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NSS Laptop Service Center Pune

NSS Laptop Service Center Pune

Shop No 1545, Trimurti Apartment, Tilak Road, Near Hatti Ganapati Chowk Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030
Business Hours : 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Deals in : Laptop Repair & Spare Parts
70814 04540

Why choose NSS Service Center ?

We provide professional support for your device.

Professional Repair

Our team provides end to end support to our clients. Owing to our experience, we have a handful of professionals to guide you on call, visit, and fix your machine.

6 Years Of Experience

Professionals working with us owe decades of experience and can help you by giving immediate assistance to improve your laptop performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand our client’s requirements and ensure that our customers receive maximum satisfaction and value for money.

Home Service Within Hour

No need to panic if your laptop is not working, as our team will reach you out at your doorstep within hours. Just reach us out, and we are there to help you!

Pay Online Or COD

Our multiple payment options can help our clients in paying their dues from their desired payment mode. Clients can pay us online or COD at their ease.

Free Pick & Drop

Our best-in-class repair and warranty services for the parts fixed in your machine can help you if there is any wear and tear within the period. Just give us a call!

Repair & Part Warranty

Our best-in-class repair and warranty services for the parts fixed in your machine can help you if there is any wear and tear within the period. Just give us a call!

Customer Friendly Price

We are well-known for offering our premium services at reasonable prices. Our prices will allow you to reach us out anytime, as they are best in the industry.

Buy & Sell Old Laptops Available

You can sell or buy old laptops at reasonable rates.

Money Back Guarantee

Money-back Guarantee for any glitches during the 30-days of service warranty period.

Pan India Service Available

PAN India Customers can select their favourable service time throughout the day. Contact your nearest center for that.


The Most Trusted Dell Laptop Repair Center In Pune

Your ailing laptop, our quick fix 

We are confident that our six years of experience will not let you down

Laptops are considered indispensable work companions today, the most essential digital pet of our lives. Statistically, Dell Laptops are one of the most highly used and favored laptop brands in India. Coming to the professional field, Dell laptops are also considered the most secure business laptops in the market. 

From premium business laptops to budget Inspiron series, Dell has mothered at least one model to serve the needs of each user segment. However, all laptops require some kind of restoration and renovation someday or the other and Pune houses a series of Dell laptop repair centers from where you can get immediate assistance.

Now, we didn’t become the most trusted Dell laptop repair center in Pune just by our sheer luck but by maintaining quality service, honesty, and dedication. If you are availing of our service for the first time and you are not that confident about our services, you can gather information from our customers we have served previously. We can promise you this much, we won’t let you down.

You should always go for the best hands to fix your device. Being the trusted Dell laptop repair center in Pune, we ensure you with the best services along with on-site service at your doorstep. We provide the quickest and most affordable repair services for both business and residential Dell users.

At-Home Service Features Of Authorized Dell Laptop Repair Centre In Pune

NSS Dell laptop repair center in Pune incorporates the following standard support services:

  • 24×7 Online-Support: Dell offers free and comprehensive online assistance. It is handled through email support. You can place any of your queries and get them answered by our online problem diagnostic team. Our expert team helps you troubleshoot your issue before you come to us or send your device for repair.
  • Communication Support Through Telephone: If you are facing any problem regarding your Dell product and are not able to get it fixed via online support, you can contact the Dell laptop repair center in Pune and Dell’s technical support directly.

Are You In Need Of A Professional Dell Laptop Repair Centre In Pune? Congratulations! You Have Come To The Right Place.

Sometimes, even your new laptop may show unexpected problems. We understand your busy schedule. And at times, you may need the quickest but efficient laptop service nearby. And you may already know that the OEM service response takes a little longer than you can think of. 

To bridge this gap for the Pune residents, we take the responsibility to get your Warranty privilege as fast as possible. If you are out of Warranty, that is also not a problem for us to provide you the right service you require. Yes, our goal is to represent our professional responsibility at any cost, and you have come to the right place to search for that. 

At the NSS laptop repair center, we provide a series of professional services for Dell laptops that can efficiently resolve any of your Dell laptop-related problems. Do not hesitate to seek help, even if you witness a small problem creeping up your laptop. Because the later you come, the larger the problem may grow into your device. Let us help you troubleshoot the right reason first. We do believe that our expert technicians can provide you the best service in dealing with issues ranging from minor to major problems.

Our Experts Are Well Acquainted With All Series Of Dell Laptops

It doesn’t matter which series of the Dell laptop you are using, you just name your series, and we will be ready to give you the necessary solutions to fix any issue. The popular Dell laptop series that we generally handle are

  • Dell Inspiron
  • Dell Inspiron Mini
  • Dell Vostro
  • Dell Latitude
  • Dell XPS
  • Dell Alienware
  • Dell G Series
  • Dell Adamo.

Your laptop isn’t on this list? Don’t worry. We got you covered too. We do work with all the Dell laptop series, and we can fix all hardware and software-related problems in it.

Dell Laptop Repair Issues That We Resolve

Services For Motherboard Replacement Or Repair:

The most common culprits of Motherboard failures are excessive heat, electrical shocks, poor earthing in HDMI ports, and short circuits in USB ports. In most cases, motherboard failures lead to the replacement of the entire device. Our experts try their best not to make a replacement and resolve the malfunction. You can get the motherboard of your laptop fixed by visiting our Dell laptop repair center in Pune, and we will try to fix it with a durable one in an hour or two.

Chip Level Servicing:

We have the latest technology, updated equipment, and skilled experts to carry out the BGA chip level servicing. We are confident enough to tweak with the following:

  • BGA Rework
  • Replacing BGA chips like ICH
  • GMCH and PCH.
  • Replacing GPU
  • IO Controller
  • SMD chips.

Laptop Screen Repair Service Or Replacement:

A broken laptop screen can always be a nightmare. Laptop screens and their maintenance require extreme care and expertise. Further, laptop screens can malfunction due to faulty RAM. This problem may arise, either because of a dirty memory stick or the RAM physically broken. Recent and upgraded versions of laptops have LCD screens or thin LED screens. If the display flickers or shows other glitches you can always contact us on our Dell laptop Repair Center in Pune, and we will make it usable again. If your warranty period has expired, you have to pay a reasonable charge for our services for fixing your display.

Sometimes your screen may appear totally black or blank. It can occur due to memory failure in one of the memory modules. To fix this, you can contact our repair center and our professionals will reseat the memory modules for you to make your laptop as good as new.

Optical Drive Replacement:

An optical drive in a laptop enables the users to use CDs or Blu-ray optical drives. However, a malfunction may occur in this area due to excessive usage. You can have faith in our team of expert workers to serve you with the needed solutions for the replacement of the optical drive on your laptop. You can either contact our Dell laptop repair center in Pune telephone support, where you will get 24×7 technical aid from our expert engineers. 

Fixing Of The Constant Grinding Noise:

In many cases, your laptop may show up with problems like rattling sounds. It mainly comes from the cooling fan or the hard drive. This occurs due to clogged dust in the fan, or a malfunctioning hard drive. You do not need to worry, because our team of experts at Dell laptop support in Pune is always at your service. Your laptop will get fixed in no time by our professionals, and the service charges start from a minimum of Rs 500.

Fixing Of Loose Hinges:

Long-term use of your laptop can cause the hinges to become loose due to the weakening of the screws. You just have to give half an hour of your time to our expert team members of Dell On-site Support in Pune to tighten the screws and make it good as new.

Fixing Of Non-Charging Batteries:

Sometimes your laptop battery might face the issue of not getting appropriately charged, or the charge of the battery is not staying for long, or the worst-case scenario can be the battery is not getting charged at all. You can first contact our technical support online to get an idea of the problem your laptop is facing, or you can directly visit our Dell laptop repair center in Pune and get it fixed by our team of experts. Our experts will attach a new battery to your laptop or fix any minor issue as it requires, with charges starting from Rs 500 onwards.

Keyboard Repair Or Replacement Service:

Constant and regular use of your laptop can knock down the sensitivity of some of the keys on the keyboard. If a key gets separated from the keyboard, it can be repaired at our Dell laptop repair center in Pune. But if several keys are in a bad condition, then it has to be replaced. Apart from this, you can also depend on our services to fix Keyboard backlight issues for gaming series like the Alienware on Dell Laptops.

Frayed AC Adapter And DC Jack Repair Or Replacement:

Dell laptop AC adapter malfunctioning can be caused due to failure of the output cable because of flexing. Also, a broken DC Jack can lead to an unstable power supply. It can cause a significant hindrance to your work. We can save your day in just an hour with minimum charges of Rs 500. You can call us or even visit our Dell Laptop Repair Shop in Pune to get your adapter fixed, or the DC Jack. 

Repair Broken Parts:

Although Dell laptops are quite well-built, a time comes when some parts wear off. Please give our experts of Dell laptop repair center of Pune to replace the broken pieces with new ones with service charges starting from Rs 1000 onwards.

Repairing The Liquid Spill:

Let’s admit it. Accidents do happen at times. You might have dropped something accidentally on your laptop. These liquid spills are dangerous and may cause unexpected consequences to your laptop. Proper inspection of the internal parts is required to fix the liquid damage. Our team of well-trained professionals in the Dell laptop repair center in Pune will make a precise inspection of the internal components and fix them to their previous condition. 

Fixing Faulty Webcams:

Malfunctions in the laptop webcams are likely to occur because of faulty drivers. Other reasons may be because of software conflict or trouble in the OS. You can get the support of our technical experts via online services or by visiting our Dell laptop repair center in Pune.

Fixing Of Laptop Booting Problem:

Your Dell laptop may face booting failures due to incorrect BIOS boot sequence, damage in the hard disk, or it can be an issue related to the motherboard. Get a helping hand from our customer executives through a chat option available on this page to search for the cause of the problem. If it is still not detected, you can contact us at our Dell Laptop Repair Centre in Pune, and our expert engineers will get it fixed as soon as possible.

Get Your Data Recovered:

Data recovery is a specialized field that can cater to all data loss problems. Being one of the most complicated services of laptop repair, the charges for data recovery is a little high compared to the other services. Our team of experienced professionals has acquired the wizardry in recovering all types of data.

Removing Password From Your Dell Laptop:

If you are caught up with a second-hand laptop, and the former owner has forgotten to remove the password, or if you have forgotten the password of your old device, allow the professional hands of the Dell experts to take a peek in your laptop, or you can even visit our Dell laptop repair center in Pune so that you can get going with your recovered laptop in no time.

Installation Of Virus Protection And Virus Removal:

Anti-Malware software uses multiple detection methods, without which the device would be open to various viruses by malicious programs like Trojan horses, Adware, etc. Some virus threats can take down your entire system and leave you with no choice but to replace the laptop and leave a hole in your pocket. But the problem still remains if they operate through your account. Hence, it’s better to try removing them and install the required protection. 

Thus, the installation of anti-malware software and virus protection has become a necessity nowadays to protect your laptop from all kinds of malfunctions. If your laptop is facing such an issue, you can contact our experts in Dell laptop support in Pune, and they will install software to make sure your laptop is well protected.

RAM And SSD Upgrade:

Our Dell laptop repair center in Pune charges a minimum of Rs 300 to upgrade or repair the RAM and the SSD. The cost of the new equipment will be asked to pay by you also.

Fixing Of Internal Speaker:

It is a widespread issue for the laptop speaker to make weird and cracking sounds. Get your speaker fixed with starting service charges of Rs 600 onwards at the Dell Laptop repair center in Pune.

Advantages Of Selecting Our Dell Laptop Repair Center In Pune

  1. The best and timely services for all our customers, so that they are satisfied and do not have to wait.
  2. We have legal authorization by ISO Certification.
  3. A well-equipped lab with ample resources to convert your faulty laptop into one with the perfect running condition.
  4. We also deal with laptop AMC services.
  5. On the spot, professional services are provided.
  6. We have a team of well-trained professionals of 30+ engineers.
  7. 24×7 online support via telephone or emails.
  8. Delivery is at your doorstep, without facing the hassle of stepping out.
  9. Our team has acquired 6+ Years of professional experience and is successful in serving customers with every possible solution.
  10. At least a thirty-day warranty for all kinds of repair services.
  11. Timely delivery of all devices.
  12. Committed to customer satisfaction and are known for doing exceptional work.


Frequently Asked Question


We provide at least 30 days of Warranty for the most complex services. Based on the situation, we offer more stability, and even 3-6 months of Warranty if the service suits so.


Mostly. We offer services on the very day a client contacts us. If the problem is not so complex, or if we have replacement equipment present in our storefront, we deliver your product on the same day it reaches us after the service is complete.

Does the service provider in Pune Dell laptop repair center has a pickup and drop-off service?

Yes. The service providers will pick up your device and you will be given a receipt. After the Repair, you can have your laptop delivered to your home or even to your workplace. If you prefer, you can also drop it off and then pick it up from our service center.

Can I avail of laptop services at home?

Yes, you can get laptop repairing services at home. However, it depends on the type of malfunction on your laptop. It sometimes has to be taken to the repair center for it to get fixed. It requires certain additional charges as well.

Does your team has trained technicians, if yes, how many?

Yes, our repair center holds a team of 30+ well-experienced engineers who are accurately trained to aid any problem or any kind of query by the customer.

Cheap Dell Laptop & All In One Computer Machine Repair & Service Price List at Pune

Type All in One Machine Laptop
Dell Repair & Replacement of Screen or Display 850 to 19500 850 to 24500
Dell Keyboard/Trackpad Repair 850 to 4850 850 to 5850
Dell Motherboard Repair & Replacement 1000 to 9500 1000 to 33500
Dell Battery/CMOS Problems 250 to 1250 250 to 1250
Dell Hard Drive Problems or HDD 250 to 6850 350 to 9500
Dell Software Upgraden & Virus Removal 250 to 6500 250 to 6500
Dell Recovery & Operating System or Windows Installation 799 to 9999 799 to 9999
Price may vary depending on availability & market fluctuation.

Popular Locations

If you want to buy a service or product from the only Dell Authorized Service Center Near By Pune , we are providing you with the best information of our knowledge details are taken from the official brand website & google Maps.


Dell Authorized Service Center Near Me Address: C/O. TVSE, Office No 203, 2nd floor, Near Nana Saheb Pasalkar Bhavan Court Road, Near Pasalkar Gas Agency, Shivaji Nagar Pune Maharashtra 411005
Business Hours : 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Deals in : Laptop Repair & Spare Parts
9890738614 / 8793771212

Dell Authorized Service Center In Koregaon Park - Pune

Dell Authorized Service Center Near Me Address: No: 103, Jewel Square Mall, Near Taj Blue Diamond, Yerwada Road Koregaon Park Pune Maharashtra IN 411001 411001
Business Hours : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Deals in : Laptop Repair & Spare Parts
020-40040056 / 9764445917
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I provide my dell laptop for ram upgradation,they take care it self,and good accountable withinside the outlet they provide the tremendous recommendations and make it cushty to the its solved.

Address Ekdant Dutta Mandir Rd, Shambhu Vihar Society, Ward No. 8, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Model Dell INSPIRON 14 3467
Problem Ram problem
Resolved Ram upgrade
Engineer Name Md Azad

2021-07-30 12:05:48


I need the dell inspiron battery, they arrenged quickly and give it to me.wonderful service,good responsible..

Address Oriental Gold Society, Ward No. 8, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Model Inspiron 15 Plus Laptop
Problem Battery Dead
Resolved Battery Replacement
Engineer Name Akhilesh

2021-07-30 12:10:17


I provide my dell laptop for ram upgradation,they take care it self,and good accountable withinside the outlet they provide the tremendous recommendations and make it cushty to the its solved.

Address Tejeswini Society, Baner DP Rd, Oriental Gold Society, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Model Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop
Problem speed problem
Resolved SSD upgrade
Engineer Name Abhishek

2021-07-30 12:13:29

Nitesh Gawand

Nice work , system was frequently shutdown due to the ic problem , they find out and resolve the issues

Address Castle World, Shambhu Vihar Society, Madhuban Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Model Inspiron 15 Laptop
Problem No Display
Resolved Motherboard Repair And Service
Engineer Name suraj

2021-07-30 12:32:50


Gave My Laptop For Battery Change and Key Pad Issue Got a Great reaction from the crew and were given my laptop again inside an afternoon after doing the carrier Laptop is in Good Condition now..

Address Vidhate Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Model XPS 13 Laptop
Problem Battery Dead
Resolved Battery Replacement
Engineer Name Akhilesh

2021-07-30 12:46:51

Saniya Yadav

You provide me with excellent service thanks to NSS, I really appreciate your service.

Address Cello Platina, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005
Model Dell Inspiron 15 3537 Laptop (Core i5 4th Gen/6 GB/1 TB/Windows 8/2 GB)
Problem Keyboard Not Working
Resolved Keyboard Replaced
Engineer Name Raghvendra Singh

2021-08-24 16:16:46

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We warranty our repair services for 30 days and also give a money-back assurance!


Mostly, we try to offer services on the same day a client contacts us with no added charges.


Yes! We have been providing specialized training to each of our team members to repair any complex issues within hrs.


This is always a difficult thing to choose a laptop repair services company but you can contact us and try our services to get the best experience ever

Free Pickup & Drop At Home

NSS Team is working dedicatedly 7 days to not just provide the service but the intent is to keep their device 24*7 ready to use.

Lowest Price Garanteed

We will offer you 100 % Low Price Service and Support with the utmost quality. You can hire us after cross-checking with your nearest repair shop.

Free Diagnostics @ NSS Store

We assure you that we will provide you Free Diagnostic Service If you are not sure about what’s wrong in your device.

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