Dell Online Warranty Check By Serial Number India

Dell Online Warranty Check By Serial Number India
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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Dell is one of the finest brands when purchasing a quality laptop. However, buying a computer brings many questions about warranties such as Dell laptop battery warranty check, Dell keyboard warranty check, Dell mouse warranty check, Dell bulk warranty check, Dell monitor warranty check, etc. Dell provides a 1-year warranty on all laptops it sells. Suppose any hardware failures are encountered during this period; they can be covered under the Dell laptop warranty period. In that case, the customer will get the device repaired or replaced without extra charges through the Dell Laptop Warranty period. But what if the warranty period of Dell's laptop ended? How do serial numbers check Dell's warranty? Or Dell warranty check-up. These are the questions that are hanging around your mind, too. Dell users can also choose to upgrade the Extended Dell Laptop Warranty. Consumer laptops can opt for up to a four-year Dell warranty extension from the date of purchase.

However, commercial laptop users can extend the laptop Dell warranty for up to five years. The Dell warranty check in India can be done quickly to find your Dell check security status online. Usually, most buyers forget the original purchase date, which becomes an issue when claiming a guarantee. A Dell laptop needs servicing if it shows signs of hardware or software failure. If you want it repaired on the contract, check if the Dell laptop is under contract. If your device is void of warranty, search for Does Dell replace laptop under warranty? And go for the Dell serial number warranty check for your model Dell warranty check. Dell provides warranties not only for laptops but also for their parts. To get a Dell Battery Warranty Check or a Dell desktop warranty check, visit Dell's official website. If you have difficulty finding your model of Dell warranty, contact Dell Customer Support. Are you thinking about How To Check my Dell Laptop Warranty period? I do it in diverse ways to know that it is my Dell laptop under contract, which I have listed below.

How do you check the Dell Laptop Warranty Period In India?

If you search for "Will Dell replace my laptop if it's in warranty?" or "How to check laptop warranty - Dell," this article is all you need to read. For all Dell laptop warranties, check India or any other place in India where Dell is sold or purchased with a standard 1-year warranty from the date of the invoice. Any defects on the device due to defective material or artistry that will affect the normal functioning are covered under warranty. Dell warranty check by serial number is easy to be done. 

However, the standard Dell warranty check does not cover any damages or failures in the device caused by external agents like abuse, accident, and misuse, including electrical power, storage, maintenance, or installation. Customers can extend the warranty up to 4 years before the standard contract expires. Let's read about How To Check the Warranty of a Dell laptop.

Dell Laptop Warranty Types

Dell India provides three types of Warranty on Dell laptops. These are the Dell Basic warranty, Premium support, and Dell basic service plan. Buyers can add an accidental damage warranty with any of the three types by connecting Dell warranty support. The random warranty covers Liquid spilled damage, Drops, falls, and other collisions, Electrical surges, and Damaged or broken LCDs due to a drop or fall.

The information related to how to check laptop warranty dell and how many years it is available

  1. Basic warranty: Dell's Basic warranty is the most straightforward one, which only includes 24*7 support and hardware replacement through Dell's replacement policy, which varies sometimes.

  2. Premium support: Dell support warranty checks cover various excellent benefits for customers unavailable in the base warranty.

  3. Premium support base: This kind of warranty includes complete Support assistance for virus removal, etc. 24*7 online support is available for the customers.

Don't worry if you have a Dell laptop with broken hinges and are wondering about the fractured hinge repair cost or want to check the damaged hinge warranty, don't worry. Check out another blog on repairing the cost of laptop spare parts. You can get your money back from Dell. Dell provides a "Dell laptop replacement policy" that offers a free repair or replacement of the hinges on all laptops within the first year of purchase. That's right, you don't have to wait for the manufacturer's warranty to expire before asking for help. Before claiming your money back, check the security of Dell laptops. 

How do I get my money back?

Dell laptop broken hinge warranty covers many parts, and to know about the Dell warranty terms and conditions in India, Go to Dell's website and see if your hinge qualifies for their program. If it does, they'll email you instructions on how to file a claim and how much it will cost. You'll also be able to track the status of your claim online so you know when it's being processed and when it's ready for pickup.

How do you check Dell Laptop Warranty Status online?

Are you looking for how to check Dell's warranty status online? Customers with a service tag or express service code for Dell laptops can match the Dell warranty online with a few simple clicks. Follow the mentioned steps to know "how to check my laptop warranty." The service tag is present on the back of the device. If the service code is not available for some reason, the second method can be used. 

The following are the steps involved in checking the Dell warranty status online.

  • Customers need to visit the official Dell warranty page. You can be redirected directly from here.

  • The Dell warranty status of the device can be viewed by submitting the service tag or express service code.

  • Once you submit the service code, you will be redirected to Dell's official page for warranty start and end dates.

  • All this information is available free of cost.

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How do you check Dell's warranty status using Support Assist (Dell Warranty Checker)?

Individuals who cannot find the service tag information on their laptops can run the inbuilt support assistant tool for Dell warranty or server warranty check. 

Following are the steps for a Dell laptop warranty check using the support assist Dell warranty check tool:

  • Most laptops come equipped with the Dell support assistant program. Customers can download it from the Dell website if it is not installed. It is free to install, and users are not required to pay anything for a Dell support assistant.

  • After opening the support assist program, the device's warranty status checklist can be viewed on the left-hand side pane.

  • It also displays the expected date, service tag number, warranty expiry date, and even an option to upgrade the security.

  • Along with the warranty status, you can get the option to check hardware status and system optimization.

How To Do a Dell Warranty Check by Calling Dell Customer Support?

Customers do Dell laptop warranty checks and device status checks by calling the customer care number of the Dell laptop and telling the express service code or Dell service tag warranty check. The Dell customer support service is available for a limited time from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. If you have difficulty finding the required information, the Dell customer care laptop service team is always ready to help. 

If you have purchased a Dell laptop in India, you can go to the official Dell India website to check the Dell warranty in India. The number to reach Dell's customer support is 1800-425-4002. Other than calling, you can mail your query to Dell customer support. You can also look for a Dell warranty by visiting the NSS laptop service center website.

Issues That Are Not Covered Under the Dell Laptop Warranty

Dell Warranty doesn't cover the following issues: 

  • Broken laptop base panel door Hinges.

  • Broken screen, black spots, or lines on the screen.

  • There is a fractured charger cable.

  • Missing keyboard keys.

  • Physical damage like scratches or dents.

  • Damage due to water or any fluid.

  • Damage due to short circuit.

  • Software-related issues due to a third-party application.

If you face any of these issues, get immediate repair by the nearest service center. Alternatively, you can contact the NSS laptop service center for the most reliable services at a reasonable price. If you want to check any other brand warranty apart from the Dell India warranty check, visit our blog section for all brand details. 

What Dell Warranty Coverage is?

Dell laptop warranty policy is essential to buying Dell laptops in India or anywhere. When I was purchasing my Dell laptop, I was curious about what the Dell laptop warranty coverage is. I asked the vendor, "Does it cover hardware damages? He advised me to check the complete Dell warranty information on the Dell India website. How do you check the warranty of a Dell laptop? Here is the list of things under warranty coverage. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 warranty period coverage; 

  • Damaged laptop due to shipping

  • Manufacturing defects or issues.

What Should I Do If Dell Laptop Warranty Expires?

If you did a Dell warranty check online and found that your Dell laptop's warranty has expired, there are a few options to avail of technical support from Dell. This will be the perfect time to extend the contract on your laptop by purchasing an accidental damage service that will take care of all the repairs and replacements by the Dell replacement policy. It will also cover system damages not covered by the standard Dell laptop warranty coverage. The status and availability of Dell's bulk warranty check can be checked using the Dell support website. First, locate the service tag on your device and keep this information handy before calling to check their website's details. The service tag code comprises 5 to 7 alphanumeric characters, unique for every device. The product ID is also known as an express service code consisting of 10 to 11 numerics and is also needed for Dell's warranty check.

How To Extend My Dell Laptop Warranty Period

Suppose you are looking for how to extend the warranty of a Dell laptop. In that case, you can easily extend your Dell laptop warranty coverage for 4 years on consumer devices and 5 years on commercial devices by contacting their customer support via call or website before the Dell laptop expiration date arrives. Alienware Laptop Warranty or any other Dell laptop warrantDellou can extend the warranty duration from a nearby Dell authoDelld service center.

Requesting or Repair from Dell Support

  • Identification of the failure or issue on the device.

  • Dell warranty check from the Dell support site.

  • Dell's technical support should be contacted if the device is out of warranty.

  • Technicians will check the device over a phone call and provide an estimate for chargeable repair if requested.

  • If you wish to get your laptop repaired, an acknowledgment will be generated as the quote's acceptance.

  • After successful payment, the repair request will be accepted and processed.

What Is the cost of extending the Dell laptop warranty period?

I hope your question about how to check the Dell laptop warranty is answered. If you are looking for how to extend your Dell laptop warranty, then here is your answer. You can also go for Dell's extended warranty for Dell laptops. Dell's extended contract will give you peace of mind as it covers all hardware defects arising after the standard contract expires. To open or upgrade your warranty, Dell costs up to ₹11,000. You can purchase or extend the Dell warranty plan within the manufacturer's warranty. Coverage can grow up to 3 to 4 years based on the type of device and original warranty. The On-site go extended warranty plan continues the standard manufacturer warranty for two additional years. You can purchase this plan within the Dell Inspiron warranty period.

A 1-year extended warranty plan costs around ₹6000, while a 2-year plan will cost you around ₹8500. Accidental damage plans are available for ₹10500 but must be bought within 45 days of purchasing the device. On-site extended Dell laptop warranty coverage plans for one year cost around ₹1399 and ₹1999 for 2 years based on the laptop's original price. Dell provides its customers with complete service assistance through the on-site extended warranty and guarantees a 14-day repair order placement of the device. If the laptop cannot be repaired within the same period, you will get a new replacement device with equivalent features.

Dell Warranty Transfer

If you purchased a Dell Laptop recently, bought a used product, or sold your old Dell laptop, you can go for a Dell warranty transfer. The Dell warranty transfer is applicable when you move to another country or region. This can help you quickly get the benefits of your Dell laptop warranty anywhere. You can do a Dell online warranty check for the transferred security in the same way mentioned above. The transfer process also allows you to change the permanent address of the laptop's owner.



A Dell laptop needs servicing if it shows signs of hardware or software failure. Dell provides a 1-year warranty on all laptops it sells. In that case, the customer will get the device repaired or replaced without extra charges through Check Dell Laptop Warranty before service. Customers should consider how long the Dell warranty is. Dell users can also choose to extend the Dell laptop warranty period. Contact the Dell complaint number or technical support if you can't find your warranty status. They will let you know about your Dell warranty; while you wait for the process, you can check on the Dell website about your Dell complaint status.

The above information about Dell laptop warranty check and what it covers is what you need to know while purchasing a new laptop or extending the Dell Inspiron warranty period. I hope you find the info helpful and that we have answered your question, i.e., how to do a warranty check on a Dell laptop. Are you searching for a Dell service center near me that you can trust? Then, the NSS Laptop Service Center is the place that will gain your trust. We are a team of professional and experienced hardware engineers qualified to repair all top-brand laptops. Find us near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Dell doesn't replace system under Dell laptop warranty. However, dell broken screen warranty, keyboard warranty, or any other hardware warranty is covered under Dell warranty. What is Dell Extended Warranty Cost 2022 in India? The dell laptop extended warranty cost in India varies from customer to customer. According to the customer package and add-on the cost is decided.

There are multiple ways of dell warranty check of your Dell laptop. The Dell warranty status can be checked by calling Dell customer support or visiting the Dell support website.

The standard dell laptop extended warranty is available as per the user's requirement for an extra cost. For Dell laptops, the warranty can be extended up to 4 years for consumer devices, and after 5 years for commercial devices. However, the laptop warranty can only be extended if the previous warranty is into service. Customers must purchase the extended warranty plan before the standard warranty expires.

Multinational laptop manufacturers like Dell usually permit warranty transfer to different countries provided an equivalent model is available in that country. The company must also have a complete sales and service network in that country. Does Dell laptop warranty cover theft? All types of warranty cover on Dell laptops are only for hardware damages and failures. Any damage caused due to natural calamities, intentional damage, theft, or loss is not covered under warranty.

The dell laptop extended warranty cost in India varies from customer to customer. According to the customer package and add-on the cost is decided.

You can quickly look at the bottom side of your laptop to find the Dell service tag number. If you do not find the number, then run the Dell Service Assistant program on your computer, and the number will be displayed. How to detect my Dell laptop life? There are multiple ways of dell warranty check of your Dell laptop. The Dell warranty status can be checked by calling Dell customer support or visiting the Dell support website.
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