Sony Laptop Problems Solution

Sony Laptop Problems Solution
  • Oct 5th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Hello Friends, hope you are doing well!

This blog contains some commonly occurring problems in Sony Laptops and ways to resolve them. Many of the Sony Laptop users will find this blog useful in resolving their Laptop related problems. If you have any such problems please feel free to contact NSS Laptop service centre in the future.

Sony DC Jack

Does your DC Jack get loose or your SONY Compaq laptop only run with the battery? On most of the laptops, DC Jacks do not have enough reinforcement which loosens under normal wear and tear. Therefore it is advisable to repair DC Jacks to a higher standard than the original SONY Compaq manufacturers.

Sony LCD & Backlight

Do you have a cracked screen? Do your images keep flickering? After booting does your SONY Compaq laptop fades to black for a while? Then there is no problem, we can help you with it. When your SONY Compaq LCD monitor is having missing blocks or lines of information or a scratched surface, a defective backlight, or having no display function at all then you need to contact a professional to restore it for a new performance.

Sony Motherboard

Power problem-related repairs may result due to liquid spills, power surges, or lightning strikes. Hardware such as Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard is controlled by Motherboard. If you’re experiencing any issues with your hardware we recommend you to contact your technician who will diagnose the issue for you. This is always a cheaper option than replacing your motherboard.

Sony Keyboard

If your buttons keep popping off? Then it is the right time to replace your keyboard. It is always an affordable way to increase the usability and life of your machine by replacing and repairing your Laptop.


Does it flicker and show a faint image on your SONY Compaq LCD? Then this problem is caused by the Inverter controls which provide power going to your backlights.


Whether your SONY Compaq laptop overheats and then shutdowns automatically? You need to check your cooling system. This will save you from replacing your SONY motherboard in the future as it is an inexpensive repair.

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If your Sony VAIO system does not power on and no boot

It is advisable to check whether your AC adapter is free from any defect.

1.      Always use a genuine Sony rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter.

2.      You are using the correct AC adapter for your model.

3.      Always be sure that your computer is securely plugged into a power source and turned on and that the power indicator light is lit.


We hope this blog will be useful for Sony Laptop users which will provide them with the necessary information for solving common problems faced by Sony Laptop users.

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