When My Sony Laptop Touchpad Not Working On Windows 10

When My Sony Laptop Touchpad Not Working On Windows 10

Sony Laptop to "On Window 10 my Sony Laptop not responding"

Touchpads not responding or not working on Windows 10 is the most common Issue, a genuinely uneasy situation when traveling or some urgent office presentation report looming over you. You need not worry at all! We are equipped with easy tricks, tools, and shortcuts to fixing your Sony Laptop Touchpads.

You can choose your solution with us; you can solve your tricky situation and make a Sony Laptop touchpad as per your type of Installed Sony Vaio touchpad driver.

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What's the cause of the touchpad problem on the Sony laptop?

The expert from Japanese electronics' advice on Windows 10 Sony Laptops said that most of the time, due to age-old and outdated versions of touchpad drivers, which are not upgraded with time. Usually, this problem is more frequently faced when we press specific keys accidentally or unknowingly, disabling our Sony Laptop Touchpad and leaving us clueless.

There are many FAQs for the Sony touchpad and mouse drivers, and why are there problems with the Sony Vaio touchpad? Our hardware, regarding hardware issues, is often responsible as the Sony Laptop touchpad is not working smoothly. Updating the new version of the Sony Touchpad can help you best fix your problem if you are facing troubleshooting errors. Apart from that, you are always advised to change some settings of Sony Laptop touchpads in the settings section of Windows 10 to fix Sony touchpad issues with comfort and ease.

How to Fix your Sony Vaio Touchpad Not Working issue in Windows 10?

This hectic situation can be fixed with effort and expert guidance by following the simple steps to resume using your Sony Laptop touchpad with your hands.

Let's face it: you are supposed to check if it is not disabled; remember, you can't use the Sony touchpad services if it is disabled. In that case, you can follow the easy step-by-step proceedings below.

1 Method- Enable Via setting in Windows 10

Why is my Sony Vaio mouse pad not working? We can get the solution for this Issue, as the touchpad service may not have been enabled in the settings section.

The steps now include your Sony laptop keyboard. Click on the window and X key together or at once in settings ->Devices->Mouse and Touchpads->Additional Mouse Options->Enable Touchpad.

Now reboot your Sony Laptop, start it again, and see if your Sony laptop Touchpad is working as smoothly as before; see if the Issue is fixed now.

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2 Method-Update your old Sony Vaio Touchpad Driver

What are you waiting for if you are unaware and have not updated your touchpad Driver?

You can constantly edit it for easy repair of your Sony Laptop Touchpad, which is not working as you desire. Do the same updates if your Sony keyboard and touchpads are not working.

It would be best if you could update the Sony Vaio touchpad driver from the official website of the respective manufacturer. It's best to download the most appropriate Driver suitable for your type of Issue and device. You can also visit the Sony Service Centre Mumbai for the best Sony Touchpads Drivers. You can go through some easy Installation steps as shown below-

●     Visit the Official Website

●     Search for the latest and updated touchpad drivers for Sony Laptops that are best compatible with your device.

●     Download and install it now.

After finishing off with Installation, make sure that your Sony Touchpad problem is resolved.

3 Method-Reinstall the Mouse in the Driver

During hard times, engineers often observe that poor mouse drivers can cause touchpad problems in our Sony Touchpad Laptops. You can reinstall the mouse driver in the device manager. Check below for the easy steps to install the newly updated mouse driver.

Click the window and R keys together on our Sony Laptop->type control/press enter->control panel->device manager window->increase the Mouse and another device -> right click on touchpads->choose uninstall option-> click yes.

That's it. Now restart your Sony laptop and save all the changes. Yes, we are assured that Windows will automatically install the default mouse driver, quickly resolving our problem of fixing the Sony mouse and Touchpad.

If, in any case, it is not installed, then we recommend you visit the official Sony website for the best-updated version of the mouse drivers and install it from that safe site; now install it.        

4 Method – Enable Function Keys in Touchpads

Function fundamental uncertainty or pressing by mistake may sometimes cause the touchpad problem in Sony laptops touchpads not working pain. Every computer and device has a unique combination, but they are more or less similar in many cases. In your Sony Laptop, the Enable/ Disable keys are known to be FN and F3 keys. When you do some RND, you can quickly get an idea of your type of combination as per the device in your hand. Now touch and allow the tap option to resume the Touchpad of the Sony Device for proper functioning.

How do you unlock the Touchpad on a Sony Vaio laptop?

In your Sony Vaio laptop, you can turn your Touchpad on/off by pressing and holding on the Fn key and then pressing the F1 key. Each time you do this, your Touchpad will get enabled/disabled.

 5 Method- Clean Boot

One major known factor for the malfunctioning of the Sony Laptop touchpad is software disruption, which can subsequently clash with the mouse properties of the Touchpad and result in the Sony laptop mouse touchpad not working. You can quickly fix this Issue on Sony laptops by performing a clean boot on your device. Now you can identify the problem step by step for troubleshooting your Sony Laptop touchpad not working on Windows 7.

How you can perform the clean boot is shown below-

Launch Run->type msconfig->ok->general tab->selective startup ->Untick load startup item->hide all Microsoft services->tab disable all.

In the startup tab->open task manager-> turn all off ->ok.

Restart your Sony Laptop Windows 10.

6 Method- BIOS Configuration-

 There is a straight and shortcut solution to correct your Touchpad that is not working on a Sony Laptop. It can be accomplished by a BIOS configuration where the Touchpad can be enabled easily. Starting with the booting laptop, click on the F8 key, F2 key, and Del key when the booting screen appears. Here, you can ensure that the touchpad option is enabled in this section.

Restart your Sony Laptop to resume the free-flowing touchpad service with easy scrolling and navigation functioning.

Now, your touchpad issue is more likely to get a fix by this BIOS Configuration method.

How do you find the BIOS key for the Sony Vaio laptop?

By pressing the F2 key, you can enter the BIOS. Now, try this several times if needed before the system loads.

How do I get into the BIOS setting on a Sony laptop?

Press F2 on the keyboard. You will enter the BIOS setup and press the arrow keys again to move through the menus. You can Press the PLUS  or MINUS keys to change the setup. To get an exit from the BIOS setup, you can press F10.

7 Change Mouse Properties

You can also fix the troubling Issue of the Sony Laptop touchpad not working by just enabling it from the mouse properties where it was turned off by mistake. Save the changes after resuming the enabling properties of the Mouse after starting the Sony Laptop, and you will see that your Sony touchpad is working properly as before.

How do I fix the buttons on my Sony Vaio laptop touchpad?

You can turn off the Touchpad and reboot your laptop—also, Right-click on the start button.

-> Select Control Panel ->Click Devices->.Click Mouse ->press the Settings tab on Mouse Properties->press the disable button to turn off the Touchpad. Restart the system. Enable the button.

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8 Method – Sony Diagnostic

The laptop touchpad is not working, which is expected. Resolve this problem in a Sony laptop by running a diagnostic on your Sony device. Perform the following steps as we guide- Look into Sony PC diagnostic for window on your computer -> system test from main menu-> system fast test tab->run once.

 When the Test is accomplished, your Sony touchpad will perform flawlessly so that you can enjoy free-flowing browsing.

You are almost done with all the tricks for restoring and fixing your Sony Laptop Touchpad. If the problematic condition prevails, our expert advice is to visit the nearby Sony service station in Mumbai.

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