Macbook Motherboard Repair Replacement Cost

Macbook Motherboard Repair Replacement Cost

MacBook Motherboard Repair & Replacement Cost In India

Repairing a MacBook motherboard is a demanding Level 4 repair that requires in-depth circuitry expertise. One must properly comprehend the MacBook's schematic diagrams to diagnose logic board MacBook pro problems, and one must also examine associated components for damage. Additionally, the technician must have exceptional micro-soldering and troubleshooting abilities. You may read our posts on MacBook errors in our guide.

Required Setup

Here are a few of the tools and supplies that are a bare minimum requirement for logic board MacBook pro repairs.

  1. Soldering station, consumables, and ESD Workstation

  2. Schematic a schematic of the particular model of the microscope

The procedure For Fixing MacBook Motherboards

First, we must confirm that the motherboard is the issue and not any other replacement components (Battery, Flex cables, SSD, etc.). When the motherboard is confirmed to be the source of the issue, the precise components are then investigated. This could be one or more integrated circuits, or it might be another element like a resistor or a capacitor. Due to a large number of components, this work requires patience and a deliberate approach.

Cost And Time Information For Replacing A MacBook Motherboard

MacBook motherboard price: MacBook motherboard repair cost in India starts at 3000 INR. The MacBook pro logic board price varies according to the degree of damage, the time required for repair, and the cost of the components. After diagnosis, a MacBook air motherboard price will be given for approval before the repair is carried out.

Turnaround: We diagnose the problem in 24-48 hours. In contrast to part replacements, which take less than 30 minutes, motherboard repairs require time since they include inspecting each component on the board. Once the diagnostic is complete, we provide you information on the components that were harmed, a MacBook motherboard repair cost India estimate, and the likelihood that the item will be fixed. After receiving your approval, we fix the item the same day and deliver it back to you.

On-site Service: MacBook motherboard repairs cannot be done on-site since the diagnostic process takes a long time and the tools required are not portable.

Warranty: We offer a 6-month warranty on all repairs to logic boards, along with a money-back guarantee.

How Much Does A New MacBook Motherboard Replacement Cost In India?

The MacBook Pro is a brand of mobile laptops that Apple Inc. unveiled in January 2016. It comes in 13- and 15-inch Motherboard sizes and is the most expensive variant of the MacBook family, ranking above the MacBook Air for consumers. Between April 2006 and June 2012, a 17-inch model was offered. It is one of the most sought-after Macbooks of all due to its incredible CPU. In 2012, Apple discontinued the 17-inch model of the MacBook Pro and introduced the third version with a 15-inch Motherboard.

With improved CPUs, the 13- and 15-inch unibody versions from the previous generation were still in demand. The third-generation model features a high-resolution Retina Display for the first time and is smaller than its forerunner. In October 2012, a 13-inch version was made available. On October 27, 2016, the fourth-generation MacBook Pro was unveiled. Except for the basic model through 2019, the new generation replaces all of the data connections with USB-C and the function keys with an interactive touch Motherboard strip called the "Touch Bar" that has a Touch ID sensor built into the power button.

Mac users typically My MacBook Pro's motherboard is damaged and not functioning correctly. How much does a MacBook motherboard replacement cost in India?

Therefore, the answer is that you can repair your MacBook Pro Motherboard from anywhere in India, but the MacBook air motherboard price will vary depending on the part's quality and where you go. The cost will be rather costly if you go to an authorized repair center, but if you go to a third-party service center, the MacBook pro motherboard price will be about between INR 25,000 and INR 30,000 (estimated), depending on the product's availability.

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We are pleased to assist you if you need to know how much the MacBook air motherboard repair costs in your MacBook Pro and are curious as to how much it will cost in India. You can email us a message through our website or post a call request here, and we will contact you to discuss your issue.

Note: NSS Laptop Service Center might be of assistance if you're seeking for MacBook Repair anywhere in India.

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