Best Laptop SSD Upgrade Installation Service Provider In Vikhroli Mumbai India

Best Laptop SSD  Upgrade Installation Service Provider In Vikhroli Mumbai India
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Upgrading a  Laptop is critical in a meaningful sense. In most cases, the processor, motherboard, and GPU card have been installed as a one-package setup. If one part stops functioning, you can’t simply replace it. you’ll need to swap the whole trio, which is time is taken and pretty expensive. Often, the only components you can manually upgrade are RAM and storage. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best laptop SSD upgrading service provider with installation services in Vikhroli Mumbai. 

Finding the best place to upgrade SSD in laptops is equally critical to getting the right fit of an SSD drive in laptops.

At our service center, we offer hp laptop SSD upgrade, Lenovo laptop SSD upgrade, Asus laptop SSD upgrade, dell laptop SSD upgrade, LG gram 17 laptop upgrade SSD, Asus Tuf gaming laptop SSD upgrade, hp pavilion gaming laptop SSD upgrade, MSI laptop SSD upgrade, sony Vaio laptop SSD upgrade, and all other brand laptops up-gradation and installation in Vikhroli Mumbai.

The best way to enhance your laptop’s performance and speed/durability is to swap out its mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) for a solid-state drive (SSD). It doesn’t change how smooth software runs — that’s on the CPU. Rather, it improves the speed and durability at which software depends and the speed at which software contains data. That shows the laptop performing much better than before. An SSD isn’t difficult to install. You can upgrade most laptops from HDD to SSD on a kitchen lap using just a screwdriver. If you have both items ready to roll, you can get started. Before digging into service providers first we need to keep a few things in our mind; which SSD is perfect for our laptop, how we can get the best SSD for our laptop, why we need to upgrade SSD, and above all from where we get the best laptop SSD upgrade and installation service in Vikhroli Mumbai. 

How to find the Perfect SSD 

Since this is not a buying guide article, we won’t recommend specific SSDs here or their prices. Instead, you can explore more information about purchasing an SSD in our other blogs on SSD prices and our comparison between SSDs and traditional hard disks. Just be sure you buy an SSD that actually fits in your laptop. While purchasing an SSD there is always some question in our mind like can we replace HDD with SSD in laptop, from where we can laptop SSD upgrade in Mumbai, how to upgrade laptop SSD in Vikhroli, and so on. So here I tell you, if you want an SSD for a laptop upgrade, we at the NSS laptop service center in Vikhroli Mumbai upgrade laptops with SSD. There are two traditional formats for upgrading laptops with SSDs: 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch.

1.8-inch drives are found in some of the new laptop models that serve an SSD as standard equipment, similarly, the 2.5-inch drive is far more common in all laptop models. The 1.5-inch drive can be modified to fit as 2.5-inch bays if desired. Mentioned is an upgraded SSD laptop guide, that’s presumably not what you have but so a 2.5 drive is what your laptop needs in most cases. 

Some Ultrabooks have extremely thin drive bays that won’t fit a standard 2.5-inch drive. In those cases, you’ll need an SSD that’s 7mm thick or less. Be prepared to hunt for these slimmer drives because dealers do a poor job of advertising these products. You may need to call the retailer or look up the specifications on the manufacturer’s website. If you want SSD for HP laptop you have a plenty of option in, hp 245 g7 laptop SSD upgrade, hp laptop 15-bs1xx SSD upgrade, hp pavilion laptop 15-cc1xx SSD upgrade, hp laptop 15-da0326tu SSD upgrade, hp laptop 15q-bu0xx SSD upgrade, hp laptop pc 15s-du3000 SSD upgrade, hp laptop 15-bs0xx SSD upgrade, hp laptop 15-da0327tu SSD upgrade. 

How to Add SSD to Laptop 

If you’re thinking about how to install SSD on a laptop, let me do that work for you. Do you have a traditional model laptop computer that doesn’t show the performance you require? And you want to know how to install SSD on the laptop? Or have a doubt like can we replace SSD with HDD in laptop?  If yes, you can put a new life into your existing computer and increase your system performance and speed without having to get a new laptop by Simply replacing your existing 2.5-inch hard drive with an SSD (solid-state drive). You can do a RAM or SSD upgrade for laptop hp. 

No need to worry to tackle this simple yet effective way to boost performance and add needed capacity to your aging laptop. You’ll be up and running in no time — and feel like you’ve purchased a brand new system! upgrade laptop hard drives to SSD can make a huge impact on your laptop performance and durability of your laptop. 

Reasons to upgrade an SSD: 

Why do you need to upgrade your laptop hard drive to SSD, what are the benefits upgrading SSD in a laptop can provide:

  • Faster boot-up and reduced application load times
  • More robust data protection
  • easy installable drive for better performance

Things to Remember Before you start your upgrade:

There are a few tips to remember before upgrading your laptop SSD in Vikhroli, Mumbai:

  • Any unauthorized work on your system may void the system manufacturer warranty. Be sure that you are aware of the warranty and understand any information regarding your laptop warranty.
  • Go through the safety instructions inside of your system’s product manual before starting the up-gradation process in Mumbai.
  • For PC users, it is recommended that your system is running Windows 7 or later. Also, check your BIOS settings and update them as needed for SSD compatibility.

What you require:

To upgrade the laptop SSD in Vikhroli, you need to have a few things in your hands which are;

  • Product manual for your laptop: Go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and install it. It will provide you with instructions on how to remove your laptop hard drive.
  • ESD wrist strap: If you do not have an ESD wrist strap, make sure you earth yourself by touching something metal before touching and working with the hard drive. Static electricity can permanently damage your hard drive, so please use caution.
  • External USB drive enclosure:  a USB cable, and data transfer cable. Alternatively, you can buy a data transfer kit that includes all of these items (e.g., CMS products). If you already have an external USB drive enclosure and cables, you can install SSD on your laptop with the free DiscWizard software application.
  • A small screwdriver.

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How to prepare for installation on Laptop

There are two methods on how to upgrade HDD to SSD laptop, and handle the data on your existing hard drive.

First, you can back up important files for an upgrade to an SSD laptop and start over with a new operating system install, but ensure you have an install disc or an external hard drive. This way is a simple solution, but it can be time-consuming. That said, once you upgrade to an SSD laptop, you’ll need to reinstall the OS and then restore your backed-up files.

The second option is to replicate your drive and copy all data from your existing drive to the new one for an upgrade to an SSD laptop, OS included. It’s quick but requires more professional experience and will only work if the upgraded laptop to SSD drive has equal or greater capacity than the old one. In this case, you install the replicated drive in your laptop and boot as normal to upgrade the laptop to SSD.

However, to replicate your current drive, you’ll need a USB adapter. Connect your new SSD to the USB adapter, then plug the adapter into a USB port on your laptop to upgrade the laptop to SSD. Your laptop needs to detect your new SSD drive as an external hard drive. The lining is not as simple as dragging and dropping files. Everything must be copied, even the portions of the drive that allow Windows to use as a boot device. A rising number of SSD manufacturers bundle cloning software with their devices, we at the NSS laptop service center offer laptop SSD upgrades in Mumbai at a reasonable cost, to know about laptop SSD upgrade costs contact our experts for complete details on laptop SSD upgrade cost and how to upgrade HDD to SSD in laptop. If you replicate your drive, make sure to back up essential data anyway, as cloning is not 100% reliable.

How to perform an installation on Laptop

Find a flat surface with enough lighting where you can work without distractions. Place your laptop upside-down with the power unplugged and battery out, if possible. You can perform installation only if you have a little bit of knowledge about technical terms otherwise it can cause damage to your laptop. If you don’t know how to upgrade HDD to SSD on a laptop, visit the best service center and let experts do their work on it. So let's start, 

You see a plastic cut-out panel in the bottom, as shown in the image, which is covered by multiple screws. Some laptops will have two panels, in that case, you remove the one marked by the hard drive symbol, an engraving that looks like three stacked discs.

A few laptops have no cut-out, which means you’ll have to take the entire bottom off, and it involves far more screws. Make sure you keep track of them.

Once you remove the screws, gently pry the cut-out panel off with a sharp object, and lift it gently. If one section seems stubborn, try loosening another side instead.

With the panel off, the hard drive is exposed. Pull the tab gently out and up to remove the drive. Some laptops will have a loose connector, in which case the cable and USB connector will begin to go with the drive. Detach it.

If your laptop uses a bracket, you’ll notice the drive is secured to the bracket by screws. Remove them to detach the drive, then place the new SSD into the bracket and use the same screws you removed to secure it. Now slide the drive back into the bay and plug it in the USB connector used by the old drive. Note: You shouldn’t need to use much force if you’re installing the new drive correctly.

Fix the panel, set the screws back, and you’re done. This is how you can upgrade HDD to SSD on the laptop.

How to use your new SSD

If you reinstall your OS, the next step is simple: Pop in your installation disk or recovery disk and reinstall. There’s nothing special to do. Just follow the steps suggested by the installation by our experts.

What if you don’t have an optical drive? You can usually reinstall the OS from a thumb drive, external hard drive, or other storage methods. For Windows, you’ll need another PC to download the OS from Microsoft. Once you begin the installation, Windows will refer to the license key embedded in your laptop’s motherboard.

If you have a different Windows operating system, you can use a third-party app to make a boot disc from your existing Windows disk. Those who replicated their drivers don’t need to do anything extra. The final step is to boot and go. However, you may see an interface to finalize the replication. 

In the end, we’ll consider the drivers. Even though your new hard drive shouldn’t need an extra installation, it might come with a software disc to simplify drive management. If you bought an older drive model, you’re less likely to receive a software disk, but it isn’t a problem to install management software yourself. The hardware manufacturer provides you with instructions manual on how to upgrade HDD to SSD in a laptop. 

You should also consider upgrading your laptop to SSD if you want maximum speed and data security. HDDs are more widely known, but they’re also faultier. One of the main drawbacks to a laptop’s transportability is its susceptibility to HDD damage during transport. Since SSDs run on flash memory instead of mechanical parts, you won’t need to worry about damaging tiny moving pieces, magnets, or disks.

How to upgrade your laptop drive:

Follow these steps when replicating the data on your old drive, moving the data to your new SSD, and installing a new SSD drive on your laptop. Note: there are differences between laptop systems, there may be some variation in these instructions.

How to upgrade SSD in laptop, from HDD to SSD:

1. Open the USB drive enclosure and place the new SSD inside, making sure that the top of the drive is facing up. Slide the tray and your new drive back into the enclosure. Tighten the screws back.

2. Use the USB transfer software you installed on your laptop to prepare your data. Follow screen prompts.

3. Connect the USB cable to the USB drive enclosure and to the laptop. When the USB external drive is recognized, you are ready to launch the data transfer software.

4. Launch the data transfer software then wait until the software lets you know whether the transfer is completed or not. 

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Hardware updates can be a difficult task, but an SSD installation isn’t too tricky. Taking the time to swap your HDD for an SSD will pay off big time with a vast improvement to your laptop device performance. Furthermore, you don’t need a lot of knowledge or expensive tools, so you don’t have much of an excuse to pass on the upgrade. At the NSS service center, we offer hp laptop SSD upgrade in Vikhroli, Lenovo laptop SSD upgrade in Vikhroli, Asus laptop SSD upgrade in Vikhroli, dell laptop SSD upgrade in Vikhroli, LG gram 17 laptop upgrade SSD, Asus Tuf gaming laptop SSD upgrade, hp pavilion gaming laptop SSD upgrade, MSI laptop SSD upgrade, sony Vaio laptop SSD upgrade in Vikhroli, and all other brand laptops up-gradation and installation in Vikhroli Mumbai.

If you still have a question in your mind about SSD installation or up-gradation do contact our experts on 9717150098.

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Reasons to upgrade to an SSD is it makes your laptop Faster boot-up and application load times. More robust data protection. Very easy to install.

We have a skilled tech team to perform SSD upgrades in laptops and installation of SSD in laptops in Vikhroli, Mumbai.

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