How To Repair A Camera In A Hp Laptop 2000

  • Sep 11th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Are your Hp 2000 laptop model cameras struggling to capture a perfect picture? Or there is any kind of damage occurring in the inbuilt web camera on your laptop? If you are facing any kind of this problem with the camera and want to fix it on your own then read this article which will help you to find the best methods through which you can repair the camera of your hp 2000 laptop and notebooks.

The damaged and defaulted camera on a laptop can stop many works proceeding such as important video conferencing. In this case, you need to fix your laptop camera as soon as possible. Specific HP notebooks, laptops, monitors, and PCs come with built-in webcams that you can use to capture photos or images and shoot videos in motion. A webcam is a type of video input device, much similar to a scanner or camera, and requires specific software to function it. Two types of software that are widely used as webcams on laptops are -:

· Video calls and conferencing featured webcam software

· Video editing featured webcam software

Why Hp Camera Not Working?

These can be the following reasons that are barriers to your hp laptop camera not working properly -:

1. Any kind of external damage on the display screen of the laptop

2. Troubleshooting problem

3. System failure

4. Software default

5. Virus and malware attacks

6. Outdated drivers etc.

How Do I Repair My Hp Laptop Camera?

These are the following methods through which you can fix your hp laptop camera -

Method 1-: Turn On The Switch Of The Web Camera

Sometimes there is a switch off of the camera of the laptop and we thought that it is not working properly. So, first, need to check whether the switch of the camera on a laptop is on or off.

How To Switch On The Camera On My Hp 2000 Laptop?

There is no specific inbuilt installation of a webcam in the hp 2000 laptop according to the guide specification but the software webcams are available in the hp 2000 laptop.

Check at the side edges of the laptop, there must be an icon on the hp models on the right or left sides of the laptop which is known as the "webcam privacy switch" locate it and slide it towards the "ON" option.

You can also switch On the camera by pressing the webcam shutter key on the keyboard which a generally next to the function keys. From the small light of the switch, you will know whether the camera is turned on or off.

Method 2-: Check The Inbuilt Camera Settings On The Laptop

You can also check the privacy settings of the inbuilt camera on your laptop. To check the camera settings follow these instructions -:

1. Turn on your laptop refresh it and go to the taskbar.

2. Search for the camera in the search bar.

3. Under the camera, section click on the  "Camera Privacy settings".

4. You can also use the camera to create an account picture.

Method 3-: Camera Access To The Software

If the video is not displayed in the app and software such as Zoom, Skype, Google meets, messenger etc. then check if these applications have access to the webcam or not. To check whether these apps have access to the camera or not follow these instructions -:

1. Turn on your laptop refresh it and Right-click on the Start button >Settings > Privacy & Security > Camera.

2. Make sure that the in the settings Camera access bar is set to On.

3. Check the apps which have access to your laptop's inbuilt camera, and select the other apps that you want to have access to the webcam.

Method 4 -: Run Antivirus Programs

Sometimes there may be a virus and malware attacks which not let you access the web camera on the laptop. Download antivirus problems on your laptop to fix this problem. You can also update the drivers of the windows.

Method 5 -: Reboot Your Laptop

Perform a hard reset or reboot of your laptop to fix the problem with the camera not working. Sometimes overheating cause some glitches in the operating system. Shit down your laptop completely and then press and hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds until the laptop gets boots up.

Method 6 -: Check For The External Damages

Check whether the display screen of the laptop has some damage. If the screen is broken from the side of the camera then take your laptop to a service center to repair it. Technicians can perfectly operate the damage and repair it. And if you want to replace the preinstalled camera with the new one then the expert technician can help you out.


This article concludes with the methods and procedures through which you can repair or fix the camera on your hp 2000 laptop.


Q•1 Is HP 2000 A good laptop?

Ans- As limited use of laptops for light working it is a good laptop having windows 8 at an affordable price.

Q•2 What is the cost of an HP 2000 laptop?

Ans- Hp 2000 series has different prices for models starting at Rs.28,000.

Q•3 When did the HP 2000 released?

Ans- Hp 2000 series was released back in November 2013.

Q•4 How much RAM can an HP 2000 take?

Ans- It supports up to 8GB of RAM.

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