How To Enable Windows 11 Drag And Drop Feature

How To Enable Windows 11 Drag And Drop Feature
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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In the new Windows 11 OS, Microsoft removed the taskbar's drag-and-drop feature, available in earlier versions. There are a variety of solutions to restore it. In this article, we've listed three methods to fix this drag-and-drop function in Windows 11.

Microsoft Removes Drag & Drop for Taskbar in Windows 11

There are many news stories and debates concerning Windows 11 before the official announcement of the new operating system. The two most talked-about discussions about Windows 11 are the improved features and unique features included in it, as well as functions removed or diminished from the operating system.

Many Windows 11 users are unhappy with Microsoft's stopping drag-and-drop functionality in the taskbar. Some are even considering rolling over to Windows 10 since they find Windows 11 can't drag and drop, significantly impacting their regular use of computers. After updating to Windows 11, users can no longer transfer files on the taskbar (or onto an app pinned there). Additionally, they cannot pin an app onto the toolbar simply by dropping it onto the taskbar by dragging and dropping it.

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Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 11 Is Not a Bug

Many people believe that the drag-and-drop issues in the Windows 11 taskbar are an issue with the new operating system. The truth is, Microsoft responds that it's not a problem that has been identified for Windows 11; it confirmed Windows 11 can't drag and drop files into the taskbar.

Microsoft replied in an article on the Feedback Hub:

"At present, dragging files onto an app's taskbar to launch the application isn't possible with Windows 11, but we are grateful for your feedback and will continue to use it to guide the development of future features such as this."

How to Enable Drag & Drop Feature in Windows 11

Many people ask what I can do to fix drag-and-drop issues that aren't working. There are Some methods for enabling drag and drop on Windows 11

#1. Use Alt + Tab Shortcut

The Alt + Tab menu is the best option for Windows 11 drag-and-drop issues.

Go to the folder or file that you intend to drop by drag.

Choose the folder or file. Press and hold the left mouse button.

Move the folder or file a bit to place it in grab mode.

Hold the Alt and Tab keys while grabbing the folder or file to look at all the open applications on the taskbar.

Continue pressing the Alt key. While you're at it, press Tab repeatedly. Tab key frequently to switch between various apps available.

Use the release keys, such as Alt and Tab, after selecting the application you want to use.

Make sure to Release the left-click when you're in the window you want to open and drop the folder or file there.

Cut and paste instead if you need to transfer a folder or file from one location to another.

#2. Open Two Windows side-by-side

It would be best to open the windows (folders or programs) where you want to carry out drag-and-drop actions.

Place these two windows in a row to place them next to each other.

Browse to the folder you want to use, then hold and click on the folder or file you wish to drag.

Drag the folder or rub it across the window, then release it to drop it.

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#3. Edit the Registry

Attention: The Start button and the Search button, as well as the Cortana button, are no longer accessible via the Windows 11 taskbar after you have applied this fix.

Press Windows + R.

Enter Regedit and then click "OK.".

Go to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell\Update\Packages.

Right-click the space within the left pane. Choose NewDWORD (32-bit) The value.

Make it a name like UndockingDisabled, and double-click it.

Replace the "Value Data" from 0 to 1, then click the "OK" button.

Close the "Registry Editor" program and then "Restart" your desktop or Laptop.

#4. Download Drag & Drop Toolbar for Windows from Microsoft Windows-Apps Store 

Sometimes, you feel compelled to download programs to make your computer work. The drag-and-drop toolbar won't return anytime soon, so you can download the drag-and-drop toolbar for Windows 11. This application automatically adds an identical taskbar to your screen.

Follow these steps to configure and use the drag-and-drop toolbar for Windows 11.

·      Below is the Drag and Drop Toolbar.

·      After installing the application, you'll see a new taskbar at the top of the screen.

·      Drag any file to the top taskbar, and then drop it in the destination folder

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Conclusion :

Many Windows 11 users reported problems with drag-and-drop functionality on Windows 11 computers after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Microsoft claims that drag and drop is not supported on Windows 11. Dropping a file to an application's taskbar to open it within the program's window is not supported.

This article will demonstrate how to use Windows 11's drag-and-drop feature. Drag-and-drop techniques can be used to solve the drag-and-drop problem.

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