Connect Your Tv To Your Laptop Wirelessely

Connect Your Tv To Your Laptop Wirelessely
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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"To make a connection is essential between people or electronic devices. " To connect a thing or device to another device is called a connection. To make this connection, we followed many ways to complete our work. Well, today we will discuss the wireless connection between the laptop and the T.V. If you don't know how to connect a T.V. through laptop wireless, then you can get help from this article to connect it.

Since last week, my T.V. has not been recharged, so I think I have to watch only a blank screen on display, but my mind blows up with the idea of why you don't connect your laptop to the T.V. Wirelessly. Enjoy the weather of the monsoon by watching your favorite web series and shows on the H.D. screen of a T.V. with just a wireless connection. And I do it. After that, I felt good that I used my skills and knowledge in something excellent and good work. You can do this too to enjoy your watch free on the big screen on T.V. with just an internet or wifi connection. You can also see the photos, Videos such as wedding albums, and videos on your T.V. with the wireless connection to the laptop. But before this, do you know what the term wireless means?


A wireless connection means the device connects or facilitates internet service without any case or wire. It is the connection of the Internet without the mess of cables. It refers to a computer network that uses Radio Frequency (R.F.) connections between nodes and the web. It is a popular solution for internet connection in homes, businesses, and telecommunications networks. A wifi router is used to connect multiple devices at a time.

The wireless connection provides a high-range area network through which we can connect any device and access the Internet on that device.


You have to fulfill these requirements to connect your laptop to the T.V. -:

·   Have a smart T.V. with a Wwifi-F connection

·   Have A laptop with Hitech features( window 10,11)that support wifi connection or wifi direct miscast feature

Follow these simple instructions to connect a laptop to a T.V. wirelessly or vice-versa -:

--- Open your T.V. and Go to the manual support page for model-specific information and support.

• If you have an Android T.V. or your T.V. supports the Android wifi facility, then follow these steps -:

1. press the HOME button on your T.V.'s remote control.

2.      Go to the apps and select the Screen mirroring option.

3.      Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

• If you have another model of T.V., then follow these steps for screen mirroring.

1.      Press the INPUT button on the remote control of your T.V.

2.      Select the Screen mirroring option under the menu list.

Note: If your intelligent T.V. is connected to wifi, it will get disconnected until the screen mirroring process becomes active.

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--- Now turn on your laptop and follow these steps to connect your T.V.

1. Move the cursor to the window icon and click go to the settings option.

2. press the window button +l to go directly to the settings option.

3.      Go to the connected device option under the device option.

4.      Select " Add device" to see the list of available connected devices.

5.      Identify your T.V. device name and connect it.

6.      Now, you can see the laptop display screen on the T.V.

 Note -: You must also enable an internet connection on your T.V.

This is how you can easily connect your laptop to a T.V. wirelessly.


This blog concludes with the procedure to connect your laptop to a T.V. wirelessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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yes, you can use cable.

You can follow the above-mentioned method.

Yes, Screen mirroring can only be enabled by the T.V remote control.

Yes, you can use a high-speed wifi connection router to connect both.

Select the chrome cast option on the web browser to cast the laptop screen on the TV.
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