How to Use Internal Hard Disk As External

How to Use Internal Hard Disk As External
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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How To Use Internal Hard Disk As External:

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You might have an old internal hard drive you don't want to use anymore - which can be used ideally as an external one. Some people don't know how to use an internal hard disk as an external one. Internal and external hard disks can work pretty much the same in terms of usability and design; thankfully, it's pretty easy to convert an internal hard drive to an external drive. All you need are a few extra parts and a bit of planning, all of which we'll help you with this blog on how to use internal HDD as external HDD efficiently.


Why Do I Need An External Hard Drive?

When it comes to external hard drives vs. external hard drives, people have questions like can I use an external hard disk as internal? You might wonder why you would ever need an external hard drive if you already have one on your Desktop or Laptop.

However, it's been a great idea to have an external drive as a backup just in case your desktop's internal hard drive fails. You can use an external disk as a backup if you are working with large-sized files or an external hard drive as an accessory for your laptop.

If you've upgraded your computer or have an old hard drive already, it's possible to convert these units into an external hard drive that you can quickly use. 


External Hard Drive V/s Internal Hard Drive 

The primary advantage of external hard drives over internal hard drives is their portability. , you can take an external hard drive with you anywhere, with the allowance to transport essential files for use in areas without the internet. 

On top of this, external hard drives are the laptop's best friend. Laptops can be challenging to upgrade, and some people don't even know we can use external hard disks. The plus point is that you can store your big files without clogging your laptop's memory.

External hard drives are also a great backup option in general. Yes, you can back things up on your cloud space, but if you want a safer place for backup, you can't regret your decision with a usual hard drive.

The downside to using an external hard drive is needing a separate connector. The connector can be dislodged during use or in the middle of the process, affecting your files.


What Do You Need to Convert An Internal Hard Drive Into An External Hard Drive?

When looking at the internal hard drive, you might notice it lacks connection and protection for daily use. The SATA or IDE connections are only beneficial if installed inside your computer.

So, you need to add a way for it to communicate with other tech, specifically a USB (the most common way to transfer files), a firewire bridge, or one of the different forms of hard drive connector types.

As well as this, you'll need an enclosure or 'caddy 'as they are known. These cases act as a converter, protector, and holder for the hard drive.

The things you will need are given below:


  • Drive type enclosure

  • Hard drive size

  • USB or Firewire

  • External drive bays


How To Make Your Internal Hard Drive Into An External Drive: 


Converting your internal hard drive to an external hard drive is straightforward.

First, you must remove your internal hard disk from the PC. You can open the enclosure and designated line with the hard drive. Some unscrew other clips. It's bestDoingclean surfaces to avoid the best harm to your industry. 

Once open, place the internal hard disk inside your laptop. Suppose you will know how to lie, and you will see if you have the right size. Then, connect all the necessary cables. Usually, you'll have a power source, cable connection, and holding clips.

Here, the process ends! Now, you can use your old hard drive as your new external device.


So, this was the information regarding how you can make your internal hard disk external, and you are now ready to make it happen and use it for the rest of your life. Of Course, you may want an extra internal hard drive on your computer. So, this article was about how to use your internal hard disk as an external.


Q1: Why should I convert my hard disk?

Ans: You can use it as an offline bac,kup, so you don't have to redownload your backup file, and it's much safer than cloud space.

Q2: Is it as difficult as it is mentioned on the internet?

Ans: No, it's not that difficult; it's pretty easy if you do it correctly.

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