  • You may access the "Change settings that are no longer available" option by selecting "Choose what the power buttons do. 

  • Uncheck the box next to "Turn on quick startup (recommended)" under "Shutdown settings."

  • Select "Save changes" from the menu.

You could see that your PC starts up a little bit more slowly after you disable quick startup. You might have to put up with the delayed starting if this option fixes your kernel-related problem, at least until you discover a long-term fix. Enable the rapid startup function to decrease the time it takes for your PC to boot up, but, if it has no effect

Method 4: Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:

You must check to see whether your memory module is broken. Here's what you can do to accomplish this: turn off your computer, unplug it from the power supply, and then separate the RAM from the motherboard (accessing the RAM may vary from one PC to another). Once you've detached it, clean it up and reattach it. Reconnect the power cord to your computer, then turn it back on. Now see whether the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 problem reappears. If it does, try using the following instructions to launch the built-in memory diagnostic tool:

  • In the search box, enter "Memory" (without the quotations) by pressing the Windows Key + S.

  • From the list of outcomes, select "Windows Memory Diagnostic" 

  • Then, on the window that appears, choose either "Check for problems the next time I start my computer" or "Restart immediately and check for problems (recommended)" 

  • When your computer resumes, the diagnostic tool will start a memory test. By clicking the F1 key, you may choose to conduct a basic, standard, or advanced test. You may also modify the following tests using the available options:

                      Test mix


                      Pass rate

The memory test's progress meter will be visible for you to view. Windows will restart once the system diagnostics are finished. If the utility returns no errors, your RAM is healthy, and the issue was likely caused by something else. 

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 I'm certain that this article guided how to quickly repair Kernel power problem 41 on Windows 11. You can read and follow our directions. Just that. If you have any questions or recommendations, please use the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Kernel-Power Error 41 BSOD can also be brought on by faulty RAM or memory errors. A few people claimed that bad RAM was to blame for the problem. To check for issues, you can run the Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Make sure to check your graphics card drivers because this frequently occurs. Here are some further instances of this issue: a kernel power fault while gaming - Playing video games frequently results in the kernel power 41 problems.

Method 1: Upgrade all of your drivers. The Kernel-Power 41 issue is typically brought on by incompatible device drivers on your computer, particularly an outdated or damaged sound card driver. To fix this issue, you might try updating every driver that is currently on your computer.

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