Toshiba Satellite A75 Failed Power Jack Workaround

Toshiba Satellite A75 Failed Power Jack Workaround
  • Jan 11th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Your Toshiba Satellite A75 has a failed power, and you cannot start the laptop. Then follow these steps to create.

The power supply is inadequate.

The computer will run on battery power but will not charge the battery if the power supply is inadequate. Try using a different power supply to check this problem. If the problem persists, then your DC-in board could be wrong.

DC in-board is terrible.

If your DC in-board is terrible, the laptop will not run using the power adapter, nor will your battery charge. Your DC-in board must be replaced if your computer still does not turn on with a new power supply.

The Hard Drive Cable is loose.

You may be unable to boot correctly if your hard drive cable is not fully plugged into the laptop. Try to unplug the hard drive cable and plug it in by ensuring it is fully seated in the hard drive.

Bad Memory

The computer will try to turn on but immediately shut off if the memory in the computer is bad. First, take the memory out and reseat it after cleaning the contacts. The memory needs to be replaced if this does not fix the problem.

If you have replaced the system board twice, this probably does not apply to you. However, we have seen many Toshiba Laptops with the same or similar motherboard where the power jack on the board becomes disconnected or loose. You must obtain a new jack and solder it back into the position.
If you brought used or refurbished boards, it could cause a jack problem. You may require a unique cold soldering technique as it is awkward to access; however, when done correctly by an experienced technician, you can save your laptop.
There are also several Sony laptops and Dell Inspiron with a similar problem.
The costs for this repair are very high, but the parts are very cheap, so we don't know how to justify their high cost.

We want to share some tips for repairing the Toshiba A75 laptop for the DC Jack and battery charge problem.

If you have had a Toshiba A75-S209 for a year now, and after the first 3 months, it developed the same problem. Your battery is not charging, and you must twist and turn the power jack to connect. Since it was under warranty, you returned it, and the technicians repaired it. However, your problem once again recurred after about 4 months, and you sent it again for improvement. It worked fine for 5 more months, and then it failed again. Your Toshiba laptop caused a design flaw in this problem because your computer was out of warranty; you decided to repair it yourself. Your guide for dismantling A75 was excellent. Resoldering the power jack with a new one will solve your problem for a while, but it will again reoccur. Hence, we have decided to bring out a wire with the Jack outside. It looks dirty. However, it is a permanent solution. Insulate the DC jack with electrical insulation tape. If it works fine, connect and disconnect the dangling power jack outside the laptop; hence, there is no chance of breaking the soldering from outside.

 It would be best if you coiled the wires around the other through the ventilation grill. This prevents any force or external shock or force from being directly transmitted to the soldering joints.
It would be best to connect a new DC Jack to another end of the wire. Suppose you have purchased the new DC jack above the white wire in the positive terminal (+), which must be connected to the inner ring of the DC Jack. Similarly, the blue wire, being the negative terminal (-), should be connected to the outer ring of the DC jack. As the leads are very close, be careful not to shorten them.

Then, neatly wind a round of insulation tape over the wire, especially on the exposed DC Jack exterior, which will prevent any short-circuit and give it a better appearance.

The workaround done around the power jack relocates the Jack externally. It may happen that a shorting would occur between the metal casings on the top cover (the one that is removed with the guitar pick). This happens due to the solder repair being too tall. You should cover the repair with electrical insulation tape and fix the problem.


We hope this blog will be helpful for Toshiba laptop users who face the problem of their Toshiba Satellite A75 failed power jack workaround.

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