Microsoft Laptop Fan Repair Replacement Cost

Microsoft Laptop Fan Repair Replacement Cost
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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Microsoft Laptop Fan Repair & Replacement Cost

The significance of a fan in a Microsoft surface cannot be understated. Any issue with its performance instantly impairs the device's operation. As a prominent Microsoft surface fan replacement agency in Delhi, we make it a point to provide excellent services to those needing Microsoft fan repair. We propose taking the utmost steps to minimize overheating of the laptop, which also protects the longevity of the fans.

Our primary goal is to assist our clients with any Microsoft concerns that may arise. Here is a tutorial to help our clients understand the behaviors that may cause a problem with the system, leaving them with the sole choice of having a Microsoft fan replacement—also, here is a small piece of advice from our end on DIY modifications to ensure a longer lifetime.

Does Your Microsoft Get Exceptionally Hot Or Turn Off Randomly?

If your Microsoft gets very hot, restarts sporadically, runs slowly, or makes a lot of noise, you should look into overheating issues. Overheating is extremely risky since it might damage your Microsoft logic board, which may not be repairable afterward.

Our Diagnostic And Repairing Process

Microsoft is overheating because its fan is not effectively cooling or because dust has accumulated inside it. Thus, if your Microsoft overheats or runs too slowly, we will inspect and determine the cause of the overheating, and if your Microsoft Fan causes it, we will replace it with a brand-new component the same day. With a large selection of high-quality replacement fans for your Microsoft, our expert engineers can discover the right fit for your needs. We can repair any Microsoft model.

Fast, Reliable, And 100% Satisfaction

We provide prompt and dependable repair and replacement services throughout India, with total client satisfaction. So, if you are experiencing a Microsoft overheating problem, contact us, and we will provide you with a solution at a cheap Fan repair and replacement cost.

Microsoft Fan Replacement Price In India

Model No.


Microsoft Surface Pro X Laptop Fan Price

₹ 1300/- 

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Fan Price

₹ 1200/- 

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Fan Price

₹ 1250/- 

Microsoft Surface Pro X Fan Price

₹ 3000/- 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Fan Price

₹ 3500/- 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Fan Price

₹ 4000/- 

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Fan Price

₹ 4500/- 

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Fan Price

₹ 6500/- 

What Causes Problems Among Microsoft Fans?

  • If the small cooling fans within the notebook run faster than 6000 RPM (i.e., the maximum speed), they frequently overwork the CPU or GPU. In such a circumstance, the blower's frequency is relatively high and progressively declines, resulting in loud noise or rattling of the fan.

  • Mishandling of the notebook frequently leads to severe difficulties. Overcharging the device, for example, produces problems with it.

DIY Repairs For Microsoft Surface Pro Or Surface Go Users

  1. Maintain a dust-free environment - If the fan is running quicker, it might be because it is clogged with dust. Dust lowers the effectiveness of the fan. The most straightforward technique to remove the rattling sound is to keep it clean. Don't be concerned; you don't need to open it. To clean the dust, all you need is a can of compressed air to force the air through its vents. It's simple!

  2. Keep an eye on the activity monitor - Check the activity meter to see which apps consume a lot of energy. These apps might potentially cause a fan to create a lot of noise. Simply closing these apps will result in a considerable change in performance. To eliminate the sound, turn the gadget off and restart it.

  3. External displays - Connecting external screens causes a fan to become loud. The only answers are to avoid such connections as much as possible or, if you need such high-resolution monitors, to update your notebook.

  4. Replace old fans with new ones - old fan replacement Microsoft is the most excellent solution to your issue. Just do that, and you'll notice a change.

  5. We understand replacement is costly, so we are here to help you with economical Microsoft fan repair in Delhi. Our restoration and replacement strategy is entirely centered on the needs and convenience of our customers. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to provide them with inexpensive and practical solutions. Our specialist technicians are well-trained to handle the work and provide a flawless solution to a faulty element. 

Contact our company for Microsoft fan repair in India; we will repair it in hours while delivering the cheapest price.

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Wrap Up!

Microsoft Laptop Fan Repair & Replacement Cost You cannot ignore the value of a fan in a Microsoft Surface Pro. As a leading NSS Microsoft Pro fan replacement agency in India, we strive to provide top-notch services to those searching for Microsoft Surface Go fan repair costs. As a result, if your Microsoft Pro overheats or runs slowly, NSS will inspect it, identify the problem, and, if the problem is with your Microsoft Pro Fan, replace it with a brand-new component the same day. What causes issues with Microsoft Surface Pro fans? Replace old fans with new ones - The best solution to your problem is to replace the old fans on your Microsoft Pro or Surface GO.

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