How To Fix A Laptop Fan Making Noise Problem

How To Fix A Laptop Fan Making Noise Problem
  • Jan 4th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Rana
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All laptops produce some sound due to their moving components, like fans and hard disks, which is normal. However, when the noise from your computer seems like grinding, it is a cause for concern. You should never take any excessive noises or unusual rattling sounds from your laptop for granted. 


When you face such an issue, consider taking these critical steps. First, reduce the number of idle programs or applications running on your system before shutting down anything else to reduce strain on your system. Ensure that the cooling fan vent is free of obstruction that might hinder proper airflow and control the heat level. Moreover, raise your laptop away from the surface using a stand. If your computer still doesn't work, consider finding a "Laptop Repair Shop near me." 


What Makes the Laptop Fan Make Noise? 

There are various reasons why laptop fans can get noisy.


Dust can block the vents of your system and make it difficult for the fans to function well. All The fan's blade gets obstructed by dust that hampers their rotation and produces a clattering sound.

Vents blockage: 

Your laptop's fans may face significant challenges if the vents are blocked. With obstructed vents, the cooling system fails to take in cool air and push out hot air, thus decreasing its effectiveness. Consequently, the fans are usually operated at a higher speed to compensate for the insufficient air flow, generating more noise and may still overheat. 


Performance issues, abrupt shutdowns, and may result in overheating. Prolonged high-speed fan operation caused by blocked vents can result in increased wear and tear, which may diminish its efficiency and negatively impact performance. A laptop requires regular maintenance that involves cleaning any accumulated dust or dirt.

Old machine: 

Several reasons could give rise to an old machine as one factor causing a laptop fan to make noise. The laptop's internal cooling system gets filled with dust and debris over the years, creating airflow blockage. The more complex the fan works to eliminate heat, the higher the noise levels. Secondly, over time, the thermal fluid used between the CPU and GPU could deteriorate, lowering the efficiency of conducting heat into the heatsinks. 


Such cooling also causes overheating and noise from the fans. This may result in a continuous humming noise in certain instances where the fan bearings wear away after long-term usage. Older laptops may exhibit high fan noise due to aging. Regular cleansing, maintenance, and possible replenishment of thermal pastes could ease this issue. You can get your laptop refurbished from a Laptop Repair Shop in Thane when your computer needs the necessary refurbishments. 

Too much load on the CPU and GPU: 

If you use the laptop for intense tasks such as HD video editing or 3D gaming, the CPU and GPUs are under tremendous pressure, resulting in excessive heat generation. Then, the fans are the ones that accelerate the cooling process by making a louder sound when they operate at higher speeds. Do you think your laptop needs an expert's assistance? We can be the best option at the NSS laptop repair service center if you are looking for a "Laptop Service Center Near Me." 


How do You Fix the Issue? 

If the problem is within your control, and you don't need a fan replacement, you can follow the steps below to remove the din from your laptop fan. 

1. Place the laptop on the rugged and level terrain.

With a laptop, you can get that all-important job done even from the mound of your folding laundry. However, some surfaces may hinder ventilation at your device's cooling vents. Place your laptop on a hard, flat surface to prevent these issues. Such a surface allows for easy machine cooling with an internal fan.

2. Clean the air vent

In addition, if your laptop seems a bit loud while the fans are always on, try cleaning out the air vents, as the dust accumulation could mess up your device! For this, point a can of compressed air at your laptop's fan vent at an angle to direct air directly into your machine. Additionally, it is advisable to clean out the ducts of your computer every six months to prevent dust accumulation that may lead to overheating of the computer.

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3. End Background Programs.

Several other programs would also run in the background when working on one program on a laptop. Any programs and opened windows may slow down your computer.

4. Get rid of any viruses

Loud fan noise means you have a virus or other malicious program on your laptop. Either can force your machine to work too hard, overheating its internal parts. Here's a guide on how to hunt and eradicate computer viruses for help.


6. Update your drivers

The drivers are a suite of files enabling communication between your laptop and its peripherals, such as printers and headphones. However, your software must be current to work with your drivers.

7. Outboard Laptop Exhaust Fan.

Purchasing an external laptop exhaust fan might be good when dealing with programs requiring high computer resources like games and video editors. One is available in a cooling mat form. Their function is to cool down your laptop's heat buildup. Such external cooling fans are usually portable, USB-compatible, and 'plug & work'; when connected to your computer, their operation starts. This makes it simple to cool down your portable computer with cool pads for notebooks at work or in outdoor environments like a coffee house, bedroom patio, or any other place beyond your climate control.

Find Your Nearest NSS Laptop Service Center 

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