How To Check Graphic Card In Laptop 2022? | Simplest Way to know about Graphic Card in Laptop & Computer 

Laptop and Computer are very important things in today’s time, without computer there is no work, where we look in the office computer is needed everywhere in the bank, now in such a situation have you ever thought that the laptop or computer you use is in that Even if you watch the photo or video, why does it appear so clear or when playing the game of high definition, then the game is clearly visible in some computers and in some it is not visible, so why does it happen that all this fund is of the Graphic Card, so in today’s post we will talk about you that how you can check the graphic card in computer or laptop.

Graphic Crad NSS

If you want to see anything clear and clean in your laptop and computer, then you should have a graphic card installed in your computer or if you want to play any high quality game then you cannot play the game without graphic card, and then let us know. What is Graphic card in laptop any why is it important?

Introduction to Graphic Card:

Graphic card is the hardware part of the computer which is connected to the motherboard of your laptop, with the help of this, whatever photo you see in your laptop or watch any high quality video or play any game like GTA V (DOWNLOAD NOW), Call of Duty, it gives you a lot clear view. Without graphic card you will not be able to see as clear as you can see after inserting the graphic card, we also call the Graphic card as video card. You can simply upgrade to a higher Graphic while having any operating system such as Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, and Window 11.

Hoe to Check Graphic Card

Tips: If you want to play high definition games on your computer and laptop, then I would highly recommend you to take a good quality (high – end) graphic card like ASUS, Gigabyte, NVIDIA and etc. The better the graphic card you will use, the better the graphics you will see.

So let us now learn how we can find out which Graphic card and what kind of graphics card is installed in your laptop or computer.

How to find Graphic Card in Laptop & Computer with different operating systems such as Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 and Window 11?

In order to check the Graphic card, follow the given steps respectively:

1. Right click on “My computer” and click on “Manage” – First of all, you have to right click on My Computer of your laptop or computer, then you will see many options there in the drop down menu, but you have to click on Manage.

click on manager

2. Now click on Device Manager then click on the arrow of Display adapter – You will see a lot of options here, then you have to click on Device Manager, after that you will see an option on the right side called Display Adapter. On the side of it you will see an arrow click on it.

Graphic Card NSS

3. As soon as you click on the small arrow of Display adapters you will see the graphic card below that which graphic card is installed in your laptop or computer.

Graphic Card NSS

So in this way you can easily find out which and what kind of graphic card is installed in your computer or laptop.

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In this article we have discussed about what graphic card is, why it is important in your laptop and computer and how you can check it in your laptop and computer.