How To Get A Hp Laptop Repaired Under Warranty

If you have a broken or defaulted Hp laptop or you are facing any kind of battery and performance-related issues then go to the concerned Hp laptop service center. But If your hp laptop is under warranty then you can repair it for free of cost. If don't know How to get a hp laptop repaired under warranty then don't worry because this article will let you know all the mandatory steps that you can take to get your hp laptop fixed under warranty.

Things To Do Before Bringing Your HP Laptop For Repairs Under Warranty

HP Laptop For Repairs Under Warranty

Before taking the laptop to the service center you need to follow these simple things which can give your laptop the correct operating time.

  • Detect The Actual Problem Of The Laptop By Yourself.

First thing is that you should always try to detect the actual problem of the laptop which needs to be fixed by yourself. Try to fix it by yourself first, but if it is handled by you then bring it to the certified laptop service center.

  • Store The Backup Of The Laptop.

keep your laptop backup safe and secure before taking your laptop to the repair center because in repair there are chances that you can lose the memory storage of your laptop.

  • Consult The Technician With The Right Things.

Take advice from the technician, what is the correct treatment for your laptop, and what laptop needs repair or replacement of parts.

  • Get The Warranty Card Always.

After confirming what you want to do with your laptop keep a warranty card from the service center which will help you in the future.

  • Ensure The Performance Of The Laptop.

Keep checking or tracking the status of the laptop conditions via the Hp center apps or be touched by customer support.

  • Check All Components, Tests, And Trials.

When the problem or damage to the laptop is fixed check all the components of the computer properly and whether they are working properly or not. Test the operating system of the laptop once and ensure the performance of the laptop after it gets operated.

How Do I Get My Hp Laptop Repaired Under Warranty?

How Do I Get HP Laptop Repaired

To get your hp laptop repaired under the warranty follow these instructions -

Step 1. Visit the HP Customer Care Support online Website at and take the official Hp customer service care number to call them.

Step 2. Fix an appointment with the technical support team or technician.

Step 3. Enlist all the problems that you are facing with your hp laptop to the customer support team.

Step 4. Understand all the important information about your model whether it is under warranty or not.

Step 5. If you have the warranty card show it to hp customer support it.

Step 6. Corporate with them and follow their instructions to get your device fully checked.

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Hp Laptop?

As we discussed, Both in cases, Major repairs and minor repairs it is necessary to diagnose your laptop with the best which also takes some days to diagnose or treated properly. Minor damage takes less time than 10 to 15 days to repair. While major damage to the laptop takes more time 15 to 20 days. Generally, HP technicians take 10 to 15 days to observe the exact problem and fix it if your hp laptop has minor issues. But If your Hp laptop has major issues then it will take more than 15 days to fix the laptop issue properly.

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Replacement, Repair Costs, And More

Well, the repair cost of any device depends on its damage. If your hp laptop isn't under the warranty then you can see the repair cost of it. Hp laptop repair cost is different for its screen repair, keyboard repair, system fixing, etc. Some repairs are minor but some repairs are major. For example, if a laptop is broken down partially then the repair task of fixing the screen, and keyboard and checking the internal operating system of a laptop is a major repair but if a laptop has some system failure issues then it is a minor. In both cases, Major repairs and minor repairs it is necessary to diagnose your laptop with the best. The repair cost is also based on these factors -:

  • The availability of important parts and components of a laptop from the manufacturers of the laptop.
  • The model of the laptop whether it is a normal laptop or a gaming laptop.
  • Software brand of the laptop.
  • Device or laptop age whether it is old or new.
  • Minor and major damages.

Some of the common repair costs of a Hp laptop in India are listed as follows:-

Hp Laptop Screen Repair/Replacement Cost in India depends on the model and damage but usually, it varies from Rs. 4500 - 8000.

Hp Laptop Motherboard Repair/Replacement Cost depends on the processor but generally, it varies from Rs. 9500 - 12500.

Hp Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement Cost depends on the model and damage but usually, it varies from Rs. 1800 - 2500

Hp Laptop Fan Repair/Replacement Cost varies from Rs. 600 - 1500 in India.

Hp Laptop Battery Repair/Replacement Cost in India is from Rs. 1,800  to 4,000.

Hp Laptop Speaker Repair/Replacement Cost is Rs. 6200 - 12000( replacement) and Rs. 8000 to 12000 ( repair).

Hp Laptop Adapter Repair/Replacement Costs in India vary from Rs. 800 - 1200.

Hp Laptop Repair Costs for Software and OS Issues in India vary from Rs. 500 - 8500

Hp Laptop Repair Costs for Data Recovery in India vary from Rs. 2000 - 10500.

Hp Laptop HDD Repair or Upgrade Costs in India usually is Rs. 800 - 4000.

Hp Laptop SSD Repair or Upgrade Costs in India generally is Rs. 600 - 9500.

Hp Laptop USB Port Replacement price in India is Rs. 1350 to 3000.

Hp Laptop Charger Port Repair price in India is Rs.950 to 1600.

Hp Laptop Repair Cost for RAM Upgrade in India is generally Rs. 3000  to 5000.

These are all the things that you must have known before and after taking your laptop to the service center for repair under warranty.

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This article is all about getting your hp laptop repaired under a warranty with the help of customer support.