Folder With Question Mark On Macbook Air

Folder With Question Mark On Macbook Air
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
  • Macbook
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Is your Macbook Air screen also showing a folder with a question mark when you try to open the folder? If you are facing this situation, go through this article carefully  To know What to do in this type of situation.

What Macbook Is?

MacBook is in the Macintosh notebooks, computers, or laptops that Apple Inc. designs. The Macintosh or MacBook is one of the most famous names in the market in the field of following featured notebooks, and it is available in different varieties in the market, such as the iMac, the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, the Mac mini, and the Mac Pro. MacBook Air is also a range of Macbook families introduced in 2008. This has come with the latest versions and models over the years in the market.


If your MacBook shows a question mark in a folder, it means the startup disk on the MacBook is no longer available, or the startup disk cannot access the Mac operating system to work.


Are you also curious to know how to deal with this problem or how to fix it? Then, carefully read the steps or instructions listed below.

If your MacBook Air is functioning well and starts up typically but shows a folder with a question mark when trying to reach out for your essential documents and files, then there are two ways to fix it.

1.      Reset NVRAM

2.      Selecting the Startup option

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Follow these points to fix it -:

1. Select the Startup disk option under the system preferences from the Apple menu.

2. Select the lock icon from the bottom and enter your password code to unlock the windows.

3. Click on the disk icon which you want to start up on your Macbook. It is named Macintosh HD.

4. Then click on the Restart button from the keyboard.

 Your Macbook will restart and boot up without showing the folder with a question mark.

Alternatively, you can reset NVRAM or PRAM for the automatic Mac startup disk.

If your MacBook Air isn't functioning well and also not starting up typically but shows a folder with a question mark again and again on display, especially when you are trying to reach out at your essential documents and files, then follow these steps to fix this problem -:

Step 1-Press and hold the power button of your Macbook Air for up to 10 seconds until your Macbook gets turned off.

Step 2 - Every Macbook has a switch-off and switch-on or power button, but in some Macbooks and Notebooks, there is also a Touch ID or touch sensor to turn off the laptop. You must use that touch ID or sensor to turn off the computer or MacBook.

Step 3 - You can use the Disk Utility option to repair or fix up your startup disk.

Step 4 -If you find the Disk Utility with no errors, then repair all errors and reinstall macOS.

Step 5 -If you need help fixing the disk utility, contact Apple Support for more information.

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This blog concludes with the procedure to fix the folder problem with a question mark on the Macbook.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Choose the option of startup disk under system preference from the Apple icon option and then reset the disk.

If the issue of the folder with a question mark on Mac is temporary then Resetting NVRAM is the suitable way to fix it.

MacBook is in the series of Macintosh notebooks computers or laptops that are designed by Apple Inc.

It occurred because of the availability of errors in disk or hardware that run the Mac operating system smoothly.

If your MacBook indicates a folder with a question mark then it means that the startup disk on the MacBook is no longer available or the startup disk is unable to access Mac operating system to work.
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