How To Download Python On A Laptop

How To Download Python On A Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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Do you know how to download Python on a laptop? If not, read this article to learn more about its download methods.

 What is Python?

Python is a computer programming language that professional software developers use. It is used in NASA, Google, and  Lucasfilm Ltd. Python is used to develop many different applications.

How to download Python?

These are the two best methods through which you can easily download Python on a laptop or computer -:

METHOD 1:- Download Python from the original site

Step 1:- Open your laptop or PC.

Step 2:- Refresh it.

Step 3:- Open any internet browser on your laptop or PC.

Step 4:- Search for Python's original site ( on it.

Step 5:- Go to the download section on the site.

Step6:- Select the options window and click on it

Step 7:- Select the latest version of the Python executable installer according to your system.

Step 8: Click on download and wait for the download.

Step 9: Locate and open the Python folder.

Step10:- Run the Python executable installer.

Step11:- If you want to save the installation file in a different location, click on Customize installation; otherwise, continue with Install Now and select the checkbox at the bottom to Add Python 3.7 to PATH.

Step 12:- Once the installation is complete, the below pop-up box will appear: Setup was successful.

Step 13:- Close all the windows.

Step 14:- Go to the start button and click on it.

Step 15:- Search for Python; then, you will show Python idle on the screen.

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METHOD 2:- Download Python Jupyter notebook with anaconda navigator.

Anaconda is one of the most used distribution platforms for Python & R programming languages in the data science and machine learning community, as it simplifies the installation of packages like pandas, NumPy, SciPy, and many more.

Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web UI environment to create notebook documents for Python and R languages. To use this, follow these simple steps -:

Step 1:- Open your laptop or PC.

Step 2:- Refresh it.

Step3:- Open any internet browser on your laptop or PC

Step 4:- Search for on it.

Step 5:- Select Anaconda Individual Edition for your Windows laptop and download the latest version of Anaconda.

Step6:- Click on the download button

Step 7:- Open the folder where you want to download the Anaconda Navigator. In the Windows download folder, you can download the .exe file.

Follow these steps to install an anaconda navigator

Step 8:- Double-click on the exe file to run and install.

Step 9:- Click on the Next button.

Step10:- Then click on the 'I agree on option.

Step11:- Then choose" Install for All Users" and click the Next button.

Step 12: Choose the location to install the Anaconda navigator and click the Next button.

Step 13:- Check this option: "Register Anaconda3 as the system Python 3.8," then click the install button.

Step 14:- After installing the navigator on the laptop, click the Next button.

Step 15:- Then click the Finish button to install the Anaconda navigator on the laptop.

Follow these steps to install the Jupyter Notebook in the Anaconda navigator.

Step 16:- Open the Anaconda Navigator application on the laptop.

Step 17: Click the Install Jupyter Notebook Button in the Anaconda navigator.

Step18:- Beginning the Installation of the Jupyter Notebook and wait for Loading Packages and installing

Step 19:- Click on the launch Jupyter Notebook button.

Step 20:- Run the Jupyter Notebook.

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These are the following steps: download and install the Anaconda Navigator, install the Jupyter Notebook in the Anaconda Navigator, and use the Python programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can download the python from the original site.

Yes, you can save the python files in the Jupyter notebook.

Yes, there are many other environments or languages present in the anaconda navigator like - R programming languages, ruby and C++, etc.

Yes, the Jupyter notebook is safe for practicing the python language

Yes, the original site of python is safe there is no virus or worm on the site.
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