Finding It Using System Information:

  • Press and hold the Windows key then press R. This will open the “Run” command on any Windows laptop. On PCs running Windows 7 or later, you can right-click on the start menu.

  • Type msinfo32 into the Run search bar then press Enter.

  • After pressing Enter, this will open the windows system information utility, which contains details about your specific model of computer. 

  • Find the “system SKU”  section. It’s in the middle of the system information page. The number listed on the right of “System SKU” is your HP laptop’s model number.  

  • Write down the SKU number. Provide this information to tech support to ensure your laptop’s hardware.


Finding it Using the product label:

Shut down your laptop. You can do it on any laptop by pressing and holding down the power button till your machine turns off.

  • Make sure that you have saved and closed all of your work before doing this.

  • On Windows Vista and up, you can click the start menu at the bottom-left, click the power icon, and click shut down.

  • Unplug your laptop’s power sources to make sure that you do not get shocked while removing your laptop’s battery.

  •  Turn your laptop upside-down and remove its battery. In most cases, you can slide the battery out directly. You find a sticker at the bottom of your laptop if the battery is non-removable.

  • Find the product label. The label will have all the information regarding the product including your laptop’s model number, this is your laptop’s model number.

  • Write down your laptop’s model number. If you ever try to get help from a technician, provide them with this number so that they can speed up the service process.


Finding it Using CMD:

If your laptop does not have a label either. As long as your laptop is working you can still get the model number by using the command prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt by typing CMD into the taskbar beside the start menu. On some variants, you may need to open the Run dialog box and enter CMD.

  • In the command prompt, type wmic bios get model, and press Enter.

  • Your model number should appear after the command.


These were some helpful and useful tips to find the model number of your laptop. The purpose of finding the model number is to make sure that the refurbished machine you are buying is authentic or not. The second reason is it can make things easier if your laptop needs to be repaired.