Whats New In Windows 11

Whats New In Windows 11
  • Sep 5th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Windows 11 is the latest client operating system, and it has features that businesses should be aware of. Windows 11 is based on the same platform as Windows 10. Windows 11 is a natural progression from Windows 10. It's an upgrade to what you already know and are acquainted with.

It provides improvements aimed at increasing end-user productivity and is intended to accommodate today's hybrid work environment.

Your updates and device management investments are carried forward. Many of the same programs and features, for example, may be utilized with Windows 11. Many of the same security settings and rules apply to Windows 11 devices such as PCs. If you are having questions like what are the new features in windows 11 then you are in the right place

What is new in windows 11

Security and scanning

Windows 11's security and privacy features are comparable to those of Windows 10. Security for your devices begins with the hardware and extends to operating system security, application security, and user and identity security. The Windows operating system has capabilities that can assist in these areas. Some of these aspects are described in this section. See Windows security for a more in-depth look, including zero trust.

  • The Windows Security software is pre-installed on the operating system. This software has a simple design and incorporates widely used security features. You may, for example, obtain virus and threat protection, firewall and network protection, account protection, and other features.

  • Security baselines are pre-configured security settings that are ready to be applied to your devices. If you don't know where to begin or if going through all of the settings is too time-consuming, you should look at Security Baselines.

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus is incorporated into Windows and uses next-generation security to safeguard devices. When utilized in conjunction with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, your company benefits from powerful endpoint security as well as sophisticated endpoint protection and response. If you manage devices with Endpoint Manager, you may establish rules in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint depending on threat levels.

  • The Application Security features to aid in the prevention of undesirable or harmful code from running, the isolation of untrusted websites and untrusted Office files, the protection against phishing or malware websites, and other functions.

  • Windows Hello for Business adds to the protection of users and identities. It substitutes passwords with a PIN or biometric that is stored on the device. Device makers are including more secure hardware features, such as infrared cameras and TPM chips. These capabilities work in conjunction with Windows Hello for Business to help safeguard user identities on devices in your business.

Going passwordless as an administrator helps safeguard user identities. The Windows operating system, Azure Active Directory, and Endpoint Manager all work together to eliminate passwords, implement more secure rules, and enforce compliance.

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Easier access to new services, and the services you already use

  • Windows 365 is both a desktop operating system and a cloud service. You may run Windows 365 as a virtual computer from any internet-connected device, including Android and macOS devices.

  • Microsoft Teams is built into the operating system and appears on the taskbar by default. Users select the chat icon, sign in with their personal Microsoft account, and start a call:

Whats New In Windows 11

  • Power Automate for Desktop is included with the operating system. This low-code software allows your users to construct flows to assist them with daily activities. Users may, for example, construct flows that save a message to OneNote, inform a team when a new Forms answer is received, or get notifications when a file is added to SharePoint.

Customize the desktop experience

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups: Hover your cursor above the minimize/maximize option when you start an app. When you do, you can choose an alternative app layout:

Customize The Desktop Experience

This feature allows users to change the size of their desktop programs. When you add other applications to the layout, the snapped layout remains in place.

The Start menu has various programs that are pinned by default. You may change the appearance of the Start menu by pinning (and unpinning) the applications you wish. You may, for example, pin frequently used applications in your workplaces, such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, apps created by your organization, and others.

The Taskbar also allows you to pin (and unpin) apps. You may, for example, pin frequently used applications in your workplaces, such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, apps created by your organization, and others.

Widgets: Widgets may be found on the Taskbar. It features a customizable feed with the weather, calendar, stock prices, news, and other information:

Widgets May Be Found On The Taskbar

This feature can be enabled or disabled using the Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows Components Widgets Group Policy. You may also install a custom Taskbar on devices throughout your enterprise.

Virtual desktops: From the Taskbar, click the Desktops icon to add a new desktop:

Whats New In Windows 11

Depending on what you're doing, use the desktop to launch different programs. You may, for example, build a Travel desktop that comprises travel-related websites and apps.

Use your same apps, and new apps improved

  • Users in the Windows Insider program may now download and install AndroidTM apps through the Microsoft Store starting with Windows 11. This feature is known as the Windows Subsystem for Android, and it allows users to use Android apps on their Windows devices in the same way that they would use other programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Users access the Microsoft Store, download and install the Amazon Appstore app and login in using their Amazon account. They may search for, download, and install Android applications after signing in.

  • You may be familiar with the Company Portal app if you manage devices using Endpoint Manager. Beginning with Windows 11, the Company Portal serves as your private app repository for your company's apps.

  • The Windows Terminal app is included with the operating system. Previous versions of Windows require a separate download from the Microsoft Store.

Within the same terminal window, this program integrates Windows PowerShell, a command prompt, and Azure Cloud Shell. You do not need to launch any additional programs to utilize these command-line utilities. There are tabs on it. You may also select your command-line program when you start a new tab:

Select your command-line program

  • The Microsoft Edge browser is integrated with the operating system and serves as the default browser. Internet Explorer (IE) is not included with Windows 11. If a website requires Internet Explorer, you can utilize IE Mode in Microsoft Edge. Open Microsoft Edge and type edge:/settings/default browser into the address bar.

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Conclusion :

Windows is more than simply an operating system; it's a thread that runs through our lives and into our work. It's where we meet new people, where we study, work, and play. It has become familiar and adapted to us over time. I hope you don't have any doubts like windows 11 what's new?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Windows 11 is worth it for most people. It has a number of new features, performance improvements, and design updates. It usually receives more attention than Windows 10 because it is the most recent Windows operating system. There's not too much danger in upgrading to Windows 11, anyway.

Windows 11 has a new design that includes a centered Start menu and Taskbar. Windows 11 features a brand-new, more Mac-like operating system interface. It has a simple style with rounded corners and pastel colors. Along with the Taskbar, the classic Start menu moves to the middle of the screen.

If your PC has low RAM and CPU power, Windows 11 will undoubtedly provide better performance because it concentrates on front programs and has fewer background activities that consume limited resources.

With that stated, we've compiled a list of the top issues consumers have about Windows 11. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 are very strict. Changing the default apps in Windows 11 is too difficult. To use Windows 11, you must sign in to a Microsoft Account. The Start Menu in Windows 11 is less functional than the one in Windows 10.

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