Which laptop should i buy dell lenovo hp

Which laptop should i buy dell lenovo hp
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Dell laptops are, on average, a bit similar to most premium brands in terms of charging and battery life. A full charge will most likely give you 7-8 hours of battery lifespan. But you can receive more than this if you go for a premium model, such as one from a Dell XPS series. Even so, because many of their designs feature a high resolution and, in some cases, a touch screen and battery life might suffer.


Lenovo laptops are impressive; there is no doubt about that. We have handled and reviewed many Lenovo models over the years and can confidently say that the brand makes consistently reliable laptops. 


On the other hand, certain people like to spend money on HP laptops because of their long battery life. It has a maximum duration of 12 hours. In addition, HP favors 3-cell and 4-cell batteries, both of which perform admirably. That means the battery should last around 2 to 4 years, even for extended everyday usage. Some users have reported that their HP laptop battery weakened before this time.


Dell laptops are a good option for individuals searching for a laptop with a long battery life. Most Dell laptops come with a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer service, which is usually unnecessary for most users.


On the other side, HP has some concerns about durability. Several reports are present online from customers purchasing HP laptops and having them crash within the first year or two. Even so, most people are satisfied with HP laptops for daily use.

Lenovo laptops might not be the attention seeker in terms of overall appearance; in fact, the look of ThinkPad series laptops did not change much if you look back, say, 12-15 years. But that’s what many users find appealing. These devices make great business laptops: no frills, nothing extra, just solid, school-even look and reliable performance.


But we will look at several different series, highlighting their best features.

  • Best in Performance and Portability

One of our favorite Lenovo Series is the ThinkPad Yoga X1. 

Why should buy

Why avoid 

Convertible 2-in-1 touchscreen

Very thin and light

Excellent hardware components offer great performance

Great battery life

It could use better graphics

Needs edgeless display

Rather expensive

The current 5th generation Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga has a beautiful minimal matte black finish; it comes with a powerful 10th generation Intel Core I process, a built-in stylus, and a long-lasting battery life. Elegant design and great specs make it a convenient work laptop. Another great laptop worth mentioning is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen laptop.


Being an excellent performance laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon could use better graphics, plus the 8th generation no longer has the SD card reader port.


Regarding customer service, Dell is one of the most reliable laptop manufacturers. Each product is sold with a warranty, and there are no issues with returning it if something goes wrong. Moreover, Dell’s customer support team quickly assists its customers in solving their problems. They will explain what you need to do and provide step-by-step instructions.


Dell’s service reliability can also be seen in the option for remote connection. So, if you cannot resolve a problem, an assistant can connect to your laptop and diagnose the issue. If it doesn’t work, you can take your computer to a Dell service center near your place. If the specialists there cannot fix your laptop issue, they will replace it immediately. That is why so many consumers like Dell’s customer service.


HP is also mindful of its customers. As a result, there are numerous methods to contact them if you want technical assistance. For example, when you buy a laptop, you will receive 90 days of free phone assistance and a one-year warranty against hardware failures.


You can also contact them through the HP support assistant, social media, and customer support center. Furthermore, they have a YouTube channel where they can watch videos that explain how to address various issues. Nonetheless, customers sometimes have to spend excessive time on the phone to resolve their issues. Instead of fixing your problem, HP employees frequently recommend that you update your antivirus software.

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