If A Laptop Is Always Plugged In And Charging What Is The Effect On The Battery

If A Laptop Is Always Plugged In And Charging What Is The Effect On The Battery
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Battery
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If the laptop battery is depleted, it will keep charging even when you’re using it. Once the battery gets charged, the laptop will start drawing power directly from the adapter. When you remove its plug from the wall outlet then the laptop will only use charge in the battery. Never allow it to discharge your battery completely. 

If the battery cannot charge when you’re using it, then it has a problem. Either the battery is damaged or the adapter. While keeping a fully charged laptop plugged in can lower the battery’s lifespan, it is better than allowing the battery to deplete completely before you charge it. If you don’t like the idea of keeping a laptop plugged in, take steps to keep it cool.

But if you’re still concerned, keep the battery cool by placing the laptop in a well-ventilated place. Some people will go so far as to take a fully charged battery out. They will operate the laptop using the power from the adapter, only reinstalling the battery once they have shut the laptop off

It doesn’t ruin your battery. Modern batteries can stand out to this practice. But overheating is the main worry.

Windows Central says the same thing. They have noted that charging always produces heat. Any user whose laptop is currently charging can test this claim by placing their hand beneath the laptop. They will realize that the bottom of the laptop is generating a lot more heat than normal. The fan of the laptop produces more heat than usual. 

But that shouldn’t bother you. That heat will only become a problem if the temperature continues to rise. If your battery is exposed to excessively high temperatures for long durations, it will deteriorate.

Don’t contemplate the battery dying immediately. Preferably, its capacity will diminish slowly over the weeks and months. But if the heat coming off the laptop isn’t that high, you don’t have any reason to worry about it. The laptop can survive these conditions

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