Macs introduced the world to a variety of useful computer-using techniques. However, many users find one of these advancements to be unclear. The right-click button is strangely absent from Apple trackpads and mice. The action known as a "control-click" or a "secondary click," which is the same as a right-click, can be carried out in several different ways.

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Find out how to right-click on a Mac using several devices

How to use a Magic Mouse to right-click

Use A Magic Mouse To Right-Click

Using a mouse is the most typical way to right-click on a Mac. While individuals who own MacBooks generally like the functioning of the highly-sensitive and responsive touchpad, this option is particularly popular among iMac owners.

Although the right-side button is absent from Apple's Magic Mouse and its predecessor, the Mighty Mouse, you may still simply enable this feature. Make sure your mouse is plugged into a USB port or linked through Bluetooth before continuing.

Right-clicking with a Magic Mouse can be enabled by:

1. Open the Apple menu on your Mac.

2. Choose System Preferences.

3. Use Mouse

4. Access the Point and Click pane.

5. Select the option for Secondary Click by selecting the checkbox.

6. From the drop-down menu, select the right-click method that feels the most natural to you:

The right-click feature is assigned to your mouse's right side when you choose this default setting.

Toggle to the left: The right-click function is assigned to the left side of your mouse with this option, which is quite helpful for left-handed people who typically use the mouse with their left hand.

7. You can now close the window as your modified settings have been saved.

mouse settings, click on the right side with the checkmark.

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How to Right-Click on a Mac using any mouse

Right-Click on a Mac using any mouse

If your mouse has two buttons and is not an Apple product, you can just click the right button. Use a right-click by pressing and holding the Control key on a keyboard if this doesn't seem to work.

The fact that non-Mac mouse scrolls in the other way could be another problem. Simply alter the Scroll direction settings in the Mouse window if you find them to be uncomfortable.

A Mac trackpad's right-clicking procedure

Your Apple laptop, whether a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, has a trackpad that is capable of carrying out all mouse-related operations, including the right click.

On a MacBook, you must turn on the secondary click feature in System Preferences before you can right-click.

To make your MacBook trackpad capable of right-clicking

MacBook trackpad capable of right-clicking

1. Open the Apple menu by selecting it by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac's display.

2. Choose System Preferences.

3. Select a trackpad

In the second pane of the system preferences, locate the trackpad settings.

4. From the Trackpad window, navigate to the Point & Click pane.

5. Select Secondary click by selecting the checkbox.

Ticking the secondary click box in the trackpad settings

6. Click the down arrow to reveal the drop-down menu.

7. Pick one of the following options

With two fingers, click: You can use this option to right-click on a touchpad by softly touching it with two fingers.

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In the lower right corner, click: By selecting this choice, you can right-click by pressing your touchpad's bottom right corner.

Click the bottom-left button to: The secondary click options in drop-down menu 8 allow you to right-click by clicking on the bottom left corner of your touchpad. This option is primarily for left-handed people. Your updated settings have been saved, so you may now close the window.

Use the slider in the Trackpad pane of System Preferences to adjust tracking speed.

trackpad settings' tracking speed slider

To make use of your trackpad's additional features, use multi-touch gestures.

Using the right mouse button on a Force Touch trackpad

The Force Touch trackpad is an upgraded version of the trackpad found on MacBooks manufactured in 2015 and after. Depending on how hard you touch the trackpad, you can access new options.

Force Touch Trackpad allows you to right-click in the same way as any other trackpad, but you may also right-click here by pressing and holding down on the trackpad, which may seem more natural than the other methods.

Follow these instructions to change the Force Touch trackpad's pressure

change the Force Touch trackpad's pressure

  • Launch Apple menu

  • Select System Preferences.

  • Choose Trackpad.

  • Open the Point & Click pane.

  • Locate the "Click pressure" option, then slide a dial to the desired setting.

  • Deselect the Force Click and haptic feedback option to disable Force Click.

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