Windows 11 Version 22h2 Update Size - Features & Requirements

This article tells you everything that you need to know about Windows 11 version 22H2 features and how Microsoft officially launches it. The Windows 11 2022 Upgrade is another name for the feature update. On compatible devices, it may now be downloaded. Installation Assistant, Media Creation Tool, and Windows Update are all sources where you may download them. For Windows 11 and 10 machines, the update is free. The feature update will be more widely accessible through Windows Update as of October 4.

Windows 11 version 22h2 release date, Starting on September 20, 2022, Windows 11 22H2 (2022 Update) will be made formally accessible as a free update for devices that match the prerequisites. This release represents the operating system's first feature update (build 22621.382), which (as usual) introduces a new set of features and enhancements to improve productivity, security, and the user experience as a whole. With Windows 11 latest version, Microsoft offers an upgraded version of File Explorer with revamped navigation and tab support. A new Task Manager software with a contemporary layout is available. Additionally, there are two new accessibility Windows 11 version 22h2 features: Voice Access and Live Captions.

Windows 11 Version 22h2 Update Size

The Windows 11 2022 Update is also upgrading several components to improve the consistency of the desktop experience. For instance, support for folders and tools to manage suggestions are added to the Start menu. A new Snap layouts flyout will emerge at the top of the screen as part of the Snap help experience. With the new mica semi-transparent material, this Windows 11 latest version also modernizes the title bars for classic components like the Run dialog. You will also notice cosmetic adjustments elsewhere, including in Quick Settings, Notification Center, Print Queue, and other places.

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Windows 11 Version 22h2 Release Date And Windows 11 22h2 Requirements

Windows 11 Version 22h2 Update

For PCs that satisfy the minimal Windows 11 22h2 requirements, a free update to Windows 11 22H2 is offered as an optional install. In line with the first release, this implies that you will require a device with at least an Intel 8th Gen (or newer) or Ryzen 2000 (or more current) CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, Secured Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, and Secure Boot.

Using the Microsoft PC Health Check software, you may determine whether you can update to Windows 11 latest version if you are still using Windows 10. Even if the gadget satisfies the requirements, it probably won't get the Windows 11 version 22h2 features to upgrade right away. Before every machine receives the upgrade, which might take months, the deployment will begin on September 20.

Microsoft intends to start with gadgets that have more recent technology that is recognized to offer an easy windows 11 version 22h2 download process. Eventually, the Windows 11 2022 Update will be completely accessible on all devices that meet the Windows 11 22h2 requirements for it in terms of hardware, reliability metrics, hardware age, and other considerations.

Windows 11 Release Preview Channel

Windows 11 latest version will have a yearly cycle for feature updates. The second part of the year will see the delivery of Windows 11 feature upgrades. The Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and Pro Education versions will have 24 months of support; the Enterprise and Education editions will have 36 months.

To take advantage of new Windows 11 version 22h2 features, experiences, and integrated security as soon as feasible, we advise that you start deploying each feature update as soon as possible.

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Windows 11 employs the well-known Windows cumulative update procedure for monthly security updates, often known as a "B" release, Patch Tuesday, or Update Tuesday. All prior updates will still be included in these monthly releases to keep devices secure and functional.

Windows 11 Release Preview Channel Versions

(All dates are listed in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD)

Windows 11 latest versions 



Servicing option

General Availability Channel

General Availability Channel

Availability date



Latest revision date



Latest build



End of services: Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations



End of service: Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise



Windows 11 22h2 Update Size

Windows 11 22h2 Update

Using the Windows Update settings is the simplest approach to update to Windows 11 version 22h2 features. However, you may use a USB flash drive or the Installation Assistant to install the updated version. Alternatively, you may use the official ISO file to execute an in-place windows 11 version 22h2 download.

Whether you are upgrading from Windows 11's first release or the most recent version of Windows 10, the upgrade procedure necessitates a full reinstallation. Your programs, settings, and data will all be kept during the process, though. Although this is a non-destructive operation, it is always advised to create a full backup before moving forward to Windows 11 version 22h2 download.

On the other hand, if you decide to install Windows 11 latest version, all of your data, programs, and settings would be lost.

The Windows 11 version 22h2 download size will be about 5GB or Windows 11 22h2 update size is about 5GB regardless of whether you decide to update your existing installation or perform a clean install. Windows 11 22h2 build number 22621.675 will automatically activate without the need for a new product key if the device has already been activated with a prior version of Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.

Windows 11 Version 22h2 Features / Unsupported Devices

Even though you shouldn't, you can still install the Windows 11 2022 Update on hardware that isn't supported. Through the Windows Update settings, this won't be feasible though. To make a clean installation, you must instead utilize the ISO file or USB bootable media.

The main drawback is that Microsoft won't support the installation, updates, or drivers because the device would be in an unsupported condition. Additionally, crashes, failures, and other issues could occur more frequently than on a device with supported hardware.

The computer will still need to fulfill other minimal criteria, such as a 64-bit CPU with at least two cores, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and an enabled TPM 1.2 chip if you still wish to update at your own risk because as I mentioned Windows 11 version 22h2 download size will be about 5GB.

You can use this workaround to get around all the criteria if your machine doesn't fulfill one or more of them.

Windows 11 Version 22h2 Insider Preview Size Information

The final version of Windows 11 22H2 is pre-installed on your device if you are a member of the Windows Insider Program and have a PC in the Release Preview channel. Turning on the "Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows launches" option on the Windows Insider Program settings page from Windows Update is all that is required to stay on the stable version and halt preview builds (windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview size is about 5GB).

The computer will gracefully exit the software when you finish the instructions, and it will continue to receive updates for as long as Windows 11 22h2 update size is supported. Before the computer downloads and installs a new windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview size for the next feature update, you must activate this option.

You will need to reinstall the operating system on a machine that is now in the Dev Channel if you want to stay on the stable version.

Windows 11 22h2 Review

Although Windows 11 22H2 doesn't significantly change from the initial windows 11 version 22h2 release date, several new aesthetic upgrades make the desktop interface more unified. Of course, there are also several new additions and Windows 11 22h2 requirements. You may look at the comprehensive field guide, which lists every modification and a new feature in the Windows 11 2022 Update. Additionally, this article outlines the changes with File Explorer, and this tutorial details the key changes, Windows 11 22h2 review.

To get started with the new edition, you may also look at these guides:

  • How to turn on windowed game optimizations in Windows 11

  • How to stop the top of the screen drag Windows 11's snap layouts

  • how to make Windows 11's Live Captions available

  • Instructions for removing troublesome updates from Windows 11 22H2

  • How to modify the Windows 11 Start menu's pin layout

  • How to make Windows 11's most recent searches inactive

You May Install Windows 11 Version 22H2 Using These Instructions In Almost Any Situation:

  • Exactly how to set up Windows 11 22H2 (early)

  • How to install Windows 11 22H2 using an ISO without a USB device

  • How to determine if your computer is Windows 11 22H2 compatible

  • The best way to remove Windows 11 22H2

  • How to install Windows 11 22H2 completely

  • How to determine windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview size

  • How to prevent installation issues while using Windows 11 22H2 like Windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview 10.0.22581.100. 

  • How to remove Windows 11 22H2 if the PC won't boot

  • Windows 11 version 22h2 download size with Media Creation Tool

  • How to Update Windows 10 to Version 11 22H2

  • Upgrade instructions for Windows 11 22H2

  • How can I get the Windows 11 22H2 ISO file?

  • How to resolve Wi-Fi issues with Windows 11 22H2

For many more lessons, you can always visit the Windows 11 22H2 support page. Or ask us your query to us.

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windows 11 release preview channel, Updated October 5, 2022: Beginning on October 4, Microsoft will begin rolling out version 22H2 to even more supported devices. The next time you click the "Check for updates" button in the Windows Update settings, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the most recent version of the update that wasn't already available.

Note: The Windows 11 22h2 build number is 22621.675. 

Windows 11 Version 22H2 Known Issues

Windows 11 Version 22h2 Update

Learn about the deployment progress and known issues with Windows 11 version 22H2. Looking for a certain problem? When searching, use CTRL + F (or Command + F on a Mac) and type your phrase (s). 

Major issues with installation programs: 

Windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview 10.0.22581.100.

Windows 11 version 22h2 insider preview 10.0.22581.200.

Windows 11 22h2 reviews shouldn't be used on any PC that you depend on for anything because they are by nature unstable. Try these procedures to solve Insider Previews not installing:

Go Over Windows 11 With This Checklist To Find And Fix Problems:

1) Update your drivers by visiting the Support Downloads page for your specific model of PC. While there, search for the most recent versions of the device's USB3, Bluetooth, sound, network, and chipset drivers to compare with those installed for that device in Device Manager, which can be accessed by right-clicking the Start Menu. Contact your PC manufacturer's support if the drivers for facial recognition or fingerprint scanning are missing or not functioning.

2) In Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, expedite the installation of all Windows updates. Check for updates, including any necessary restarts, and keep checking until none are available before stopping. After that, go to Microsoft Store app > My Library > Get Updates and quickly install any Store app updates that are still available.

3) Completely do a Windows 11 disk check.

4) Create a Clean Boot to disable Startup Freeloaders that could interfere and create problems.

5) Download, set up, and do a thorough scan. It will clean up everything it discovers before restarting. To maintain as an on-demand scanner, turn off Real Time trial in the Control Panel.

6) In Windows 11, launch System File Checker/DISM.

7) If that doesn't work, you may try a Windows 11 Repair Upgrade, which takes approximately an hour to complete, fixes the majority of issues, reinstalls Windows while keeping your data and programs in place, updates it to the most recent version using the most reliable technique, and fixes the problem:

Known Issues

This guide provides a breakdown of the issues that are now in play and those that have recently been handled.

  • Error "0xaac (2732)" might cause domain join operations to fail if an account was established by a different identity than the one used to join the domain.

  • The handshake between SSL and TLS may fail - We have had complaints that the handshake between some SSL and TLS connections may fail.

  • Jordan's government indicated that Daylight Saving Time (DST) will shift in the winter of 2022, which may create some problems.

  • Some installed printers might only let you use the default settings - Some printers might not be able to use all of their features, such as color, two-sided printing, or higher resolutions.

  • You can experience an update installation failure and get the 0x800f0922 error—a Secure Boot DBX security update installation failure.

  • Using Group Policy Preferences on client devices to copy files or shortcuts may not operate as intended - Files or shortcuts may not copy or may copy as zero-byte files.

  • After the upgrade, using Windows Hello to sign in using your face, fingerprint, or PIN might not function.

  • The Out Of Box Experience may not complete or restart, Windows may only be partially set up, and provisioning packages may not function as planned.

  • Windows 11 devices running the impacted Intel SST driver may get an error with a blue screen. Compatibility concerns with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers.

What's New In Windows 11 Version 22H2

Whats New In Windows 11 Version 22H2

A Windows 11 22h2 requirements and feature update. All features and fixes from earlier cumulative updates for Windows 11, version 21H2, the first windows 11 version 22h2 release date version, are included. This page outlines the new Windows 11 22h2 requirements and updated features that IT professionals need to be aware of.

  • 24 months from the date of release, Windows 11 Pro will be supported.

  • 36 months after its release, Windows 11 Enterprise will still be supported.

Windows Server Update Services (including Configuration Manager), Windows Update for Business, and the Volume Licensing Service Center all provide Windows 11 version 22H2 (VLSC).

Windows Pluton

A chip-to-cloud security solution known as the Microsoft Pluton Security Processor was created with Zero Trust concepts at its foundation. Microsoft Pluton offers cryptographic services, a hardware-based root of trust, secure identification, and secure attestation. Microsoft-written software that operates on an integrated secure subsystem that is a component of the System on Chip (SoC) make-up Pluton technology. On hardware with Pluton-capable CPUs running Windows 11, version 22H2, Microsoft Pluton can be activated.

More Effective Phishing Protection

Microsoft Defender's improved phishing protection Microsoft credentials for work or school are protected by SmartScreen from phishing attacks and other risky behavior on websites and in applications. Windows 11 work or school sign-in passwords are protected by Enhanced Phishing Protection, which is used in conjunction with Windows security measures.

Smart App Management

By preventing harmful or shady apps, Smart App Control significantly increases security against malware, including new and emerging threats. Smart App Control also aids in the blocking of potentially undesirable applications, which include programs that can slow down your device, show unexpected advertisements, offer you more software you didn't want, or carry out other unexpected actions.

Credential Defender

Devices running compatible versions of Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 will by default have Windows Defender Credential Guard switched on. Even though system administrators can still alter this enabled status, this affects the feature's default state in Windows.

Unsafe And Malicious Driver Blocking

Devices automatically enable the vulnerable driver blocklist in the following two new circumstances:

  • As soon as Smart App Control is activated

  • For fresh Windows installations

Enhancing Security And Defending Against Threats

For the Local Security Authority (LSA) process, enhanced security is supported in Windows 11, version 22H2, to guard against code injection that may compromise credentials.

Personal Data Encryption

Personal data encryption (PDE) is a security feature that was added to Windows 11 in version 22H2 and adds further encryption capabilities to the operating system. PDE is distinct from BitLocker in that it encrypts specific files as opposed to volumes and whole drives. Along with other encryption techniques like BitLocker, PDE also exists.

PDE uses Windows Hello for Business to connect user credentials and data encryption keys. The user may need to remember fewer credentials thanks to this functionality while accessing files. A user would have to authenticate twice, once with the BitLocker PIN and once with Windows credentials, for instance, while using BitLocker with PIN. Users must retain two distinct credentials due to this restriction. Users just have to enter one set of data when using PDE.

WebAuthn APIs Support ECC

Support for WebAuthn APIs Web Auth APIs for Windows 11, version 22H2 clients now support ECC Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC).

Windows 11 SE, Version 22H2 Decals

Students may now use the new Stickers feature in Windows 11 SE, version 22H2, to add digital stickers to their desktops. Students get access to more than 500 jovial, educational digital stickers. On top of the desktop backdrop, stickers may be scaled, modified, and positioned in many ways. Even when the background changes, each student's stickers stay in place.

Themes In Education

You may install educational themes on your devices starting with Windows 11, version 22H2. The educational themes are created for pupils who use technology in the classroom. Themes include pre-set wallpaper, accent colors, and other options that let the end user easily customize the device's appearance. By selecting their themes, students may personalize the gadget and make it feel like their own.

Alerts From Windows Update

For Windows Update alerts, the following things were added:

  • Windows Update user alerts may now be disabled during active hours. For educational institutions that wish to avoid receiving Windows Update alerts while classes are in session, this setting is very helpful.

  • When Windows clients are linked to an Azure Active Directory tenant, the organization name is now displayed in the Windows Update alerts.

Start Menu Design

Additional CSPs are now supported by Windows 11, version 22H2, for modifying the start menu design. You can deactivate context menus and hide the app list using these CSPs.

Modifications To Task Manager

  • Each page now has a new command bar with access to popular operations.

  • The system theme set in Windows Settings will automatically be used by Task Manager.

  • included an efficiency mode that enables you to control how much resource a process uses.

  • updated Task Manager's user interface

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Windows Accessibility

Additional accessibility enhancements for persons with impairments are included in Windows 11, version 22H2, including system-wide live captions, Focus sessions, voice access, and more realistic voices for the Narrator.