MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Which Is Better For You

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Which Is Better For You
  • Jan 9th, 2024
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The Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are excellent computers that are now considerably better than before, thanks to Apple silicon, making it difficult to choose between them. Comparing the laptops can be difficult, but figuring out which one is ideal for you is vital.

The decision has become more challenging due to the range of models in the portfolio. Examples are the entry-level MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1, released in 2020 but still deliver strong performance. M1 Pro/M1 Max chips, more powerful than the M1 in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, will also be available in the $1,999 MacBook Pro 14-inch starting in 2021. A more prominent mini-LED display, connectors, and a sharper camera are also included.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro offers the same improvements as a bigger, more apparent screen and a longer battery life. Of course, there are also the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 and the MacBook Air 2022.

Basics of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air: What Are the Differences?

The MacBook Air, which in its early years served as the model for ultraportable notebooks, is no longer as lightweight or unique (several Windows laptops are as lightweight or lighter). However, it is still the lightest Apple laptop available at 2.7 pounds. With a weight of 3 pounds, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a little heavier, but the weight difference is probably not significant enough to influence your choice.

The price difference, which is insignificant when comparing the base versions, is also irrelevant. The cheapest 13-inch MacBook Pro model costs only $100 more than the M2 MacBook Air, starting at $1,199. Each comes in various configurations, but both have a maximum cost of $2,499 when fully equipped, not including the cost of extras. The M1 MacBook Air, with a starting price of $999, is still available from Apple.

The short version of the long story with the entry-level models is this: We'll delve into the components supplied in each of the two laptops below. The Air is the best option if you desire portability and value and don't require a fancier or more powerful laptop for work. It's a desirable product because it serves as the entry point into the current generation of Apple laptop hardware (and the Apple software ecosystem as well).

Suppose you want to utilize your MacBook for work, particularly if you're a content creator. In that case, you should give the MacBook Pro more serious consideration (the 13-inch, but possibly the 14-inch model, depending on how big your budget and how advanced your needs are). The performance difference between the 13-inch Pro and the Air isn't significant, but it's enough to set the 13-inch Pro apart from the Air and justify the additional price for many professionals.

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air Design and Features: Nuances and Knockouts

Both laptops feature an all-metal chassis, which is distinctive from Mac products. But the MacBook Air has a somewhat bigger screen than the Pro despite being slightly less expensive and smaller. Its 13.6-inch screen has 2,560 by 1,664 pixels, unlike the MacBook Pro's 13.3-inch screen, which has fewer pixels. Both have identical P3 color gamut coverage, True Tone automated white-balance changes support, and maximum brightness ratings of 500 nits.

The much-maligned "butterfly" keyboard that formerly adorned (or, as some users will say, afflicted) the Air and the 13-inch Pro in earlier generations has been replaced by Apple's Magic Keyboard, which is incorporated into both the Air and the 13-inch Pro. When typing, the butterfly keyboard is noted for having a flat, unresponsive sensation. Additionally, it was prone to malfunction when dirt or debris became trapped beneath the keycaps, making some keys inoperable. Using the Magic Keyboard provides both versions with a far more enjoyable, conventional typing experience. When typing, a scissor mechanism with a rubber-dome spring back feels more stable and provides better feedback.

The keyboard for a MacBook

Keyboard 2022 Air (Credit: Molly Flores)

Even though the keyboards are identical, only the MacBook Pro has the Touch Bar, an OLED strip that can be touched. Although we've previously stated that we don't consider this an essential feature (and the audience for the MacBook Air doesn't appear to miss it), its shortcuts and hotkeys can undoubtedly be helpful for content creators utilizing a MacBook Pro. 

Its contextually appropriate functions are helpful for programs like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. However, Apple has removed it from the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

The only connectivity choices on both laptops are two USB Type-C ports and a headphone jack. This is typical for ultra-slim laptops because there isn't enough space for more extensive, conventional USB Type-A connections. USB-C connections' adaptability and quicker data transfer speeds are excellent, but if you already have a lot of USB-A gadgets, you'll need adapters or new cables for them. Thunderbolt connectivity is supported through the USB-C ports on both laptops, with data transfer rates of up to 40Gbps.

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I won't say much as the blog has informed you about the Macbook Pro vs Macbook Air: Which is Better For You. It is an easy process, and you can use it for various purposes.

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The M1 MacBook Air is the best choice if a low price is your top priority. However, you should consider whether getting twice as much storage is more important to you than the MacBook Pro's longer battery life, additional graphics core, and fan.

On our battery test (web browsing at 150 nits), the M1 MacBook Air lasted for 14 hours and 41 minutes, while the M1 Pro lasted even longer (16:32). The 16-inch MacBook Pro (10:55) is outperformed by both times. The MacBook Pros from 2021 outperform these figures.
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