How To Copy Videos From Cd To A Laptop

How To Copy Videos From Cd To A Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Today, we will learn  "How to copy videos from a CD to a laptop. "You need to insert a CD or PC disc on the laptop to play the videos on your computer. As new technology and features are introduced, you can copy a video from a CD to a computer. You can play any high-quality video file on your laptop or PC without inserting a CD (compact disc ). Carrying CDs and DVDs is an unmanageable task in today's time. A pen drive was introduced to increase manageability and bring them a new form of movement.

" A photo is of a thousand words, and videos are the emotions of those words."

Before we go to our main topic, do you know what a CD or DVD is? And their function? So, we will inform you about this in this blog.

So, The complete form of a CD is a compact disk. It is a round or circle-shaped disc made up of a thin metal layer and permanently stores video and audio file memory. Its other name is CD ROM. It has a signal layer of the pit that holds data up to 700 MB. It is less durable.

The complete form of the DVD is a digital video or digital video. It is also circular and stores video and audio file memory. It is a double-layer pit that holds data up to 17 GB. It is the best option for storing large-size files. It is highly durable.

Functions of CD and DVD -

These are used in reading data from the optical disk written on the disk's surface by laser technique after burning the pits. Both perform a similar function of reading and writing data but differ in storage ability and vitality.

We are going to talk about copying videos from CDs. Do you know the merits of a CD on a laptop or PC? So, here are some merits of Compact disk CD-ROM(read-only memory).

• Merits -

1. Storage Ability

Data and information are stored up to 700 MB on CDs. The memories or data stored on CDs are permanent and can't be changed. It contains information data such as photos, videos, audio, software, games applications, etc. It is easy to copy data from one CD to another device.

2. Cheaper

CDs are cheaper and easy to access from the market.

3. Permanent Data

The data on CD-ROM is permanent and can't be changed. It will remain the same until its durability.

There are also some demerits of CDs-

1. Storage Capability -

Storage capacity is an advantage as well as a disadvantage of CDs. It can store a minimum of data up to 700 MB. That's why more options, like DVD and optical drives, with maximum storage capacity are available on the market.

2. Privacy and Security -

A concerning drawback of CDs is that they are copied by someone else quickly. That's why your data will not be secured.

3. Lose Data

If there is a scratch on the CD, it loses the data permanently and cannot read correctly.

4. One main drawback of CD is a dependency on another device. A computer or laptop can access the CD data when it has apps for reading it like CD-ROM and DVD RW.

We learned all the information about CDs. Its functions, advantages, and disadvantages. Now, we must know How to copy videos from a CD to a laptop. Here are the following steps-

1. Open your laptop or PC  and refresh it.

2. Open the disc plate on the laptop or PC.

3. Insert the CD into your laptop or PC's disc plate and wait a few seconds to recognize it.

3. Cloto see the disc plate or drive of the laptop.

4. Open Windows Explorer and select the option of CD Drive.

5. Select the video file you want to copy.

6. Press the shortcut key ctrl+C to copy the file.

7. Choose the folder you can to locate the video file.

8. Press the shortcut key Ctrl + V to paste the copy file into the folder.

Note - You can also use the menu list for the copy-and-paste option.

9. Uploading the copied file into the folder takes some time.

10. After uploading, click save and enjoy your video watch on your laptop.

In the complete process,  don't remove the CD from the drive tray. This process needs high-speed Internet. Ensure your laptop or PC is connected to the Internet during the process.


This blog guides you on copying video from a CD to your laptop. There are just some simple steps to do it the right way. You can easily access your video file anywhere after copying it on your computer. CDs are somewhat needed for storage, but we can easily store data on our laptops or PCs as technology progresses.






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